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Spiritual books that will transform your life

Some say everything is part of a spiritual journey but for me when I really started becoming aware of this is after reading the first spiritual book I had ever read.

Which is The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle which had an impact on me that has changed the direction of my life ever since.

I have then since come across other spiritual books that have also had big impacts on my life for a variety of different reasons.

There are four books in particular that have had a noticeable impact that stand out each for unique reasons which you may find useful for your own journey for different reasons.

the power of now

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle was not only the first ever spiritual book I had ever come across but was also the first spiritual teachings other than basic meditation practices I had learned too.

Years ago when I was as an atheist, I was at my friend’s house whilst I was going through a very challenging period of my life.

I noticed he had a spiritual book on his kitchen table and it sparked my interest. I couldn’t remember what the book was called but something intuitively in me.

Decided to search for spiritual books on Amazon immediately when I got home and upon seeing how popular this spiritual book was which also caught my surprise at the time.

I decided to purchase it. 

What power is behind the Power Of Now?

It isn’t a storybook as such it’s more of a guide full of spiritual teachings to help you become aware of your own thoughts and how the true power and experiences of life are all in

the present moment. It is also a very interesting introduction to ancient eastern teachings on the ego which in eastern philosophies means the “false self”.

The part of ourselves we identify with and that our minds we think are. What I personally find very powerful is that The Power Of Now doesn’t just give you an intellectual understanding of spiritual teachings.

But also from how it is laid out and described causes you to become present to the moment and have spiritual experiences purely from reading or listening if you get the audio version. 

the power of the now

There is a part of the book where Eckhart first introduces the concept of how every experience you ever have, including your thoughts are always happening now.

Right in this very moment you’re always experiencing everything now. First upon hearing this it hit me like a bolt of lightning and my mind immediately went completely silent.

And caused me to over weeks after first coming across The Power Of Now to have some very powerful spiritual experiences.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start becoming more mindful or wanting teachings to help becoming more present.

You can get The Power Of Now By Clicking Here.

the magic

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I discovered this book about s year ago and loved it! Manifestation and positivity are so important!

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The Magic by Rhonda Byrne who is also author to a well known book called the secret. The Magic is not an ordinary storybook but rather contains 28 days of individual gratitude exercises.

This book is a great way of forming the habit of being grateful for even the smallest things in life. It also goes through how being grateful will attract better circumstances in our lives with stories sharing real life examples.

In the west we’re conditioned to constantly chase after big achievements and status. Which can cause us to overlook the little joys throughout life.

Which can lead us to chase after external achievements in order to feel happy without being able to enjoy the journey to those achievements.

​the magic behind gratitude

As you start to form the habit of becoming more grateful your sense of well being and day to day experiences will improve. You will also notice others around you interacting with you differently.

As you will give out high vibrations to those you interact with that others will pick up on and it will attract circumstances including people that reflect your gratitude.

The reverse is also true with being ungrateful and can be a difficult habit to break which I had personally struggled with myself. We can’t simultaneously feel anger or fear whilst feeling grateful.

I also had a very powerful synchronicity involving a blue stone on the second day following The Magic. That changed my paradigm and view of the world.

I share this story in detail in Shocking Stories Reveal How Instant Manifestation Works.

I recommend The Magic to anyone who wants to find more joy and gratitude during their everyday experience and to attract better circumstances.

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Pam Grout E² #books #reading #energy #thoughts #reality #pamgrout

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E-Squared by Pam Grout is another unique book similar to The Magic but rather than containing exercises it has nine experiments.

The purpose of the experiments in the book is to discover for yourself that we’re connected to a greater intelligence and can attract circumstances based on what we intend.

It also contains a very amusing narrative by the Author that makes some of the more detailed explanations more light hearted and a pleasurable read.

The experiments within the book cost very little to follow, some requiring nothing at all other than a pen and paper to keep track of your observations like an actual scientific experiment.

creating your reality with e-squared

You can find countless stories online including YouTube with a variety of individuals who have had fascinating synchronicities from doing the experiments within the book.

My biggest complaint about the book is that the time-frames the book gives in my opinion are too short and is demanding the universe to give you a result that you want at a specific time.

Which can actually sabotage the result, if you want to know why this is in detail check out Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

But I still recommend E-Squared to anyone who is sceptical to being able about attract events and circumstances based on their thoughts and intentions but also is open to the possibility at the same time.

You can get E-Squared By Clicking Here.

Reality Transurfing Steps I-V

Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland is a very unique book unlike any other I have ever come across. Vadim Zeland is a Russian author that researched in fields including quantum physics and computing.

Vadim keeps himself very private and it’s extremely difficult to find information on him even by trying to search around especially if you can’t speak Russian which I cannot.

Reality Transurfing were separate books with the first five being translated into English with Steps I-V containing all of the first five books within one collection.

Why Reality Transurfing Is Unique To Other Law Of Attraction Books

It doesn’t claim to explain how exactly life works, the meaning of life or if there is an afterlife. But goes onto explaining a model that logically makes enough sense that can be understood and used to create the reality that you want.

Including why we usually get what we don’t want, how the universe strives to be in balance and by desiring and battling life that we create our own obstacles.

It also includes concepts not commonly discussed that impact our day to day behaviour and forces that aim to take our energy and lead us to paths away from what we truly want.

And most importantly it contains practical steps and methods so you can apply the theories behind Reality Transurfing to get results for yourself.

Id caution reading it if you’re new teachings around the law of attraction as it contains some concepts that are quite out there and are likely to challenge your current worldview.

If however, you have already read a lot around manifesting and wanting to read something different that contains very practical steps to follow then I highly recommend Reality Transurfing.

You can get Reality Transurfing By Clicking Here.

What spiritual books have would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.