Uncover How To Connect With Spirit Guides in 7 Simple Steps

You can connect to your spirit guides by getting clear on what you want sincere assistance with and calling out to them.

You can then start by asking questions and waiting for a response, the more you practice the easier and clearer the communication will be with your guides.

If you’d like to know more about my own experiences, additional tools, and a 7 step formula for connecting with your spirit guides, continue reading.

Why I recommend connecting with your spirit guides

I used to have periods in my life I felt lost, alone and that something was missing.

Even though I had a supportive family they just didn’t understand and I used to wish I could find someone who not only understood me, but could also assist me.

This led me to after many conversations with spiritual practitioners including my mother, to being taught how to connect with my spirit guides.

I didn’t realize back then, that we all have a divine support team that can help us in so many areas of life including...

What direction to go in, spiritual growth, healing or simply finding car keys, or having someone to talk to when feeling lonely.

Which has made my life easier filled with far more joy ever since.

Fast tools and method for connecting to your spirit guides

Here are some additional tips, tools, and methods you can combine with the following 7 steps that follow, to connect with your guides on an even deeper level.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is one of the fastest methods for quickly communicating and receiving direct answers from your guides.

All you need to do is get a piece of paper and something to write with, get clear on what you want assistance with which you can do by writing a question.

Allowing your hand to relax, freely flow and see what answers come to you.

Spiritual altars

Spiritual altars are a fun and also decorative way of creating a sacred space that links you to the spiritual realms including your guides.

Simply set aside a space and place items that represent your guides or anything that has a spiritual significance to you.

Call out for guidance and this will help you deepen your connection.

Cleanse your space

A spiritual cleanse to remove negative energies from your space makes it easier to bring high-frequency spiritual guides into your space.

One quick cleansing technique is to picture a swirling vortex of energy in the center of the room you’re in.

And see and feel any negative energies being sucked into the vortex and grounding you and everything in the room.

This will leave a peaceful, grounding, and uplifting aura in the room.

7 Powerful Steps for connecting with your spirit guides

At a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed, use the following steps to connect with your guides on a deep level.

Step #1: Get clear on your intention

It can be tempting, especially if you’ve never connected with your guides before to dive straight in and ask for assistance.

Which you certainly can do if you wish, however, I’ve found by getting clear on what you want guidance with first leads to better interactions and results.

You might already know what you want guidance for...

However, I often find I think I know what I want, but if I spend a few minutes writing it down and ask myself some questions.

My true intentions become clearer leading to better results.

Try the following questions to get a clear statement of intent:

  1. What do I want my guides to assist me with?
  2. Why do I want them to assist me with this?
  3. How will it impact my life?
  4. How will it impact other people in my life including friends and family?
  5. How will it impact my life 5 years from now?

Step #2: Be Playful

The sweet innocent and playfulness of a child is pure and isn’t distorted by negative thinking.

Which is at a very high frequency and high frequency guides are naturally drawn to.

As adults, we will at times take ourselves, others, and our circumstances too seriously which clouds us from the bigger picture, and it can make us tense and stressed.

Which is the opposite of what will draw high-frequency beings to you.

And not only does it help attract your guides, it feels good!

Let go, find something that brings you inner joy, play some music and even dance if you have to and enjoy it.

Step #3: Ask for guidance

Now that you’re clear on what you want guidance for, this is a great time to reach out and call out for assistance.

Know that your guides are always listening but they won’t assist you unless you first ask them to.

You can do this by simply asking out loud or within your mind feeling your words going out to the ends of the universe.

And speak your words like you’re speaking to someone in another room with the intent of receiving an answer.

Call out to your guides, you can even start by asking them to make their presence known or by asking for their name.

You might immediately feel or even hear a response but don’t worry if you don’t notice anything different, which leads to the next step...

Step #4: Become aware of your guides

Spirit guides usually communicate in a subtle way such as a slight sensation, spontaneous thoughts, and flashes of images.

If you’re inexperienced this may lead you to believe whatever you’re experiencing is just a coincidence or in your mind.

This is why I recommend taking a few big deep breaths in, relaxing, and becoming aware of the present moment.

Become aware of how your body feels...

Focus on any feelings or sensations, any images, thought, or sounds that come to you.

Avoid trying to force anything to happen just let go and remain present.

The more you’re able to let go of receiving an answer or a result, the faster it will come.

Step #5: Get clarity

If nothing has yet come to you or you’re unsure then ask for clarity.

Ask yourself what does my mind think my guides are telling me?

If nothing comes from this ask yourself, what does my spirit think?

You can also use the methods and tools mentioned above including automatic writing to ask further questions.
Your guides are more than willing to help if you ask.

So don’t feel shy and reach out, just give your guides a few moments to respond in-between each question.

Step #6: Journal any signs and answers

One of the most useful tools you can use for following and understanding messages from your spirit guides is to keep a journal.

This is because most of the answers you will receive will be quite subtle including any signs and synchronicities.

And unless you’re paying close attention which can be easier said than done if you live a busy lifestyle.

Most people will overlook and not even realize that their guides have answered their questions, or even helped them to manifest what they want.

By keeping a journal you will start to notice patterns and that your guides actually do assist you when you ask.

This leads to another important point which is...

Sometimes you will receive answers immediately however depending on the type of question, it can take hours or even many days to receive a clear answer or result.

And by keeping a journal it is much easier to keep track of how your guides are helping.

Step #7: Trust yourself and follow their guidance

Trust in your own ability to hear your guides and follow their guidance.

It can be daunting at first but know you are a loved spiritual being with a divine support team willing to assist you at any moment.

The more you practice and trust in yourself and your ability, the easier connecting and communicating with your guides will become.

All of these 7 steps interlink with each other to help with this including journaling, keeping a diary of the assistance you’ve received will build confidence in your ability.

And remember this isn’t a race, go with the pace you feel comfortable with knowing your guides are loving supporting you along your journey.

What to do next

After getting familiar with these steps if you’d like to learn a very powerful method for connecting with your guides on an even deeper level, then I recommend checking out this video revealing the top spirit guide signs.

With love