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Superconscious How To Use It For Guidance And Manifesting

You might already be aware of your conscious and subconscious mind but are you aware of the superconscious mind that we’re all connected to and how it can be used for both attracting what we want in life and to help guide us in the right direction?

I used to wonder how synchronicities involving other people happened, why great inventions and ideas came to people when they least expected it or in the middle of something mundane.

Which I then later discovered about the superconscious and with specific understandings how this knowledge can be applied practically to improve all areas of our lives from improving intuition to revolutionary new ideas.

What is the superconscious mind?

The superconscious mind has many other names such as the universal mind, the divine mind, the Akashic records, the collective unconscious, infinite intelligence,

and the storehouse of infinite intelligence (as referred to in think and grow rich) and many more. The superconscious is just one name for these different labels for the same thing.

Which can be described as a collective mind that we’re all connected to and through. All past thoughts, emotions and experiences are stored in the superconscious.

As well as all future possibilities and knowledge that is not yet discovered. There are other definitions for the superconscious based on reaching a high state of consciousness which can cause a lot of confusion.

The superconscious referred to in this article is related to as previously mentioned as what can be referred to as the collective mind.

What type of information is stored in the superconscious?

The superconscious stores all possible information that has ever been or that can ever be.

The following are some examples of the types of information within the superconscious.

- Past memories and experiences of everyone that has ever existed.

- The answer and solution to all questions and challenges.

- Knowledge not yet discovered such as inventions and cures for diseases.

- Teachings of any kind including scientific.

And anything you can think of that can possibly be stored as information. 

Our connection with everyone through the superconscious

Through the superconscious we can also communicate with others which is why we have synchronicities with others that involve having the exact same thoughts or ideas.

Even though you could be at opposite sides of the world having different experiences but leading to a very similar idea that comes as a flash of insight or that can also be described as intuition.

This is also how and why we attract specific people into our lives as the superconscious influences our behaviour and the directions that we go into although we’re not consciously aware of it.

Communicating with the superconscious is not as simple as speaking to someone and cannot be done consciously at least not direct communication, more on this will be covered later.

Why it’s worth learning about the superconscious

If you’re not already sold on how learning more about the superconscious can benefit you a very powerful key reason is that some theories on how manifestation, the law of attraction and any other labels.

A theory behind how it all works fundamentally is that we attract is from what goes from our subconscious minds into the superconscious and gets returned into our physical reality.

I’m not saying this is the definite way to how we attract things into our lives but as you will soon see it creates a foundation for practically getting much better results when it comes to manifesting.

If the superconscious contains everything why is there so much still for us to discover?

The reason we can’t directly communicate and gain access to the superconscious is that we can’t directly communicate to it through our conscious minds.

We communicate to the superconscious through our unconscious and subconscious minds.Which even then the information we receive through the superconscious is then passed down to us through our unconscious.

Which is then decoded to us in a way we can vaguely understand through our subconscious mind.
As the conscious mind cannot directly communicate with the unconscious.

But is interrupted through feelings and intuition through our subconscious as well as symbolic imagery which is one of the reasons why a lot of inventions are first discovered and seen within dreams.

As visual imagery is a key way the unconscious tries to communicate with the conscious mind. The unconscious is not to be confused with the subconscious mind.

If you don’t know what the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds are or get them mixed up and confused then I highly recommend reading The Conscious, Subconscious, And Unconscious Mind – How Does It All Work? by themindunleashed.

Then coming back to this blog as you will then have a much deeper understanding of how they work and then how the superconscious expands on top of this model.

How the different aspects of our consciousness communicate with each other and the superconscious

3 monitors infront of a city with binary numbers behind them

Before utilizing and benefiting from the knowledge you’re learning on the superconscious if you weren’t already aware of its existence it’s important to understand the barriers to communicating with the superconscious.

To explain how the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds work together and the different functions with the computer analogy expanding on the analogy from the mindunleashed article in case you skipped it.

The Roles of The conscious and subconscious minds

To use a computer analogy The conscious mind is aware of what’s in our current awareness for example the words you’re reading right now. The conscious mind is like a keyboard and monitor which can enter in commands and display the results.

The subconscious mind works like RAM in a computer which stands for Random access memory. That holds required data for programs that are currently running with quick access which is similar to short term memory.

Which is vitally important so the conscious mind (the monitor/screen) can quickly display and be aware of the data such as knowing quickly how to turn and open a door.

The role of the unconscious mind and the barriers to communicating with the superconscious

The unconscious mind works more like a hard drive storing all of our past memories and experiences. The unconscious mind is also connected to the superconscious but this is where the barriers and challenges come.

As in order to become aware of information accessed from the superconscious that is in our unconscious. It first has to be decoded in a way that our conscious minds can understand.

The subconscious mind also acts like the operating system decoding the data stored in the unconscious (the hard drive) so it is displayed in a way that makes sense and is viewable (on the monitor/screen) which is the conscious mind.

