What Empaths Ought To Know About Psychic Shielding

Psychic shielding for empaths can be done with prayers, meditations, using crystals, hypnosis, raising your frequency, and many other techniques...

However, after years of using these methods, I have found some of them are complicated and ineffective.

In this post, I’m going to explain the most effective ways I know how to psychically and energetically protect yourself including...

How to avoid absorbing negative energies, set energetic boundaries with simple and powerful tools you can use today.

How do you protect your energy if you're an empath

As an empath, I find being around toxic negative people or situations can be very draining and sometimes even leave me feeling sick.

To avoid these situations I used to put up walls around me and hideaway in nature, meditate and take long walks...

Unfortunately, these were only short-term solutions because I would miss out on events I wanted to go to if I knew someone low vibe was going to be there.

Or I’d miss out on being heard at work because I didn’t want to experience any confrontation, which held me back from my true potential.

How do you deal with toxic people as an empath

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution...

And that is by breaking down these walls while cleansing your energy and emotions...

And then calling out to the ascended masters for guidance and protection. Many empaths will put others first but will neglect asking for help thinking they are being an inconvenience.

What you might not realize is, this is what many spiritual guides including the ascended masters want to help you spiritually, all you have to do is ask.

However, there's an even more powerful way an empath can gain psychic shielding.

By going inwards, rebalancing your chakras with the help of the divine healing power of love after activating your heart center...

Which will raise your vibration making it easier to call upon spiritual guides to help with white or golden light protection.

Which are some of the most powerful forms of shielding and psychic protection.

That can also be used for cutting cords connected to lower-level entities, and protect your energy even in toxic environments.

Do empaths absorb negative energy

Empaths are sensitive to both positive and negative energies, and should be mindful of their surroundings and the people around them.

This is why as an empath it's important to be aware of the right tools to protect yourself from absorbing negative energy.

You can start protecting your energy with a simple energy cleansing technique:

Whenever you enter into a room, visualize and feel a swirling vortex of purple energy on the floor, almost as big as the room you’re in.

See and feel all of the negative stagnant energy in the room being absorbed into this vortex...

This works as both an energy cleanse for your space, and it can help heal yourself, including the people in the same room.

This simple yet powerful technique only takes a few seconds when you get used to it. 

How do Empaths set boundaries

One of the greatest concerns as an empath is that not being able to set boundaries and being overwhelmed by energies that aren’t my own.

You might already be aware as an empath you can set boundaries by cutting toxic/negative people out of your life, by telling people what you won’t tolerate, and not allowing people to take advantage of you.

However, did you know there's a way you can set energetic boundaries without even having to tell anybody?

How to set energetic boundaries as an empath

You can set energetic boundaries as an empath by seeing and feeling a rose in between yourself and the person/s you’re interacting with.

Rather than directly absorbing all of the energy sent in your direction, you feel it at the rose, which is both a shield and energetic filter.

Allowing you to decide whether you want to let the energy at the rose in or to keep out of your energy body.


You’re speaking to someone and that has a low vibe and is being extremely negative. Visualize and feel a rose between you.

As you’re interacting feel their energy stopping at the rose.

You can use this technique whenever you go into a new environment and want to make sure your energy is kept safe.

In Summary

I hope you have found this post useful, just take these tips one step at a time and be kind to yourself if negative energies still affect you, which happens to us all from time.

And you will eventually find with using various grounding and shielding techniques it will become much easier to move forward in life without fear, falling ill to negative energies whilst creating the life you want to live.

With Love

  • Robert E Smith says:

    I’m the type of man that is sensitive about negative thoughts, I let what people say or do to me hurt me mentally.I can’t seem to move on and not let it bother me. I keep dwelling on it . It takes time to let it stop but it’s always in the back of my mind.
    Will the shielding technique work?
    Do you have any suggestions.

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