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Warning! Don’t even think about “is the law of attraction real until" you read this

If you have ever watched movies like the secret or have come across any teachings around the law of attraction whether you’re new to such teachings.

Or have known about the law of attraction for years but have seen little to no desired results since learning about it. You have likely asked someone or yourself the question “is the law of attraction real?”

The point of this article is to give you practices and mini experiments you can try for yourself and come to your own conclusion whilst debunking some myths about the law of attraction itself.

Is The law of attraction real and is it a law

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Before going into ways you can discover and make the conclusion for yourself whether your thoughts and beliefs have an impact on your reality and to be explicitly clear.

I don’t mean how our thoughts and beliefs affect what we see, notice and what actions we’ll take, rather how there are forces outside of our awareness that either creates or co-creates our reality.

Whether you call those forces God, the universe or your higher self that will come down to your own beliefs. What’s important is to know it such a force exists if we can use it to help empower ourselves to attract better circumstances.

Another important point is that the teachings and concepts of the law of attraction are NOT the only or original teachings.

Based on the concept of how our thoughts create our reality. Before continuing it’s worth giving some definitions of what the law of attraction is.

What is the law of attraction?

From the secrets website on the law of attraction it states:

“Under the Law of Attraction, the complete order of the Universe is determined, including everything that comes into your life and everything that you experience. It does so through the magnetic power of your thoughts.”

Which basically means everything that you experience in your reality is due to the creation of your thoughts. It is also commonly stated amongst teachings from the law of attraction that “like attracts like”.

And if you think positive thoughts you’ll attract positive circumstances including the people who come into your life. With the opposite being if you think negative thoughts you’ll attract more negativity.

There is also the common phrase “Thoughts become things” and what we hold in mind we will eventually be held in our hands.

Is the law of attraction the one and only teaching to follow?

The above is only a basic definition of what the law of attraction is. Going back to what I mentioned earlier that the law of attraction is not the only or original teachings based on how our thoughts impact our reality.

This is worth restating as quite often unless someone has done more in depth research on the topic will sweep everything relating to how thoughts impact and change our reality to the law of attraction.

With leads people to who disagree with concepts the law of attraction teaches to disbelieve and totally disregarding any other philosophies or teachings that have been around well before the concept of the law of attraction was created.

Is the law of attraction empowering?

It’s important to understand as there are a lot of teachings commonly taught when it comes to the law of attraction which I believe actually have disempowering effects.


It is commonly taught to avoid having negative thoughts or feelings when it’s our darkest and most challenging times that lead us to having the most growth.

Which leads us to creating the life we truly want but most importantly being capable of contributing to others.
By fighting and resisting negative thoughts or emotions.

This only suppresses them and ironically attracts repeating lessons until we finally get the lesson and grow from it.
With that said encouraging people to take back control of their life’s and to know they aren’t victims to their current circumstances can be very empowering.

I think the more important overlooked point here is going back to that the law of attraction isn’t the only teachings available and to be careful of taking any teachings as absolute truth because it can cause us to becoming dogmatic.

Isn’t there scientific evidence based on the claims of the law of attraction?

This is an area I had been personally misguided myself for many years regarding so called scientific evidence regarding the evidence for claims behind the law of attraction mainly based on quantum physics.

Which I have since come across many quantum scientists that say such claims have either been disproven or are completely false and misunderstood.

Which can lead to dangerous results especially in the area of health and miss guiding people to believing that attracting and creating changes in our lives is clearly understood and is done in a very specific way.

Because there is science that backs up their claims when the scientific evidence is actually pseudoscience and is not commonly accepted in the scientific community.

I personally believe how our thoughts and vibrations impact our reality is not yet currently understood by modern science but at the same time to be very careful of mistaking scientific studies to be flawless.

And that the studies without a doubt prove the existence or none existence of spiritual phenomena.

Is the law of attraction actually a law?

In science words such as facts, theory, hypothesis and law mean different things. A great video that explains this well is:

When it comes to understanding our universe and the basis of our reality. It is worth considering how reliable what we’re following is to determine if we’re following the right paths and being open to our views being potentially inaccurate.