Which is why it isn’t as simple as thinking of a solution to a problem and immediately being consciously aware of the answer. 

As it’s the equivalent of hitting random keys on a keyboard expecting the exact answer to the question you’re wanting to know the answer to, to be displayed on the monitor/screen.

How the superconscious fits into the computer analogy

The superconscious is like the internet but with every single computer being connected to each other with internet access. The information received through the superconscious (the internet).

First needs to be decoded by the subconscious (the operating system) for us to make sense and become aware of a new discovery this is also where an intuitive sense of knowing comes from.

Which the subconscious is decoding information from the superconscious and making us aware through an intuitive feeling.

But since the conscious mind can’t directly display the data in its original format it can’t know exactly what is being received from the superconscious (the internet).

Further challenges for making sense and understanding the knowledge from the superconscious consciously

When learning something new our brains compare it to information that we already understand then expand upon it forming new links and connections.

If there is something coming to us intuitively that is a completely new discovery. It is extremely difficult for the conscious mind to become aware and logically make sense of it by comparing and linking it existing knowledge.

This is a key reason why you can’t just sit and meditate and expect to be taught how to become a rocket scientist.

As the more knowledge you have that your conscious and subconscious mind can access and make sense of the more knowledge you have the potential of decoding and accessing from the superconscious.

A key distinction when wanting to access knowledge from the superconscious is to use it to help find knowledge that expands upon existing knowledge that can be made sense of to solve current challenges you’re facing.

How to effectively communicate and utilize the powers of the superconscious

Male and female robots looking at each other connected by the heart and superconscious

You may want to reread the article up until this point to make sure that you understand the basics of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds and how they relate to the superconscious.

Because the rest of the article now focuses on how to use this understanding for:

- Improving intuition.

- Gaining required knowledge.

- How to attract different/improved circumstances into your life

Improving intuition and gaining knowledge from the superconscious

Two key components of improving intuition are to
1) Know the difference between an emotion and intuition as they aren’t the same thing.

2) Increasing your feelings of certainty that your intuition leads you to making the right decisions which usually comes from either following or ignoring it to later discover that your intuition was correct.

This article is going to focus on point number 2 with increasing your feelings of certainty that your intuition knows the correct answers. 

To access knowledge from the superconscious and improve your intuition follow these steps.

1) Get into a deep meditative state using any form of mindfulness practice that works best for you.

2) Contemplate on something you don’t have the answer to and focus on the negative sensations it’s causing you because of not having the answer.

Then keep repeatedly asking yourself the question you don’t have the answer to. Writing the question down on a piece of paper at the same time can help.

3) Preferably out loud with as much emotion as possible say out loud “I demand my subconscious mind to give me the answer to X(X representing your question).”

This can be said repeatedly like an affirmation with the most important aspect being the emotional intensity behind it.

If for whatever reason you can’t say it out loud focus on saying it in your mind and visualize that you’re screaming with energy being projected out to the universe.

4) Now visualize having the answer and how grateful you feel and the impact it has had on your life, do this until you conjure as strong a feeling of certainty as possible that you already posses the answer.

5) Completely take your mind away from what you want to know and avoid thinking about it if possible.

This isn’t always possible if it’s part of an ongoing work project that requires you to consistently keep your conscious focus on.

If you have to keep working on the project that your question relates to aim to work in a relaxed state without trying to force an answer to you or ideally take a break from it.

How this process works and when the answer will come to you

When and even if the answer to the question you’re seeking will come to you is not guaranteed and will come down to a variety of factors. Such as how much are you consciously still trying to figure out the answer.

As whenever something is in your conscious awareness it is no longer in your subconscious and is no longer being communicated with the superconscious.

When the answer does come it will come either by a series of synchronicities that leads you to the answer.


You come across a YouTube video that has only just been uploaded that contains the answer or you bump into someone that has or knows somewhere that contains the knowledge that you’re seeking.


Or it will come to you as a flash that suddenly makes sense with feelings of wondering how you didn’t realise this before like a pair of curtains have just been opened that was blocking your vision.

This will usually happen when your conscious mind is relaxed and is focusing on something completely unrelated to the topic you want the answer to. Such as when you’re in the shower or in a dream.

How this will improve your intuition

This will improve your intuition by being able to sense and separate the difference between intuition and emotions as you will more easily be able to recognize the sense of knowing that comes from the above technique.

When the subconscious is trying to make you aware consciously of something important related to what you have consciously requested that has come via the superconscious.

How to use the superconscious for manifesting

I cover theories on manifesting and how to manifest in general in detail in the article Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

One theory is how our subconscious and unconscious minds are linked to our higher selves which may also be part of the superconscious which when you send something out to it.

It is then later returned into your physical reality. The key distinction take from this is that you want to place whatever you want to manifest into your subconscious mind so then it returns back to you from the superconscious.

To do this you need to effectively “drive” what you want into your subconscious mind and to then forget about the desired result you want to manifest consciously so it remains in the subconscious.

