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Shocking Stories Reveal How Instant Manifestation Works

Have you heard that you can have whatever you want to manifest instantly?

There are even guides with steps to follow that promise that you'll be able to instantly manifest once you have applied them.

I personally don't know of any reliable sources of anyone that can instantly manifest what they want.
Nor do I claim that I know what is possible to be manifested instantly.

However, I can share personal experiences and what parameters increase the likelihood of having something instantly manifest that is not only exciting.

But can be so powerful they can change your entire paradigm and view of the world and reality.

What causes something to instantly manifest

To answer this question there are a few viewpoints that first need covering as this question isn't as simple as it may appear to be.

We're constantly manifesting whether we're consciously aware of it or not. So if we ask for a powerful sign to prove that there is a greater intelligence.

You could manifest experiences that may seem like they were manifested instantly but were brought about over a length of time based on the intention of what you were wanting to be manifested.


If you drive with enough emotion and belief that you want a powerful sign that you can instantly manifest and it goes into your unconscious.

Our unconscious minds are that powerful you may even go through an experience that leads to financial difficulties that leads you to asking for money to instantly come out of the blue.

And unexpectedly you inherit money from a relative you didn't even know that you had or someone that had been avoiding you that owed you money pays you back.

All of these parameters were perfectly aligned and created based on what you had intended to experience and placed into your unconscious mind.

This is why it is vital to be aware of what is going into your unconscious mind. For a more detailed explanation on how to apply this practically I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

What else do we need to first consider when it comes to how something is instantly manifested?

We have to also take into consideration if we didn't consciously intend to manifest something and that we were guided by a greater intelligence that we're connected to.

With that said let's now take into account some of the key principles when it comes to manifesting and how they relate to a real world example and a personal experience of my own.

what causes something to instantly manifest

Overlooked and important concepts for manifesting

I will only be giving brief explanations here of the following concepts to how they are related to causing something to instantly manifest.

If you want to learn about these concepts in more detail I again recommend if you haven't already to read Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

1. Whatever philosophy you believe causes your reality to manifest. They are all related to the unconscious mind and by placing a new belief in the unconscious whether by yourself

or intended towards a guide or spirit, or just how it influences your own physical actions will lead to a new reality.
If you want a change in circumstances you need to change your unconscious beliefs.

2. Once the desired result is in your unconscious mind it remains out of your conscious awareness as if something is in your conscious awareness it is no longer in the unconscious.


You have likely heard or even experienced yourself of people who met their ideal partner when they least expected it when they weren't even thinking about meeting them.

This is because they had clear in their subconscious who their ideal partner is and were aligned themselves to be the right partner for them and eventually

Manifested their partner when they weren't thinking about it consciously.

3. Related to the previous two points, if you lower the level of importance you place on a particular event or circumstances to occur you're more in alignment with it.

As desiring and wanting something is in alignment of not having it. You wouldn't be desiring to have more money if you already had the amount desired.

4. Your thoughts, emotions and actions are in alignment with the desired reality. The universe is binary the is a physical and a metaphysical by just sitting and wishing for something to happen.

You're not in full alignment with the desired reality as our bodies are directly linked to our subconscious and unconscious minds

Which alters are vibrations and are also moving within physical laws necessary to be in the right circumstances in order for a desired result to manifest.

There are more parameters that can be mentioned especially when it comes to examples of applying them practically.
These fundamental concepts are behind any manifesting or technique you apply.

Real world examples of instant manifestation

Blue Stone Demonstrating Example Of Instant Manifestation

What follows are two real world examples of instant manifestations one of which is my own personal experience. I also cover how these experiences relate to the concepts around manifestation I had mentioned earlier.

This will also help answer the question I mentioned earlier regarding are we ourselves in control of instant manifestations when they happen.

Tony Robbins Had money come instantly at the perfect moment

If you want to hear the whole story about an instant manifestation Tony Robbins experienced early in his career you can listen/watch this video of Tony Robbins challenging story first then come back after watching it.

To summarize the video, early in his career he went through some financially very challenging times and was unable to afford to pay his bills.

And on one particular day he was close to having to find somewhere else to live, most likely becoming homeless because of his bills being so long overdue.

He went to an all you can eat buffet to make the most of his remaining finances. As he finished he saw a young man that touched him emotionally because of how polite he was to his mother.

