This Is What happens when you ignore signs from the universe

So you want to know what happens when you ignore signs from the universe...

before I mention anything ask yourself what has happened to you in the past or to someone you know that ignored their gut intuitive feelings, synchronicities, and other signs from the universe?

When you ignore signs from the universe you’re greatly increasing the chances of being taken down the wrong path, creating misfortune, missing out on opportunities, and having to reexperience and learn from a lesson you aren’t getting in this life or another lifetime.

If you want to know more specifically what is likely to happen if you ignore signs from the universe.

And key signs to be aware of that you might be missing or ignoring continue to the end as I’m about to reveal some shocking truths.

What Happens When You Ignore Signs From The Universe

How to know if it’s a sign from the universe

It can be difficult to know if something truly is a sign from the universe or if it's our minds miss interpreting something to be a sign.

When distinguishing a sign from something mundane and ordinary it is important to be able to know the differences between emotions and intuition.

It’s also worth noting that the universe can present signs to us in ways that aren’t 'slap in the face obvious' or your mind might be creating blind spots that makes it difficult for you to become aware of the signs being presented to you.

Being aware of common signs the universe wants you to slow down or the universe wants you to move and take action will also make it much easier to notice signs from the universe.

It's also worth becoming aware of the following...

How does the universe speak to us

The universe speaks to us in a variety of different ways which go far beyond just physical signs or messages. We are all connected through the universal unconscious including being connected to the universe.

And the universe communicates to us and through us via our unconscious minds.

Examples of how the universe communicates to us:
-  Reoccurring dreams or dreams with specific messages or meaning.

-  Reoccurring thoughts and ideas.

-  Attracting the same kind of people and circumstances.

-  Synchronicities.

-  Spontaneous messages from someone.

-  Intuitive feelings.

And many more...

Why do we receive signs and guidance from the universe

There are several reasons why we receive signs and guidance from the universe but the main reasons relate to our life’s purpose.

Part of the reason why we are here experiencing this temporary human experience is to learn lessons from these experiences and to grow.

Because we have free will, to help us move towards in the right direction and make better decisions faster we receive signs and guidance to help us along our journeys.

With some signs being far more important than others. Nothing is ‘set in stone’ or mapped out for what exactly will happen in your life being completely predetermined with no free will.

This is why even the most accurate forms and practitioners of divination (practices for foreseeing the future) can be inaccurate because they are seeing the most likely scenarios to occur that may change.

What will happen if you ignore signs from the universe

Now some foundations have been covered it's worth going through specifically what will likely happen if you ignore signs from the universe.

If you’re receiving signs from the universe and ignoring them you might be heading towards a disastrous path. That is highly likely to occur if you ignore or don’t become aware of the signs being presented to you.

Or you might sabotage any forms of manifestation you’re intending to create because we live in a physical universe with physical laws there are certain actions required for specific manifestations.

And by ignoring signs you might be ignoring the very signs you need to follow to complete your ‘order’ so to speak too manifest what you want.

Or you might just miss out on a small lesson that creates a minor inconvenience. Not all signs and warnings are created equally with the same levels of importance.

How wrong can you be by ignoring signs from the universe and what to do about signs you’ve ignored

In the grand scale of who and what we truly are and the universe itself, a single lifetime is like a blink of an eye.

We are all unconditionally loved and expected to make mistakes and it may require several lifetimes to learn a single lesson.

However by becoming more consciously aware of what is happening in your day to day life and what signs you may have been ignoring or unaware of.

You are far more likely to make the right decision and greatly improve your results and the rate at which you learn and grow.

I hope you found this post useful, please share it with anyone else you think will find it useful and comment down below on times you’ve ignored signs and what happened to you as a result.