The Art Of Prayers For Cleansing And Protection

If you’re struggling to access the higher realms, walk a divine path, or more clearly connect to spiritual guides, including angels, spirit guides, your guardian, and ascended masters.

It is important to be spiritually cleansed and protected which can be achieved through prayer. Otherwise, you may have negative energies or even it. Which makes it very difficult to reach the higher realms.

Don't worry if this sounds difficult it can be easier than you think, but unlikely in the way you expect.

How to use prayer for cleansing and spiritual protection

Just before going through how to do a cleansing and protection prayer, it's important to understand what they are so you will know when to use them and how they can help you.

What is spiritual protection?

Spiritual protection is calling upon God, an angel spirit guide, or any other positive universal power, and its energies for spiritual protection for both your physical and energy body.

What is spiritual cleansing?

Spiritual cleansing is removing and disconnecting yourself from negative energy and connections to lower-level entities, energy thieves, and vampires...

This can be for yourself, your home, or for someone else.

What is prayer?

Prayer is a way of communicating with divine universal powers, to ask for guidance, spiritual cleansing, and protection.
The more genuine your prayer for the greater good backed by positive intent, the more powerful it will be.

Why spiritual protection and cleansing is important for connecting to higher realms

To access higher realms, you need to raise your frequency and unlock your heart and come from a place of love.

If you haven’t cleansed you may be holding onto negative energies that will lower your frequency and block your heart center.

And to remain safe from negative energies and entities it is important to have a spiritual shield that will block and protect you from, and to stop you from absorbing negative energy or being energetically drained.

Cleansing and protection prayer for yourself or another person

The fastest way I have found for doing a cleansing and protection prayer is to call upon the aid of your spirit guides...

Follow these 7 steps to cleanse and protect yourself or someone else.

1. Find a place and time where you can be relaxed, undisturbed, then take a big deep breath in...and out...

2. Call out for divine protection from God, The Universe, or whatever you believe to be the creator.

3. Place your hands on your heart, and focus on a person or past experience that causes you to feel deeply loving.

4. Now focus on either yourself or the person you intend to do this prayer for. And say the following out loud:

“I ask that my spiritual guides, whether it be my guardian, my spirit guides, angels, or any light beings. To cleanse (PERSONS NAME) of sorrow and despair, from sadness and grief, from anger and frustration.

To cleanse (PERSONS NAME) from holding onto anything that no longer serves them/me, to cleanse (PERSONS NAME) from any lower-level entities that have attached to (PERSONS NAME) and to protect (PERSONS NAME)”

5. Now focus on either yourself or the person you’re doing the prayer for being surrounded by a golden light made from a loving vibration.

6. See any cords attached to the person you're doing the prayer for detach and melt away.

7. Then finish the prayer by saying “and with love, so it is and so it is done.”

What to do if you’re holding onto a lot of negative energy or connected to lower-level entities

Even though the above prayer is powerful, depending on how much negative energy you’re storing, energetic blocks and connection to lower-level entities and energy vampires.

It might still not be enough as there are multiple layers when it comes to energy and spiritual protection.

And you may need a series of different prayers and techniques to cleanse on these multiple layers. One way I have found very powerful and can also be used by beginners is guided meditations for protection.

They can take you through the exact steps required, if you’d like to know more about how guided meditations can be used for cleansing and protection click here.

Know that there is a divine support team waiting to assist you

Now with the above prayer in just 7 steps, you can help cleanse and protect yourself and your loved ones.
And that you have spiritual guides that are waiting to assist you.

With Love