Touched by this and feeling something deep in his core he decided to approach this young man and give him the remaining money he had to his name which was only around $19, So the boy could take his mother out and pay for the meal.

What happened next is a perfect example of congruently trusting in a higher intelligence

After this as described in the video, he went home with no idea how he was going to survive but filled with joy over what he had just done, trusting that everything was going to be ok.

As he arrived back home he had received an unexpected letter from someone who owed him money that was not only more then the amount owed but was enough to cover several months worth of his rent.

How does this relate to the concepts described earlier?

Relating to the above concepts he had completely lowered the level of importance of having the money for paying his rent and didn't just try to act like he was ok with it on an intellectual level.

He congruently did this by giving the boy his last bit of money. Which will have had an extremely powerful effect especially by the emotions that followed upon his unconscious mind.

So a question remains was it the act of Tony and the affect it had on his unconscious that caused the person who owed him money to send and causing it to be attracted. Or would he have received it anyway.

I can't answer this question as it is very close to the meaning of life and how circumstances are truly manifested into physical reality.

 What I can say through my own personal experience and a lot of other similar stories I have come across is that it tends to be through powerful and congruent actions like the above applying the principles I have mentioned earlier.

When it isn't from a place just meeting our own needs it when very quick manifestations tend to happen.

Personal experience of an instant manifestation and what caused it

There are several experiences I could share but one that stands out very powerfully is involving a blue stone.

During a period that I was transitioning from being an atheist to believing these concepts maybe real.

I was following a book called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (Author of the secret) that is a 28 day gratitude challenge.

Each day containing a different exercise to follow to help you become more grateful with the theory by being more grateful you'll attract better circumstances.

What happened on day 2 changed my model of the world

I can't remember which day it was but it was within the first few days the exercise for that day was to find a stone which would become a "gratitude stone".

After reading this I thought I will just go outside and simply find a stone in the garden, simple enough right?

As I went to go outside literally within seconds the most powerful rain I had experienced in years came out of nowhere.

To the point I didn't even want to go outside with a coat on and I thought that was odd timing but didn't think anything else to it.

As I went upstairs the most shocking event occurred

I decided to go upstairs and totally forgot about the whole thing. Within the space of around 20 minutes after this event a wardrobe next to my computer that was used more as a storage space rather than for clothes.

That I hadn't touched for at least a minimum of 6 months suddenly had almost everything within it fall out. As I started putting everything back into the wardrobe I came across a perfectly smooth blue stone.

Which was pretty much identical to the description to what the magic had described to search for. I don't even remember having other than my mother giving me some stones almost a couple of decades ago.

How this story relates to the previous concepts

All of this could be seen as a coincidence as I initially thought myself, even though I was pretty much screaming from shock as the probability of having with all of these perfectly timed events.

Made this appear very unlikely. Which I also later came to learn everything we manifest will come via means that seem ordinary which can be written off as a coincidence.

Days following this event I also had many other synchronicities but that's a story for another time.

Sticking with the blue stone example during this time I was wanting to know if any of these manifesting teachings were true.

And was intending to find out by applying the principles I had mentioned above without even knowing them at the time.

I did this by:

1. I was doing a lot of research whether these teachings are true or have at least some level of truth behind them.

2. I had very little importance of anything happening as I was just curious and didn't really care either way.

3. I was completely congruent in my thoughts, emotions and actions to discover if these teachings were true by reading and taking physical action following the exercises within the magic book.

What caused this to happen?

Reflecting back I personally believe we're guided to situations that appear to us as miracles or instant manifestations.

However, whenever any of the instant manifestations I have experienced occurred they tend to have always been when I least expected it when applying these principles. 


There are principles that need to be in place in order for anything to manifest, especially instant manifestations.

We might be guided to have such experiences that then appear to have an instant manifestation but we may have intended months in advance and forgotten about it.

By being in alignment with the desired reality powerful changes will occur.

To answer the original question what fundamentally creates instant manifestations to occur and how much we have influence over them.

Is very similar to the question of do we have free will and to what degree, which I cannot answer.

However, from my own personal experiences and countless stories I have come across. They most often tend to occur when the above concepts have been applied.

These same concepts can be applied to anything you're wanting to manifest whether you're needing something to manifest instantly or over time.

Remember to reflect back and think what may have caused you to be in the situation to want something to instantly manifest in the first place.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.