Why Is My Intuition So Strong Lately

If you’ve been experiencing intuition that’s been strong recently, this is because you’ve either recently grown spiritually, cleared an energetic block or there’s an important lesson your spirit guides and higher self want you to become aware of.

As an intuitive that has helped thousands across the world to unlock their spiritual gifts and to receive divine assistance from spirit guides.

This is a common question I get asked, and you can search online and find plenty of information on how to develop your intuition and what intuition is.

But they tend to lack detail as to why your intuition is suddenly hyper-sensitive.

In this article, I’m going to share with you why your intuition has become hyper-sensitive and how to use this information to help with both spiritual growth and manifestation.

Your intuition is strong because you have a divine calling...

Another reason why your intuition is strong is that there are currently huge energetic shifts and raises in consciousness happening globally.

you are responding to the call to grow spiritually and become a beacon of light to shine onto others.

By using your heightened states of awareness and intuition, you will be able to make better-informed decisions that will help yourself and others.

What does it mean to have strong intuition

Intuition is a divine message most often felt in the gut that has come from a higher intelligence...

This could be from angels, spirit guides, ascended, masters, your guardian angel, your higher self, or any other form of divine being...

These divine messages come as a feeling of knowing that doesn’t require logical or conscious thought.

How do you know if your intuition is strong

So what it means to have strong intuition is that you have a very strong sense of knowing even if logic and evidence on the surface goes against your feelings of knowing.

You still know your feeling is correct because of how strong it is.

However, if you’re doubting yourself or your intuition it is important to know the differences between an emotion and intuition.

It’s also worth being aware of physical signs of intuition to help recognize when what you’re feeling is intuition.

What are your spirit guides trying to tell you intuitively

Spirit guides can help you develop your intuitive gifts and will quite often communicate and make you aware of something through your intuition.

Can you recall a time when you just knew deep down someone had ill intentions even though everyone else seemed to have liked the person and they acted kind.

And later on it turned out your feeling was correct?

And can you recall a time you knew that you should apply for a job promotion or do something you didn’t believe would work?

And again your feeling turned out to be correct...

Or you may have experienced something as simple as knowing you should go to an event you originally wanted to avoid, but you ended up meeting a romantic partner or someone very important to you.

Your spirit guides will often make you know deep down what you should do, sometimes you just need to believe in yourself and do what you already know.

What to do next with your strong intuition

Listening to your intuitive gifts will become even stronger the more you use them and you will become a shining light that uplifts others.

One of the fastest ways to further develop your intuition and to be able to believe in your ability to make better decisions is knowing how to connect with your divine assisting support team.

With Love

  • Valerie Vugs says:

    I often feel my intuition trying to tell me that there
    is something that I have to say or do. Most times I let it go by and so I suffer needlessly in future I shall not neglect it and take more notice as it is always right. Are you the Rick that I could buy the set of books from and read if I am an empath, have intuition skills etc.(that set, that you have 70% off, of at the moment) as I feel that I am all of those rolled into one and are they still available.

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