If you want to try a Manifestation technique specifically for money that uses these principles I recommend checking Manifesting Money In 6 Steps That Actually Work.


- The superconscious mind has many other names such as the universal mind, the divine mind, the Akashic records, the collective unconscious and infinite intelligence.

- The superconscious contains all knowledge, experiences, emotions, thoughts, memories and discoveries that have ever been and will ever be.

- We are all connected via the superconscious mind.

- Understanding the superconscious can be used to improve intuition and to improve results when manifesting.

- The conscious mind can’t gain direct access to knowledge/data from the superconscious as it first must be decoded by the subconscious mind.

- The conscious mind acts like a keyboard and monitor/screen for inputting commands and displaying the result.

- The subconscious mind is like RAM which stores data available for quick retrieval and acts as the operating system which decodes data from both the unconscious and superconscious minds.

In a way that the conscious mind can then display on screen (and make sense of)

- The unconscious mind is like a hard drive where all of our past experiences are stored that also has access to the superconscious.

- The superconscious is like a database that every computer connects to via an internet connection that allows us all to connect to each other.

- In order to understand something from the superconscious you must already have knowledge that is relevant so it can be linked and made sense of from existing knowledge.

- For best results use the conscious mind with a lot of emotion to make a request to your subconscious mind to receive something via the superconscious. Then keep it out of your conscious awareness so the request remains in your subconscious.

Until the answer or what you want manifesting has been brought to you into your conscious awareness or physical reality.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.

  • Lubna says:

    This was really a great read and I loved the way you made the connections to between various consciousness. However, I have my doubts. I believe, super-consciousness is different from Akashic records and your higher self. The intuition part I believe comes from connecting to your higher self, that also have all the answers. The difference is your higher self has a decoder as well 🙂 Would it be ok if we say that super consciousness is a place where there is data, its the database of the experiences and thoughts of all therein and that is why the information therein is very valuable. Akashic records are also somehow the same thing, but they are records that can’t be influenced, whereas super consciousness can be influenced. We can also influence other people through their links with super consciousness if they are not alert to it. That is why the saying, that if you really want something, everyone starts helping you to get it. This is because we are unknowingly influencing their conscious and subconscious behaviors to help us via super consciousness. Another amazing thing that I learnt from your article is the concept of decoding super consciousness information. I used to get flashes and visions all the time, I still do the moment I close my eyes, visions start to form in front of my eyes which keeps me awake most of the time at night, however, I rarely understand what they are about. Sometimes I see very unusual things, that I can never imagine myself e.g. a whole jungle of trees with trees of the such a way that many trees are coming out of one tree. Something like that no one can imagine as there is no prior knowledge of that and much such things. Therefore, this also lead me to believe that as subconscious and unconscious has paths to super consciousness the conscious also has a direct path to it, the only issue is we would require a decoder to understand the information, which we may find in our higher self. But this still needs to be researched further. Thank you for sharing your information. Regards

    • Adam Higson says:

      Hi Lubna, Thanks for your comments and feedback I agree with a lot of the points you have brought up and find them very interesting. I have thought for a while I’m going to make some changes to these articles as I’ve come across some new distinctions since writing them.

      It gets very complicated when it comes to how separated the akashic records and our higher self is as in some schools of thought I’ve come across they believe that our physical lives are in a way a construct of what is being created by our higher self.

      A way of describing this would be like being in a hypnotic trance believing you’re experiencing something that isn’t necessarily “real”. Real in the sense of how we’re perceiving it to be more accurately. Everything you’ve said makes sense and I have very similar views where it gets complicated is when it comes to what the Akashic Records and the higher self truly are.

      Some people believe the Akashic records is an actual place and some believe it’s linked to something that we’re all linked to such as the superconscious but can be experienced on the astral plane.

      Even though we can influence each other through the superconscious and that the Akashic Records are where all events that have been taken place have been stored some views are that are infinite realities/versions of ourself existing simultaneously and everything that has or can happen already is and has.

      And it is our higher self that are having these experiences and that we’re all connected at the highest level so even at the highest level we’re all one and a part of what we may call the creator. The original reason I linked them together as because I don’t see them as separate as they can be accessed through the different parts of our unconscious mind.

      With that said they have different functions so I’m going to make changes as there are different distinctions between them and with me writing them as the same thing can lead to confusion so I will change that.

      Some people believe the Akashic Records can be changed and whether to how much we can change them is related to how much free will that we have to which most of what I have mentioned in this reply I don’t have the answers to and continuously learning myself.

      With that said I try to take these complex topics so they can be used for practically as well as aiming to provide some insight.

      What you’re mentioning about the trees may be a symbolic representation of something that your unconscious is trying to communicate to your conscious mind. Try following the steps in this article and let it go out of your conscious awareness to the best of your abilities and let me know when something happens that makes you consciously aware of what they represent.

      Best Regards

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