This again prevents us from becoming dogmatic which can actually make us create meanings to teachings including religion or the law of attraction which might be inaccurate to the original intent of those teachings.

Following the above video we could say that it’s a fact what we believe and hold in our minds affects our reality.And then stating we create our reality from our thoughts and vibrations from a scientific perspective it would actually be a hypothesis.

The hypothesis of attraction

As it isn’t an actual measurable law that can be measured and there is arguably other hypothesis that such as being positive makes us notice more opportunities and take more risks.

Which leads us to taking better physical action that leads to better circumstances and improved general well being.
Now hypothesis of attraction doesn’t sound compelling like the phrase law of attraction does.

But here by its very definition lays one of the fundamental reasons why it is so difficult to test and know if such teachings are true.

As the very nature of the greater intelligence, god, the universe or anything else you may believe in doesn’t work in a linear fashion. Which makes it very difficult to measure and prove which science is great at with physical laws.

Why proving teachings based on the law of attraction being real is so difficult

When it comes to measuring areas such as consciousness, near death or psychedelic experiences. It is very difficult to currently now from my current understanding which may be inaccurate so don’t take my full word for it. 

To be able to test and measure subjective experiences such as near death experiences or anything related to consciousness such as thinking a specific thought is the cause of attracting a desired result.

As there are so many variables and ranging hypothesis that could be the cause of the result.

If we can’t accurately test and measure if the law of attraction is real how can we know if it’s real or not

einstein with spiritual effects and people surrounding him

Following on from what has mentioned above taking into consideration how difficult it is to measure teachings such as the law of attraction and that it isn’t the only teachings around how thoughts create reality.

It’s worth now going into ways you can discover for yourself so you create your own conclusions on whether such teachings have some truth behind them or not.

As claiming something is the absolute truth of how reality works is one thing, but if it at least points towards potential truths that lead to empowering results I personally believe this is more realistic and important.

Why it is so easy to brush of attractions as just a coincidence

Whenever we manifest something into our lives from any various techniques the results will come via logical means. Meaning it won’t come in a way that seems miraculous.


Someone effectively does a manifestation technique for more money and then as a result gets an unexpected tax return or a rich relative they didn’t know much about dies leaving a large inheritance.
Things can also get much worse and take longer than originally intended which can also make it appear like a series of coincidences.


There are real world examples of people who had intended to become or attract a better job or follow their passion such as becoming an author.

To then suddenly lose their job that appeared to be quite stable which led them to become a bestselling author.

How to know for yourself the true power behind your thoughts

You have likely already guessed by the title of this website that I believe there is more to creating our reality than through action and being lucky or by taking action during the right timing or circumstances.

I myself only started to believe in such teachings due to claims based on science that proved them such as the double slit experiment in quantum physics. To later find out such experiments have been disproven many decades later.

And through finding various teachers and gurus that I was following at the time turned out to be fake or not what they had claimed to be made me doubt such teachings even more.

It wasn’t until I started having more synchronicities and started applying other teachings that I discovered through my own experiences there is something behind these teachings.

The only way that you will know for yourself such teachings or claims behind how there is more to attracting circumstances into your life than just action and luck is through your own experiences.

Why studying teachings based on metaphysics is not enough

Just reading about the law of attraction or metaphysical teachings won’t mean anything until you have your own experiences.

As I’ve previously mentioned as they will always come by means that seem logical making it extremely difficult to reproduce and measure using modern day scientific methods.

Which is why I understand why someone will want to walk away and just class everything in this area as nonsense or wishful thinking especially since I was an atheist myself for 25 years.

How open are you to these concepts?

Whether you will or will not continue to follow metaphysical teachings and call them the law of attraction is up to you, as my aim is so you can experiment make a decision for yourself.

And for you to become aware that the teachings on the law of attraction are not the only teachings that are available on metaphysics. With that said the following are practices you can do if you’re open to it being a possibility.

Which I’m assuming if you’re still reading this you’re either open to the idea and want to experience it for yourself. Or you’re a complete skeptic and sole purpose is to disprove any teachings.

Which will make it far less likely for you to attract circumstances that make you see otherwise as due to cognitive dissonance will be far less likely to change your current beliefs due to how painful it can be.

