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Discover What Is Akashic Records And The Different Aspects Of Your Mind

An often searched for question is ‘what is Akashic Records’. The Akashic Records is a label that goes by many other names such as in the bible they are referred to as the Book Of Life.

Are the Akashic Records a divine library stored away somewhere only for the enlightened few?

What can you discover from the Akashic Records?

What limits us from freely accessing the Akashic Records? These questions and more will be answered in this blog post.

The origins of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records derives from the word Akasha which is the Sanskrit word for ‘aether’ which is the spirit or can be described as the 5th element from which all other elements originate from.

Modern use of the word Akasha was made popular by Helena Blavatsky through the Theosophical Society. Which then the phrase Akashic record was established by Alfred Percy Sinnet in his book Esoteric Buddhism (1883).

The phrase Akashic Records is a label like many others such as the mind of God, the superconscious mind, the storehouse of infinite intelligence and much more that are all aspects of the same unified consciousness.

We learn something new by associating it to existing information which is why the phrase Akashic Records is used because a library storing information is something that we can relate to existing information making it easier to comprehend.

What are the Akashic Records?

There are two types of Akashic Records with one being personal which could also be described as the souls Akashic Records.

The second can be described as a groups Akashic Record which is the collection of every individual Akashic Records including specific groups.

The main difference between the two is a personal Akashic Record is a label for information ‘recorded’ about one particular soul.

All thoughts, emotions, past and present of everyone and everything that has ever existed has been recorded in the Akashic Records including knowledge of potential futures including all possible variations.

These again are labels to help make sense of accessing knowledge from an infinite source for our finite minds to grasp and comprehend.

All knowledge and experiences are in the Akasha, which is the spirit that all forms of life and consciousness in all variations and dimensions originate from. 

What can we Discover from the Akashic Records?

As previously mentioned the Akashic Records stores all thoughts, emotions and experiences of everyone and everything but also contains access to all possible knowledge not yet discovered.

To put into simpler terms from the Akashic Records you can discover.

- Reoccurring lessons from past lives affecting you in your current life.

- Answers to the challenges you’re currently experiencing in this life.

- Discoveries for new ideas of all variations including, Art, Science, software, metaphysical, business just to name a few examples.

All new revolutionary discoveries are ‘channelled’ from the Akashic Records.

How do we receive information from the Akashic Records

You’re receiving information from the Akashic Records on a consistent basis whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. Which could also be described as many other names listed above including the superconscious.

The Akashic Records is a label to help understand and comprehend information stored about a given individual or groups of people.

The information is still accessed through which could also be described as an all knowing-consciousness.

Which at a higher level is coming to us in our individual lives from our higher self. Even when someone experiences being in a location whether in an astral projection or state of trance a place full of records that they open and receive information from.

This is either a thought form they have created and are experiencing in an out of body experience or they are communicating and receiving information from their higher self whilst moving through very vivid visual imagery.

As this is one way our conscious minds can communicate through our subconscious mind to understand the information being received from our unconscious minds and the superconscious and higher self.

The importance of understanding different aspects of the mind

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The above may have sounded confusing if you’re unaware of the different aspects of the mind the following are brief descriptions of different aspects of the mind.

Conscious mind

Whatever is in your conscious awareness such as you focusing on the screen and words you’re reading right now is in your conscious mind.

Any stimulus you receiving both physically and metaphysically that is outside of your awareness is not in your conscious mind/awareness.

Subconscious mind

The subconscious mind has information available for quick retrieval such as how to drive or answer your phone. Anything that has been stored and readily available for use from our long term memory/unconscious.

Similar to how a RAM in a computer retrieves data ready to use from a hard drive.

Unconscious mind

There are many different aspects to what could be called parts of the unconscious mind that’s outside of modern day sciences understanding of human psychology but to keep things simple the unconscious parts of our mind during our physical life.

Stores all information we have experienced during our life time and works similar to a hard drive in a computer. It is also in control of functions that are outside of our conscious control.

Any information we receive from it cannot be directly understood by the conscious mind because it has to be ‘decoded’ by the subconscious mind first in order for the conscious mind to understand it.

