Signs The Universe Hates Me The Ugly Truth

Do bad things keep happening to you that cause you to feel like you can never get a break and that the universe hates you, or that you’re being punished?

In this post, I’m going to explain whether the signs and experiences you’re having are because the universe hates you.

Signs the universe hates you

When I go to write blog posts and this goes for most blog writers, in order to find what people are searching for so we can write blog posts that people are going to search for then read.

We use various tools including Google to see what people are searching for.

And unfortunately, I've noticed people searching for “Signs the universe hates me”. I thought I best clarify a few things for those of you who think or consider that the universe hates you.

Our minds aren’t capable of perceiving reality for what it truly is, this includes signs and experiences which get distorted and aspects of our experiences get deleted.

Is how you perceive experiences accurate or could they mean something else?

There are millions of bits of information being picked up through our five senses in every moment which is far too much for our conscious minds to handle.

Because of this the mind greatly distorts and deletes information that we consciously perceive based on our beliefs and what we perceive to be important.

This can cause someone to miss interpret signs and experiences which can cause them to feel like they're being punished or that everyone and everything hates them.

Let me as you a question if I may before you continue, Even if what you have and still are experiencing in your life could be considered horrific, is it because the universe hates you or could it be for another reason?

Why would the universe hate or punish you?

You might consciously or unconsciously have low self-esteem, a low view of yourself, or don’t think you deserve anything including the universe to care or love you.

You might have done something that has left you feeling guilt-ridden it may have even been many years ago.

And this guilt you hold causes you unconsciously to feel like the universe hates you, or that’s what you deserve.

Whatever the cause is since your mind searches for evidence to confirm what you already believe you will look for signs that reconfirm what you believe.

Including things that aren't signs from the universe but anything perceivable as reconfirmation that it hates you.

Interpreting Signs From The Universe

Motivational message about if the universe hates you and growth

Following on from the above explanation for how the mind perceives experiences. You might perceive, because of having one bad experience after another, again and again.

That the universe hates you. However, one of the main reasons we are here is to have experiences and lessons.

If you believe this is your one and only life and carnation then it may make sense from that perspective, maybe you’re just unlucky and being punished. 

But consider what if you’re having these experiences to grow to become a better version of yourself.
And it’s for a reason you might not be able to comprehend right now.

Why aren’t you manifesting what you want?

An analogy I like to use when people get frustrated because something they want didn’t manifest or things aren’t manifesting the way they expect.

It’s like a very young child arguing with his or her parents about what is best for for them.

Even this analogy doesn’t do justice for how unaware and naive we are compared to higher powers and aspects of the universe.

What if what you’re experiencing is for your own best interest?

It's through our darkest most challenging times that we grow the most, just like with lifting weights muscle fibers tear causing the muscle to grow and become stronger.

To give a simple example you might not have known how the mind distorts information.

And makes us perceive more of what we believe reinforcing currently held beliefs before reading this blog post.
Just knowing this one piece of information might cause you to study more about how the mind works.

Creating shifts in your model of the world (how you perceive reality) in a way that greatly empowers you.

And you wouldn’t have come across this information if you weren’t searching for reasons as to why the universe hates you. And you wouldn’t be searching that phrase if it wasn’t due to challenging experiences causing you to grow.

How to find new meaning in signs from the universe

A great way for finding new meaning in something challenging and if how you’re perceiving something is correct, is through questions.

If you ask yourself questions such as:
“What else could this mean?”

“What is actually good about this situation or what good can come as a result of it?”

“If I wanted to feel good about this situation why could I feel good if I really want to?”

If you want your mind to help you find more of what you want rather than looking for more bad luck or why anything hates you, change how you interpret signs by asking empowering questions.

It’s through a change in your psychology is when your thoughts, actions, results, and what you manifest will also change.

Changing what’s in your mind will also change what you reflect back from the universe, including no longer having to keep repeating certain lessons.

What if the universe loves you?

You may read this initially and think how can the universe love me when X, Y, and Z have happened and all I get is more suffering and things going wrong in my life.

Through questions and realising the universe wants us to grow because our own personal growth isn’t just for our own development.

But for every individual that grows it affects us all as a collective.

So whenever you grow and become a better version of yourself it isn’t just beneficial for yourself but it also helps the whole of humankind.

You might not be able to currently perceive this due to what you’re experiencing.

It's worth considering in almost every spiritual teachings everything at it's highest level comes to and from unconditional love.

And it’s through our carnations, and challenges we learn for ourselves what unconditional love truly means.

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