What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me

I can remember back many years ago before I became aware of how to connect and communicate with my spirit guides…

That I would get multiple synchronicities and signs from Spirit guides…

And the more I got these, I began asking myself…

“what my spirit guide is trying to tell me?”

This single question allowed me to become more comfortable with the idea of connecting with my guides, and to further deepen how to understand Spirit Guides communication for guidance.

And if you have experienced multiple signs and synchronicities…

Or even, have been working with Spirit guides trying to Clearly interpret their messages...

Because you know intuitively your guides are reaching out.

Then it’s important to be aware of how spirit guides communicate, the common signs they’re communicating, and how to establish a clear sign for easier communication.

The 3 key areas to understanding what spirit guides are trying to tell you

Here are 3 main key areas, you must know, if you want to know exactly what your spirit guides are trying to communicate…

  1. Being aware of how spirit guides communicate.
  2. Being aware of common spirit guide signs.
  3. Knowing how to effectively communicate with your spirit guides.

The best part of what I have laid out in this article with these 3 key areas is that it makes it much easier to communicate with your guides even if you aren’t psychic or have strong natural intuition

How do spirit guides communicate

The first key is to understand how spirit guides communicate because you might already be receiving clear messages, thinking they are random thoughts or sensations.

If you ask yourself the question what is my spirit guide trying to tell me, Spirit guides communicate to us through our internal senses, usually in a subtle way such as an intuitive feeling of knowing, an internal image or symbol coming to mind, sounds such as repetitive thoughts, and through many different sensations.

However, your guides will sometimes get your attention through external methods such as causing a book to fall off a shelf to grab your attention.

Common spirit guide signs

There are common experiences and external signs you will have already encountered and experience from your spirit guides, and by becoming more aware of them. It will be easier to know when your guides are trying to communicate with you.

Example 1 - internal sound/thoughts
You repeatedly have a thought saying…

“Did I forget something, you better check your phone...”

And it turns out you had received an important message, and someone needs you immediately!

which you may have missed if you didn’t check your phone because of the repetitive thought.

Example 2 – Physical sensations
Have you ever felt a cold or a warm presence whilst casually sat in a room by yourself, most likely during meditation?

Or feeling the wind blowing which moves some of your hair even though you’re inside a warm room that isn’t drafty?

This is your spirit guides connecting with you to deliver a message. Pay attention to the intuitive feelings you have when you have these experiences, as this will further help you become aware of what your spirit guides are trying to tell you.

Example 3 – Strong feelings
Have you ever felt a sudden burst of intense emotions that caused you to realize that you had just made a mistake?

This can be a strong sign that your spirit guides are telling you to make a course correction or to address an issue.

Becoming more aware of common spirit guide signs

To make it easier to recognize how your spirit guides attempt to communicate with you, it is worth having a list of the most common signs.

Which I’ve already made a list for you, with 18 of the most common signs your spirit guides are trying to communicate you can view by clicking here.

How to effectively communicate with your spirit guides

When it comes to communicating with your spirit guides, it is important to first raise your frequency and to access the higher realms.

Which I will talk about more in a moment, but before that here are 3 steps you can take to communicate with your spirit guides:

  1. Get into a comfortable position at a time and in a location where you will be undisturbed...
  2. Ask the universe, God, or whatever you believe to be the creator to surround you with a protecting light.
  3. Call out loud to your spirit guides and ask them to help you with a request.

Example: “I ask that my spirit guides who wish to serve my best interest, the greater good, and divine will to help show me a sign that will make me feel calmer and more relaxed...”

How this one trick makes recognizing your guides are communicating even easier

As mentioned above it is important to recognize common signs to make it easier to know your guides are attempting to communicate with you.

But there’s a way to make it even easier...Let me tell you how, all you need to do is to ask for a particular sign...

You will have a preferred way of communicating, which could be through being shown something visually, having something explained through words and sounds, a more hands-on approach, or some varying combinations of the three.

You will also have your own unique meanings to certain items, animals, and locations, that you can use to form a unique sign you can ask for from your spirit guides.

Example: A doll might remind you of your mother, and every time you see a doll you feel safe and cared for. And you could use this to ask your guides to show you a doll if what you’re doing is the right decision.

Create a daily routine with your guides

Speaking and working with your guides daily, strengthens your connection and makes it easier for you and your guides to communicate back and forth.

You will also start to know guides better like getting to know someone you’ve met in this physical realm, learning their name, what their personality is like and what they specialize in, etc.

The missing ingredient to making connecting to your spirit guides much easier

However, there is one missing ingredient that makes all of this much easier and clearer when it comes to communicating with your guides.

And that is raising your frequency so you can access the higher realms, This higher realms vibrates at the most benevolent guides…

This can be done by activating your heart center and which can be achieved through guided meditation ...

Summary for understanding what your spirit guide is trying to tell you

By establishing regular communication with your guides, being aware of common signs, asking for specific clearer signs, and recognizing when and how your guides communicate.

You are well on your way to having regular guidance with your divine support team.
And remember like everything it takes practice, the more you follow these tips and steps the better you will get.

With Love