Superconscious mind/linked to Akashic Records

If you think of the conscious mind like a computers display/monitor, the subconscious mind like RAM, the unconscious like a hard drive and then to extend this analogy.

With the superconscious mind being like the internet that connects all other minds together.

In order for us to receive but most importantly comprehend information from the superconscious, consciously it has to be ‘downloaded’ and then decoded by the subconscious mind in order for the conscious mind to then understand it.

This is how intuition works and how you can know with a gut/intuitive feeling whether you should or shouldn’t do something without at times logically knowing why.

This is one of the main reasons why it isn’t as easy to just plug in and access anything you want from the superconscious as connecting a device to the internet.

If you want to know more about the different aspects of our mind in more detail I recommend reading Superconscious How To Use It For Guidance And Manifesting.

Akashic Record Reading Challenges

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To expand upon the different aspects of our mind and why it is challenging to access knowledge from the Akashic Records. The conscious mind gets in the way of the ‘decoding’ process for information that is received.

This is why most discoveries come to people whilst doing something mundane such as having a shower as they’re in a relaxed state.

Which keeps their conscious mind out of the way focusing on the topic that they receive information on.

In trance-like states people have recorded remarkable results receiving information from the Akashic Records including a well-known clairvoyant called Edgar Cayce.

Reading The Akashic Records is a form of communicating with the higher self

During these states of consciousness and looking at physical records from my understanding of different aspects of our mind and consciousness.

This is how his higher self communicated to him in a way he can understand whilst in a high state of consciousness.
Despite Edgar Cayce’s impressive ability to work with the Akashic Records predictions can still be wrong.

As information received can be pointing to possible events that are likely to happen but isn’t destined as we have free will.

There are many other factors that make receiving information from the Akashic Records challenging including...

The challenge of being able to comprehend abstract information

Just because all possible knowledge that can be known is available from the Akashic Records and is accessible to us and can be communicated by our higher self.

Doesn’t mean we can simply know anything we want just like walking into a library and picking up any book containing the knowledge that we want. As mentioned earlier we learn new information by associating it with existing information.

If something is to abstract and unreliable to our existing knowledge it will be outside of our comprehension.
It may lead us to receiving an intuitive feeling to create something but if our conscious and the logical parts of our mind can’t understand it.

We won’t be able to make use of it. Imagine trying to explain how to make parts of a spaceship to a caveman.
On top of this everything is vibration and our physical bodies are only capable of comprehending so much with certain aspects of higher planes being incomprehensible.

Are you ready to receive the information?

Our higher self is also guiding us through our physical lives and will guide us in discovering information and having experiences vital for our growth. However at the same time it will also prevent us from receiving information we’re not ready for.

Do you have to be a devoted Yogi or well developed Psychic to work with the Akashic Records?

As previously mentioned you’re always accessing information from the Akashic Records. However developing your ability to achieve higher states of consciousness makes it easier and allows more precise knowledge to be accessed.

You can still access valuable information which will improve your intuition by becoming more consciously aware of how different aspects of your mind works.

If you want a more detailed guide including how to work with the Akashic Records I recommend reading
Akashic Records Full Beginners Guide Revealed Access Sacred Knowledge.

Or You can try these very simple few steps to give you a preview of what can be accessed from the Akashic Records.

1. In a quiet environment whilst relaxed with a clear mind ideally during meditation. Ask in your mind “I want a clear sign that I’m being guided and receiving information.”

2. Then focus on creating the sensation of already receiving signs, if you struggle to do this ask yourself questions such as

“How does it feel knowing I’ve been guided and received clear signs?”

Or if that doesn’t work ask yourself

“How would it feel if I received clear signs and know I’m being guided?”

3. Once you have created the sensation make a note of this somewhere that you will likely check again ideally in a week or so time. Then let go and forget that you had asked the question.

This is a simple method for using your conscious mind to ‘make a request’ from the superconscious.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful let me know in the comments below what you’re wanting to access and learn from the Akashic Records.