Understanding Angel Numbers Fast With Spirit Guides Assistance

Have you ever experienced a reoccurring sequence of numbers such as 1111, 2222, 3333, or any other combination of numbers and wondered why this keeps happening?

Depending on the numbers you’re seeing holds an important message from your angels, which sometimes can be hard to interpret.

This is why I'm not only going to share what these numbers represent...

I'm also going to share a simple technique so your spirit guides will help you understand what your angels are trying to tell you through these numbers.

What are angel numbers

Angel numbers are messages from the divine, your true spirit/higher self, the universe, or the angels themselves.

And angels use these numbers to communicate different messages depending on the numbers used.

Since angels live in such a high spiritual plane and are much closer to the creator than most spiritual guides, it can be difficult for angels to communicate with us directly.

Angel numbers can at times seem spooky

It can be startling to see recurring numbers when you’re unaware of what they mean.

Especially when someone comes to you at a synchronistic time that matches the numbers you’re seeing with a message.

This has happened to me many times and making it clear that it isn’t just me looking for numbers.

Or my brain picking up on patterns, but a spiritual force bringing the messages to me.

What is important to recognize is that these numbers are sent for your best interest and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Spirit and angel numbers list

A hand holding a smartphone with a screen save that has 11:11 on it with text underneath saying Find a unique way that isn't covered by most angel number articles for using the assistance of your spirit guides to understand angel numbers.

Angel numbers 11/111/1111 meaning

The angel number 1 represents being on the right path or a confirmation of an important divine thought or message.

For example, if you recently thought should I take up a spiritual practice, should I move to where I am thinking.

To then consistently notice 1’s during this thought then this is confirmation.

That what you're thinking is an important step in your spiritual journey and to trust your intuition.

This is why it’s important if you ever notice multiple 1’s especially 1111 to become consciously aware of your current thoughts and vibes.

Another example is if you have already made an important decision and moving towards it.

Seeing 1’s is a confirmation and a form of encouragement from your angels to keep going.

The number 1 is also related to manifestation and can be confirmation of something being manifested into your life.

Angel numbers 22/222/2222 meaning

Seeing 2’s is usually a sign that your angels are telling you to be patient and to avoid rushing the process.

2's are also a sign your angels are suggesting that you take some time to self-reflect and go for what you know you truly want and to trust yourself.

You will usually see 2’s and multiple 2’s amplifying the meaning behind the message if you’re rushing through your life.

Especially if you're not taking a chance to reflect on what you truly want or if you’re doubting yourself.

One common mistake people make when they see this number is being rigid and thinking something can only be done or has to be done in one very specific way.

The number 2 is about being patient and trusting yourself, which also includes being able to adapt and make any necessary changes including your plans along the way.

Angel numbers 33/333/3333 meaning

Seeing 3’s is a sign that you either living out of balance and neglecting certain parts/areas of your life.

Or that you’re withholding something important from someone that you should tell them.

If you’re regularly seeing 3’s take a few moments to ask yourself:

“Are there any areas in my life including my relationships, health, finances, my own well-being or friends and family I’m neglecting or not spending as much time on or with as I should be?”

This question will help you to reflect on if you’ve been so busy that it’s made you overlook other areas of your life.

Another question worth asking yourself if you’re regularly seeing 3’s is:

“Is there something I’m not telling someone or being untruthful about that could cause harm in some way that I should be truthful about?”

Sometimes we don’t tell people something or the entire truth because we want to protect them, however, this can actually cause more harm in the long run in certain scenarios.

This is why your angels are sending you this sign not just for your own sake but also for someone else.

Angel numbers 44/444/4444 meaning

4’s usually represent that you’re going through a tough part of your life.

And that your angels and higher powers want you to know that you aren't alone while encouraging you to keep going.

They also want you to know that these hard periods in your life won’t last forever and will help accelerate your spiritual growth.

This is an ideal time to ask your divine support team for assistance.

4’s can also be a sign that your guides are fulfilling your requests and what you have requested assistance for will come into your life very soon.

Angel numbers 55/555/5555 meaning

Seeing 5’s is a strong sign that changes usually big are coming into your life.

Your angels want to reassure you that these changes are in your best interest, even if at first you want to resist.

Examples of this could be a change in relationship from someone abusive to finding the ideal partner or a safer space free from the relationship.

A change in career, friendships, or anything that will have a big impact on your life.

The important thing to remember with 5's is that the change will lead to something far greater than your current circumstances.

This is important to remember because it will make dealing with the large changes much easier.

Angel numbers 66/666/6666 meaning

If you are repeatedly seeing 6’s this is your angels trying to tell you that there is an area of your life that you need to take self-responsibility for or to restore balance in that area.

