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What Is Spiritual Meditation And How It Will Transform Your Life

Meditation is used for improving general well being, improving focus, reducing anxiety, improving health, performance and more. Meditation can also be used as a method for reaching higher levels of consciousness and becoming aware of our spiritual nature.

In my ignorance I used to think meditation was just for monks chanting “omm” under a bell or candle. I then discovered how it’s an ancient and sacred act that can be used to experience aspects of our true nature.

If you’ve intuitively felt or are searching for ways to use meditation to achieve higher states of consciousness this article is for you.

Misconceptions that will hold you back from reaching higher states of consciousness with spiritual meditation

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Misconceptions that will hold you back from reaching higher states of consciousness with spiritual meditation
The false lower version of ourselves which also be described as our animal nature.

Which I’m going to refer to as used in eastern philosophies and teachings as the ego. Just to be clear I don’t mean ego in the commonly used term of being ego meaning someone’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

If you haven’t already when you begin any spiritual practice you will eventually encounter experiences that will lead you to question who you truly are. And notice that your thoughts are not truly your own.

Even with this awareness it is easy to fall back into old subconscious habits and for the ego to take over and for someone to identify with the ego the false “I” that we experience in this physical reality.

Even when it comes to reaching higher levels of consciousness the ego will pretend to like this concept as its strengthening the egos self-image of being greater and achieving a “higher state.”

Why the ego will try to stop you from having spiritual experiences

To the ego having a spiritual experience is a threat to its own very existence, and will trick you into thinking it wants to have spiritual experiences.

This is important to know as going into such experiences unprepared can lead to a lot of confusion and suffering.

The ego wants to see itself as the creator of its reality and the experiences it has. Even when the ego believes and wants help from higher powers it’s because it is perceived to meet the egos own self-interests.

When any awareness comes to the truth of who we truly are and that the ego is only temporary and the creator of its experiences it will begin to resist.

Why spiritual experiences cannot be logically explained or understood

The ego will want to attach a label to any spiritual experience whether experienced personally or read about to make sense of it.

As the human brain is always looking for what’s around us and attaching a meaning to determine if something is safe or a potential threat.

Spiritual experiences are outside of the worldview adopted from the ego and any meaning or label attached to it is outside of the essence of the experience.

These concepts are important to understand before going into the following meditation to get the most from it.

The purpose of spiritual meditations

There are a lot of benefits behind meditation as already mentioned but when it comes to raising your level of consciousness it’s to become aware of who you truly are and connect with your higher self.

It also helps release and surrender attachments in this physical reality including material, thoughts and emotional attachments.

To become completely present with no thoughts of the past or future and to truly experience life which is always in the here and now.

Powerful spiritual meditation for reaching higher states of consciousness

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The following meditation is actually very simple and straightforward in practice but there are some concepts that will help you get better results from it.

Even though the following could be described as an advanced form of meditation you don’t need to be experienced in meditation in order to benefit or have spiritual experiences from it.

As the most powerful spiritual experiences are usually spontaneous and happen when we least expect it as the logical thinking mind is out of the way.

The most important principle and mindset to go into this or any form of meditation is to avoid going in with an expectation of reaching or attaining a certain state or striving to achieve it.

The Egos desire to reach enlightenment

This may sound controversial to what was mentioned earlier about the ego resisting spiritual experiences but the ego likes the idea of achieving enlightenment based on its perception of what enlightenment is.

When actually reaching higher states of consciousness is not raising of the ego but rather becoming aware of our true nature and the temporary existence of the ego.

Which is why aiming to achieve a certain state is pleasing to the ego and actually prevents higher states being reached. By simply accepting nothing may come from the meditation is much more powerful than it sounds.

Letting go meditation

The following meditation can be performed at anytime as a mindful practice but for the best results whilst sat in a comfortable position in a quiet area free of distraction.

With eyes open or closed focus on a specific point of a wall in front of you or an area of your body and remain as intently focused as you can observing everything that comes to the surface.

Avoid trying to suppress or add any labels to any thoughts or emotions that come to the surface and watch them arise. Even when peaceful energizing feelings arise don’t follow and enjoy them which can be very difficult to do.

Let go of everything that arises whilst focusing on the specific point as much as possible and being aware of any space and silence around you whilst meditating. Remain focused on the space between your thoughts.

The biggest difference between this to other forms of meditation as it is very similar is consciously letting go of everything both positive and negative that arises.

Because even focusing on positive sensations can restrict an individual from higher levels of consciousness.

How long should you perform this meditation for?

The duration and frequency will come down to you and how committed you’re to having spiritual experiences and raising your level of consciousness. If you’re really committed rather than seeing the above as a meditation.

Follow it as a daily ongoing mindfulness practice that you apply through every activity that you do including conversations with others.

With that said 15-30 minutes daily can have powerful effects too. If you’d prefer a mindfulness practice much easier and less time consuming then I’d recommend checking out 6 easy methods for mindful living without changing your routine.

If you’d like to read powerful quotes and spiritual teachings I recommend looking at Transformative spiritual quotes that will empower your journey.


- The ego the false self that we identify with as the “I” likes the thought of reaching enlightenment and higher states of consciousness to feed its own sense of self-worth.

- The ego will resist spiritual experiences whilst convincing you that it wants to experience them.

- Spiritual meditations are for becoming aware of your true nature and the temporary existence of the ego.

- If you’re committed to having spiritual experiences and raising your level of consciousness form a constant ongoing mindfulness practice that is consistent throughout your life.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.