What The 7 Rays Of Light Ascended Masters Means For You

By understanding and following the path of the seven rays with the assistance of the ascended masters.

You will know the once hidden secrets of the 7 rays and their qualities...

Which are manifestations of the oneness we are all connected to and come from, and how to use them to accelerate your spiritual growth.

Including assistance with almost anything else in your life, you desire including, healing, finding purpose, love, and more.

Which I will be revealing and how to call upon them yourself within this article.

What are the seven rays of light

The seven rays are sub-divisions that make up the main source of energy that we all come from and are linked to the oneness of all that is.

The seven rays are an expression from the creator, God, the divine and qualities of the oneness everyone and everything comes from.

The seven rays are living intelligent sources of divine light that give life to everything in the universe.

Each ray is governed by a Chohan (lord) also known as an ascended master that controls the law of that ray.

The qualities of 7 rays and related Chohan (Ascended master)

  1. The First Ray:
    Color: Blue
    Ascended master: El Morya
    Qualities: Self dependency, faith, power, certainty, courage, clear direction and purpose.

  2. The Second Ray:
    Color: Yellow
    Ascended master: Lord Lanto
    Qualities: Illumination, wisdom, love, teaching, clarity and intuition.

  3. The Third Ray:
    Color: Pink
    Ascended master: Paul the Venetian
    Qualities: Love, humility, harmony, understanding and compassion.

  4. The Fourth Ray:
    Color: White
    Ascended master: Serapis Bey
    Qualities: Ascension, Holiness, motivation, creativity and self discipline of the four lower bodies.

  5. The Fifth Ray:
    Color: Green
    Ascended master: Hilarion
    Qualities: Healing, abundance, intellect, logic, the relationship between science and religion.

  6. The Sixth Ray:
    Color: Purple and gold
    Ascended master: Lady Nada
    Qualities: Service to others and peace.

  7. The Seventh Ray:
    Color: Violet
    Ascended master: St Germain
    Qualities: Transmutation, ritual, mercy and alchemy.

Ascending with the 7 rays

Even though there is a lot behind the teachings of the seven rays that go far back in history.

The main teachings are that each of the rays contains lessons for different paths of spiritual growth...

And by learning all of these lessons you will understand and embodiy divine unconditional love.

There is currently a huge energetic shift happening on our planet and by being out of alignment or not learning the lessons from every ray.

This will cause you to feel like something is missing or unstable in your life, even if on the surface by cultural standards have everything together and are “successful”.

Which of the seven rays am I?

You will be more aligned with one of the rays over the others.

By learning more about the rays and yourself, you will be able to identify which ray/s you’re out of alignment with.

You can then call upon the relevant ascended master and ray to help you embody those qualities.

If you want to do this yourself follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Get into a comfortable position, begin to take some deep breaths, and relax.

  2. Look through the list of qualities of the desired ray you wish to call upon and then see the color of the desired ray in front of you, knowing that you’re absorbing its rays and qualities.

  3. Call out the following and change the appropriate areas to match the ascended master and ray you wish to call upon:

    “I call upon (ascended master) to help me invoke and embody the (desired violet ray) and to embody the qualities of (call out each of the rays qualities).”

discover the best ray for you

If you want assistance with transmutation and activating your light body, call upon St Germain and the seventh violet ray.

Feeling lost? Call upon El Morya and the first blue ray.

Whatever you want to improve or desire assistance with, one of the violet rays with the relevant ascended master will be able to help you.

With Love