Stay Safe With Your Guardian Angel Protection Assistance

If you want assistance with spiritual protection one of the fastest and most effective ways is to call upon the protection of your guardian angel.

Your guardian angel is the spiritual guide, that has been deeply connected to you from the beginning of your life, and will be with you to your very last breath.

What’s also great is that your guardian's prime focus is to help guide and keep you safe, especially during times of suffering, overwhelm, and not knowing what decisions to make.

And on top of that, your guardian will appear when you need assistance the most even if you don’t realize it, making them one of the easiest spiritual guides to call upon.

Other ways your guardian angel is helpful for spiritual and psychic protection

Your guardian angel is like a spiritual bodyguard, constantly shielding and protecting you from both physical harm and negative energies.

You can call upon your guardian angel to strengthen the connection and power, to other forms of spiritual shielding and psychic protection techniques.

Including white light protection which is great for cleansing your energy body, aura, and repelling energy vampires and lower-level entities.

A good way to start feeling the presence of your guardian angel, is to count your blessings and to focus on what you can be grateful for, This can be great for receiving divine insights.

However, if you want an immediate way to work directly with your guardian angel to receive instant protection for yourself or someone else:

Maybe you have lower level entities that are draining you, or your open to psychic attacks or even you have a loved one that needs assistance…

Then these psychic protection meditations are a must to call on your divine protectors for assistance.

But at the same time here’s a quick way you can use a prayer...

Guardian angel protection prayer

At a time and in a location where you will be undisturbed, repeat the following prayer ideally out loud, but you can also do it within your mind if you have to be quiet for whatever reason.

Focus on creating the sensations behind the words rather than just saying the words dispassionately, and avoid overlooking the power of this prayer due to its simplicity as you say:

“To my divine supporting guardian, sent by the creator of all that there is...

I ask that you bring me closer to the light, and shield me from darkness...

To protect, defend and guard me as you always have...

To guide me away from fear-based thinking and lower vibrational thoughts and people...

To guide me towards love and light and to set energetic boundaries...

To defend me from danger and bring me into divine grace...

So it is, and so it is done...”

Now see, and feel in your mind's eye that you are being surrounded by a sphere of white light...
And take a few moments to focus on how this feels...

How to honor your guardian angel

If you’ve ever wondered how to thank and honor your guardian angel for all the love and support you’ve received throughout your life.

This can be done through calling out and congruently feeling love and appreciation for your guardian's support, you can also do this by following the guidance your guardian gives to you.

This is much easier when you know how to recognize when your guardian is communicating which is very similar to recognizing the signs that your spirit guides are communicating.

guardian angel protecting a child prayer

Guardian angels are very close to children and pay even greater attention and effort in protecting them because they are less able to protect themselves, unlike adults.

So naturally, they will already be doing a great deal to protect them, however, if you ever feel the urge to send a child more spiritual protection for whatever reason.

Similar to above at a time and in a location where you will be undisturbed...

Repeat the following out loud or within your mind whilst picturing white light being sent and surrounding the child you have in mind:

“I ask that the divine guardians surround, protect and keep *CHILDS NAME* safe, guarded, and protected.

Protected from danger, harm, and negative energies.

So it is, and so it is done...”

Keeping spiritually and psychically protected

There are multiple layers when it comes to spiritual protection. And depending on what form of psychic or spiritual protection you need. You may require different techniques and methods for the best results.

Which you can find out more by clicking here.

Your Guardian Is Always there with you

Now you know if you didn’t already, that you have a personal divine spiritual bodyguard, your guardian angel...

That can be called upon at any time, for both guidance and protection. With powerful prayers, you can use them to help protect yourself and others.

With Love

  • Suzanne says:

    Hello Rick
    Thank you for sending this. I sometimes feel caught up in a negative loop and can’t find me way free .

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hey Suzanne, appreciate your comment.

      Being trapped in an endless negative loop has so many impacts that can hold you back…

      And being free from it, can sometimes feel as though freedom is so far from reach!

      But at the same time, there are ways you can set yourself free 😊

      Do you mind if I ask to help better understand your situation…

      what are you finding that most traps you in this endless loop?

      And, have you tried anything at the minute to help free yourself from this?

      Look forward to your reply

      With love

  • Danielle says:

    It was meant to be for me to find this!
    I am a empath. I always have been but now I’m embarrassing my gifts. Can you please guide me in a direction to strengthen my gifts? Thank you

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