5 Step Violet Flame Invocation For Protection

The violet flame is a powerful spiritual tool to transform your life.

You might already know the many benefits of spiritual protection, but did you know that the violet flame unique provides a unique benefit unlike any other forms of spiritual protection?

In this article I’m going to reveal what this benefit is and how to use the violet flame for protection in 5 simple steps.

What is the violet flame

Violet is the highest frequency of visible light our eyes can see, Which is the color closet between both the spiritual and physical domains.

However violet flame is so powerful it ascends even beyond this.

The violet flame is a spiritual fire that cannot be seen through your physical eyes, which comes from violet-ray energy.
For many centuries it was kept hidden and only known by a small selected few who were deemed worthy.

Until very recently being revealed to the masses by St Germain.

The importance of spiritual protection

Do you ever feel energetically blocked or unable to manifest what you want, or feel unable to feel what is the right decision?

These are just a few symptoms of distorted energies getting into your energy body, which is one of the reasons why keeping your energy body safe is important just like protecting your physical body.

It's also easier to ascend to higher realms as you’ll be able to absorb more high-frequency energy without distorted energies getting in the way.

And the greatest thing about spiritual protection is it only takes a few minutes and it will even leave you feeling calm and elevated.

How the violet flame can be used for protection

Unlike most methods for spiritual protection that will create an energetic barrier/shield to repel negative energies.

The violet flame takes it to another level by transmuting negative energies into something more loving and productive.

If someone kept sending you low vibes including anger rather than just creating a barrier, the violet flame would help you transmute anger into love.

Which will also have a positive impact on the original sender which will elevate both of your frequencies.

Which is one of the main reasons why the violet flame is so powerful for raising the frequency of the human collective.

5 Steps for using the violet flame for protection

Just before using the following steps for protecting yourself with the violet flame, I recommend experiencing a violet flame cleanse.

Step #1: Preparing for the violet flame

Allow yourself to relax and get into a comfortable position at a time when you have at least 10 undisturbed minutes.

Now repeat the following either out loud or within your mind:

“I now ask my guardian angel, guides and the angels that are best able to assist me to connect with the violet flame for spiritual protection, to come into my space and assist me now.”

Step #2: Connecting to the violet-ray

Now with all of the loving guides with you, see a beautiful violet ray fill your space as you begin to breathe it in, deeply into your lungs.

Notice how breathing in this ray makes you feel more and more relaxed.

This will begin to raise your frequency and make it easier to connect with the violet flame.

Step #3: Calling upon the violet flame

Use the following decree and repeat the words with conviction until you can feel the uplifting violet flame in front of you.

“I AM the violet fire, living to inspire, uplifting every hour.

I AM the violet flame, raising like the sun, helping to illuminate everyone.

Shining through the darkness with incredible violet rays.

Stepping and merging with the light.

Regardless if it's during the day or at night.”

Step #4: Experiencing the flame

Now see the space you’re in being filled with the violet flame flowing through everything including your energy body, and know that it is safe and will not burn you.

Focus on how uplifting it feels as it begins to powerfully transmute distorted energies and uplift your energy body.

Now ask the flame to protect you from any worries, fears, or negative people that have been bringing down your vibe.

Step #5: Thank the flame and your guides

End the protection session by thanking your guides and sending out feelings of gratitude, and then do the same with the violet flame and know that it is a living intelligence.

This will encourage both your guides and the flame to protect you in the future or whenever you ask for assistance.

Ascending even higher with the violet flame

Now that you know how to use the violet flame for protection and the many life changing benefits of doing so.

If you want to take your spiritual growth to the next level I recommend checking out how to activate your light body with the violet flame.

With love

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