Practices to follow to discover for yourself that you’re connected to a greater intelligence

With all of this said what comes to follow are simple but effective exercises if applied consistently you will start to have more and more experiences that will make it harder to brush them off as just a coincidence.

#1 Keep a journal of your day to day thoughts and experiences

One of the most important steps to follow is to keep a journal of what your general thoughts and experience on a daily basis.

Especially anything that appears to be a synchronicity or appears to have had a low probability of happening. This will allow you to look back and see what you were thinking of as other events occurred leading to this experience.

#2 Make a list of past events that were unlikely to happen

Similar to the previous step if you think back throughout your life of circumstances you’ve had that were unlikely to happen.


Going to a random party you wouldn’t normally go to instead of working one evening and end up meeting a new client that ends up being one of your best clients.

Another example:

You get fired from a job to on the same day as you’re walking home bump into someone or something that leads you to a new job or business opportunity that you’re much better suited for.

#3 Tidy your home and working environment

This won’t apply to everyone if but if you’re currently in a filthy and cluttered home this has a negative impact on your subconscious mind.

Which will have an effect on what you will attract I cover in much more detail why this is in Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

#4 Ask for signs

Ask the universe or whatever you believe in but it has to be a greater intelligence can include your higher self.

For an unexpected gift that will come to you within 48 hours. I originally tried this myself from the book E-Squared by Pam Grout which is full of experiments you can try out to prove the existence of a greater intelligence.

Don’t specify what this unexpected gift will be as it could be a variety of things from an unexpected text from a friend to a holiday.

Make a note of the date and time then check up and make notes after 48 hours. If you think you haven’t had any noticeable results as I personally didn’t notice after the first time.

Try with the statement in the present tense “I have unexpected noticeable signs from the universe” don’t set a deadline for it and keep it out of your mind but keep a note of it in your journal. So you can look back when signs are attracted.

#5 Start by aiming to attract small but weird things

A key component of attracting something into your life is your belief behind what you want to attract.

By starting with something small, isn’t important to you and that you’ll naturally forget about makes it much easier to attract it. At the same time you want it to be something weird or unusual.

As this will make it much more noticeable that you had a part to play in its manifestation rather than it being just a coincidence.

#6 Be open to opportunities

Quite often people get the impression that by doing some kind of manifesting technique or intending to attract something it will allow them to sit around and have the intended result miraculously given to them.

Which can happen in certain cases but since we live in both a physical and metaphysical reality there are physical laws that must be followed.

The universe or whatever you believe in takes the path of least resistance and by not following opportunities that will be presented to you. You’re making it much harder for the desired result to be given to you.

#7 Try various manifesting techniques

A powerful way of attracting desired results or changes in your life is to do specific techniques.

Especially if you keep notes of them in your journal as you’ll be able to look back at experiences that you’ve had and decide for yourself what were the chances of them happening.

If you want to know more about manifesting techniques I recommend reading Mistakes That Sabotage Your Manifestation Techniques.

Or if you want to do a technique specifically around money try Manifesting Money In 6 Steps That Actually work.


A lot has been covered in this article and I personally found this difficult to write as there are so many different views on this topic.

My outcome for this article is despite what you currently believe that you’re now interested in trying the practices and experiments mentioned above.

So you can have experiences and decide for yourself based on your own experiences whether the law of attraction is real or not.

The main key points to take away are:

- The law of attraction is not the only or original metaphysical teachings regarding how our thoughts create or impact our reality.

- A lot of claims behind the scientific evidence for the existence of the law of attraction have either been disproven or were originally miss understood pseudoscience to begin with.

- From a scientific perspective the law of attraction could be more accurately described as the hypothesis of attraction.

- The very nature of how metaphysical practices work including claims around consciousness outside of the brain are extremely difficult to measure and replicate using current modern day science.

Making it very difficult to prove such claims as these experiences are subjective.

- Just learning metaphysical teachings are usually not enough to truly believe in the existence of a greater intelligence.

The experiences you have yourself are far more important when it comes to knowing if the law of attraction is real or not.

- Follow the recommended practices and experiments with an open mind whilst most importantly keeping a journal of them then come to your own conclusion.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.