The Truth About What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration

Did you know that everything in the universe is made from vibrating energies as proven by modern-day science?

There are many benefits of raising your vibration including improved general well-being, increased energy, improved health, ability to manifest your desires, reaching the higher realms of spirit to connect with divine assistance, and more.

If this something you’d like to experience for yourself, in this article I’m going to reveal the fastest and most effective way of raising your vibration and unlocking your light with the power of the heart center.

What does it mean to vibrate at a higher frequency

Vibrating at a high frequency and vibration means being less physically dense and having a lightness that is closer to the vibration of pure spirit.

Vibrating at a low frequency feels heavy, and has a lonely closed-off feeling to it which is closer to the physical domain and further away from spirit.

If you’re a serious spiritual seeker or even if you just want to improve your own quality of life and have a positive impact on those around you.

It is important to maintain a high vibration.

What are the benefits of raising your vibration?

There are many benefits to raising your vibration including:

  • Improving your physical health.
  • Improved general well-being.
  • Increased focus and productivity.
  • Naturally raising the vibration of those around you and the human collective.
  • Enhanced intuitive abilities.
  • Easier to manifest your desires.
  • Elevated levels of energy.
  • Life becomes more fun and exciting.
  • Invoking inner joy and happiness.
  • Attracting favorable circumstances and people.
  • Ability to connect with divine assistance.

There are even more benefits to raising your vibration but to summarize, every aspect of your life including anything you want will either be easier or improve.

How Do I know if my vibration is high?

The easiest way to know if your vibration is high is reflecting on how you feel.

Signs you’re in a high vibration include, feeling joy, love, gratitude, peaceful and a general ease and flow with life.

additional signs you’re in a high vibration:

  • You feel emotionally balanced.
  • Your intentions manifest quickly.
  • You feel passionate about your goals whilst remaining unattached.
  • Being empathic towards others.
  • You don’t take yourself or life too seriously.
  • You’re physically healthy and full of energy.
  • You’re patient.
  • Solutions to problems easily come to you.
  • Highly developed psychic abilities.
  • Very creative.
  • Feel an urge to help uplift the human collective.
  • You have an overall optimistic view of life.

Signs you’re in a low vibration:

  • Low levels of energy.
  • You’re very critical and judgmental of others.
  • You primarily have a pessimistic view of life.
  • You’re argumentative.
  • You feel lost without a clear sense of purpose.
  • You feel unfulfilled.
  • You hold a lot of resentment towards circumstances and other people.
  • You feel jealous of others.
  • You’re unable to stop bad habits that you know aren’t serving you.
  • You keep attracting undesired circumstances or things keep going wrong.
  • You eat a lot of junk food.
  • You feel disconnected from spirit.

Even if you’re in a low vibration know that you can raise your vibration at any time.

Raise your vibration with the sacred power of the heart center

If you feel your vibration could be doing with a boost, use this simple yet powerful technique to raise your vibration fast.

At a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed, get into a comfortable position.

Focus on your heart center and say out loud or within your mind.

“Divine light, and the grace of all that is please come into my space and bless me with your light for the greater good.”

Now see in front of you a shining orb made of white light.

Focus on your heart center as you begin to inhale this white light into it.

Feeling your entire body becoming more energized with every inhale.

Continue this until you can see and feel your heart center shining.

Now think of someone or something whether in the past or the present that you love or feel deeply grateful for.

Do this until you embody the feeling, and then focus on your heart center...

Now see this orb and feeling expanding out at first filling the room, and then expanding out through the entire building that you’re in.

Now take a few moments to notice how you feel.

This technique after some practice only takes a few minutes and can be performed anywhere.

Raising your vibration to connect with spirit

Now that you know what signs to look out for and the benefits of raising your vibration.

If you’d like to know more and how to unlock the power of your heart center to raise your vibration so you can reach the higher realms of spirit, you might be interested in knowing how to heal the 7 energy centers with the power of love.

With love

  • Martha says:

    I don’t care what I do, how hard I try, how much I pray how much I try to believe in a higher power, I cannot Manifest anything I long for. Money…need a car going on 3 years now. A better paying job that I can find happiness with and retire from. Love…doesn’t exist. I don’t even know why I exist…or how much longer I can keep up my falsness of being happy. I’m just pretty much ready to leave this “life” behind.

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hi Martha, thank you for opening up and sharing what you’re going through.

      Just before going through what I think may help, I’d also recommend seeking the guidance of a health professional as there are good intended people that are professionally trained to help you in these situations…
      And there are also many lightworkers that are easily accessible in the physical.

      It can be difficult to manifest when life is reflecting back what we’re dissatisfied with, one of the keys which can be easier said than done is to focus on having what you want and moving towards it, even when life isn’t pointing in that direction.

      The greatest light workers usually have faced periods of darkness, as its the darkness that can help us shine and find our greatest light, which I feel is where you’ll be heading.

      Know that by turning inwards, even when it gets difficult and finding the gifts that you already posses and what you can be grateful for.

      Will help to raise your vibration to find your inner light. And know whenever you’re feeling stuck and alone, you can call out to your guides for assistance, and even if you don’t feel like they haven’t received the message.
      Know that they’re always listening.

      But again to mention…

      If at anytime you still feel this isn’t enough, please do seek a professional mental health provider, as they will guide and help you in your darkest hours.

      Love And light🙏❤

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