What Is My Spirit Guide Telling Me about myself

Have you ever felt lost or unsure about yourself or who you are?

If you’ve ever wished you could just speak to someone, who truly cares and just gets you.

Then know you’re not alone, you have a team of loving spirit guides that care and understand what you're going through.

What’s even more exciting is that there is a method you can use to discover more about yourself with the assistance of your guides, which I’m going to share how in this article in 7 easy steps.

Preparing to connect with your spirit guides

If you find it easy to connect with your guides you can skip this first section and go into the main technique.
I have however found through personal experience and working with others that a bit of preparation including:

1. Schedule the time

2. Setting a clear intention

3. Relaxing the body and mind

Makes not only connecting with your guides easier even if its your first time, but also your ability to understand what your guides are trying to tell you.

What now follows are 7 steps to connect and discover more about yourself with the assistance of your guides.

The first 3 steps are for preparing and the final 4 steps later are the actual technique for connecting and communicating with your guides.

Step #1: Schedule the time

Forming the habit of scheduling time to connect with your guides just like you would a doctor or any other kind of appointment has several benefits.

  • It will help form the habit of regularly receiving guidance from your guides.
  • You can tell your loved ones or wait until no one else is around. This will reduce any fears and anxiety of being disturbed while connecting with your guides.
  • You will subconsciously encourage your mind to know this is the time to connect with your guides.

It is also a part of the next step which is...

Step #2: Setting a clear intention

Setting a clear intention, which could also be described as getting clear on what you want to happen as a result of contacting your guides.

Helps to align your energies and state of consciousness with your desired result.

If you’re short on time you can just simply say this in your mind or out loud, but I have found it more effective to write it down.

“My guides help me realize who I truly am and what I truly want in my life.”

“My guides help me see what direction I should go towards.”

“My guides reveal what is holding me back.”

These are just a few examples of an intention, here are some additional tips for setting a powerful and clear intention:

  • Keep it short, ideally, 8 words or less no more than 12 if possible.
  • Written in the positive, state what you want, not what you want to avoid or remove.

Step #3: Relax your body and mind

Now that you have the time scheduled and a clear intention, sit in a position and get comfortable.

Use the following rhythmic breathing exercise to help align your body, mind, and energy for connecting with your guides.

Note: Please check with your Doctor that the following breathing exercise is safe for you to do and stop immediately if it makes you feel lightheaded.

Breathing exercise:
Take a deep breath through your nose into your stomach for a count of 4 seconds...

Hold it for 4 seconds...

And exhale out through your mouth for a count of 4 seconds...

Repeat this until you feel your state of mind and body relax.

When inhaling you should feel your diaphragm/rib cage slightly expand, you can place your hands on your ribs and practice breathing into your stomach.

Discover yourself with your spirit guides

The following steps will now guide you through actually connecting with your spirit guides and how to receive knowledge about yourself.

Step #4: Ask for protection and guidance

Now within your mind but preferably out loud, call out to your guides and see your words going out to the ends of the universe as you say...

“I ask that my highest most loving and supporting guides, who understand me and my journey the most. To come in and protect me whilst revealing to me my intentions now.”

This will make it clear that you want your guides to come and assist you, which is important because your guides will usually only help if you ask them to.

This call is also asking for protection ensuring you will be safe when connecting with the realms of spirit.

Step #5: Connect with the realm of spirit

Now feel and see yourself in a beautiful environment that represents to you the ideal setting for receiving the answers to what you seek.

Your intention might be “My guides help me realize who I truly am and what I truly want in my life.”

And you might feel most comfortable and at ease discussing this in a therapy style of room with a comfortable long chair to sit in.

Or you might much prefer to be in a temple, or a lush forest feeling connected with Gaia.

Go with whatever feels right for you and know that it doesn’t have to be the perfect location, just somewhere that feels right for you.

Connect deeper:
Now connect even deeper with the location you’re in, and focus on what you can see around you...

How the textures and temperature feels...

What sounds you can hear if any...

If you struggle to visualize or see anything, just know and tell yourself where you are, and know the following steps will still work.

Step #6: Ask for guidance

You may have already seen or felt one or multiple of your guides with you, if you haven’t asked them to come to you now.

Allow a few moments for them to appear if they haven’t, know that they can still hear you.

Now ask them directly what you want to know about yourself.

“What do I truly want in my life?”

“Is my current career right for me?”

“Why do I keep attracting the same kinds of partners?”

“What is ideal for me to look for in a romantic partner?”

“What is my divine purpose?”

“What is my reason for incarnating on earth?”

These are just a few examples, you can ask anything you want to know about yourself.

Connecting to the answer:
Now that you have asked your question, you may hear your guide directly speak the answer.

However, what is more likely to happen is to see an image within your mind.

Allow your guide, to take you on a journey either in the location you see yourself in.

Or somewhere else entirely, I recommend trusting in your guide and being taken to wherever you see comes to you.

Now pay attention to what images and feelings come to you, at first they might not make sense, but eventually, you will receive the answer almost like a flash of insight.

Step #7: Acknowledge and integrate

Know that when asking for guidance from your guides it might take some time to receive the answer.

The universe likes to take the path of least resistance.

And it might be easier for you to receive the answer through an experience that your guides help you to manifest, rather than through an internal image.

However it is also possible to receive a huge insight instantly, I find it useful to keep a journal of all of the experiences with my guides.

Even though you might not initially understand the experiences you’ve had, being able to reflect on them will help you gain further insight into them.

After understanding what your guides have revealed to you, it's worth planning or contemplating how you can apply this awareness to benefit your life and help with your spiritual growth.

Discover yourself and your guides on a deeper level

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With Love