This however can become unclear as it also involves allowing others to take responsibility for their own mistakes and to allow them to learn their own lessons.

If you are noticing a lot of 6’s try asking yourself:

“Is there an area in my life or someone else's life I am either not taking enough or too much responsibility for?”

Follow up question if the answer was yes:

“Is this causing an imbalance for either mine or their life and if so what will help restore balance?”

Angel numbers 77/777/7777 meaning

7’s are usually a strong sign to relax and that the angels are encouraging you to keep doing and living the way you are.

With 7’s your angels are giving you a spiritual thumbs up and are telling you to relax.

Especially if you’re doubting yourself or your actions and to keep going.

And know that what you want is on its way and to let go of any doubts.

Sometimes asking for something from the universe can be like placing an order but with no estimated time of arrival.

So remember if you see the number 7 to trust and know all you need to do is to relax and to keep going as you are.

Angel numbers 88/888/8888 meaning

The number 8 is similar to number 7 with your angels encouraging you to keep going but rather than encouraging you to relax.

They are giving you a big congratulations and to reflect and realize how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown spiritually.

The number 8 also relates to infinity and all that there is, so it’s usually rare to see 8’s unless you’ve been doing some very serious spiritual development.

See the number 8 as a celebration and to give yourself a pat on the back for your growth and development.

Angel numbers 99/999/9999 meaning

Number 9’s represents moving to a new stage or chapter in your life, this could be your relationship going to the next level, getting a job promotion, or the ending of your relationship or change in career entirely.

If this is the case your angels are encouraging you to let go of the past and to focus on the future.

Seeing 9’s can also represent a goal or something you have been working on is close to completion and that you’re close to succeeding and to keep going.

Getting the most from angels numbers from the help of your spirit guides

Now that you’re more aware of what different angel numbers mean, I’d like to share with you a part of angel numbers that isn’t often discussed.

Which is calling upon your spirit guides for assistance with getting the most from angel numbers.

If you’re struggling to understand what your angels are trying to say, you can ask your angels for clarity and usually, they will send you more signs.

However, what’s fascinating is that spirit guides are usually easier to communicate with and are willing to help you interpret your angel's messages if you ask them.

Use the following steps to request assistance from both your angels and guides for understanding the signs you’re receiving:

Step 1: Relax and prepare

I recommend looking at what the numbers you’re seeing represent in the list above as this will make the following steps more effective.

At a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed, sit upright and get into a comfortable position.

Take some big deep breaths in through your nose, then exhale and let out a relieving “Aaa” through your mouth and sink into whatever you’re sitting on.

This will help you to relax and quieten your mind, making it easier to channel answers and to connect with your guides in the next steps.

Step 2: Ask your guides for assistance

Take a few moments now to visualize the numbers you want assistance with.

You can also have something with the numbers on in front of you including writing them on a piece of paper and focus on the numbers.

Ask yourself:

“What do I feel intuitively these numbers mean for me?”

An answer may already come to you immediately because your angels are already trying to communicate.

I also recommend writing down what comes to you.

There are two versions of the request to send out to your guides, say either of them out loud or within your mind feeling your words going out to the edge of the universe:

Version 1 if you want help with recognizing signs in general:

“I ask that my highest frequency spirit guides that are closest to the divine, to help me understand in different ways...

The meanings to the numbers and signs I keep seeing are.”

Version 2 if you want help with recognizing specific numbers:

“I ask that my highest frequency spirit guides that are closest to the divine, to help me understand in different ways...

The meanings behind the numbers (SAY THE NUMBERS) and what I can do to get the most from these messages.”

Both versions will call upon your guides for assistance to help communicate to you what the signs you’re receiving mean.

Step 3: Become aware of what comes to you

You might receive direct communication from your guides immediately or if this is the first time contacting your spirit guides...

It’s worth knowing that your guides will often communicate through internal images, sounds, or symbols.

So remain in present the moment and become aware of what comes to you.

I recommend writing down what happens to you throughout the day, Including what people say, the signs, and synchronicities you experience.

This is because you will experience more events directing you on the right path thanks to the assistance of your spirit guides.

And writing it down will make it easier to recognize what your spirit guides are trying to communicate.

Receiving more guidance from your angels

Now you know what the numbers you’re seeing from your angels mean and how to call upon your guides to make the meanings even clearer.

It’s important to remember that regardless of what the numbers mean your angels are showing them to you for your best interest.

If you found this useful or would like to know how to receive more guidance from your angels I recommend looking into how to contact and know if your guardian angel is with you.

With love