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Would You Like To Manifest Your Desires Using The Power Of Thoughts

You already know how the power of our thoughts impact both how we feel and the results we’ll get in life.

The question is to what extent are you aware of how your thoughts are affecting you both internally and the results you’re getting?

I used to hear of the concepts based on positive thinking and to focus on what you want to find it’s much more difficult in practice and the concept never helped me through patterns of fear and not being able to take steps towards my goals.

I then discovered why just trying to think positive doesn’t work and teachings including techniques that can change the pattern of habitual thoughts. That can also attract the results that we’re wanting.

These discoveries are what I’m going to share in this article so you can take back control of the power of your thoughts and use them to move towards and attract desired results.

The incredible power of thoughts

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What has led you to where you’re today, economically, in your relationships, health, happiness and fulfilment?

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

-Tony Robbins-

Decisions control both our results and experiences of life, think back to decisions you’ve made throughout your life that has led to the results that you have today following the question above.

The decisions that you decided on what does something mean. Our experiences are based upon the meaning that we attach to something and the meanings we attach are based on a decision.


A story of two brothers that had an abusive alcoholic father were interviewed later in their adult life and one of them said I don’t drink after seeing the effects it had on my father.

Whilst the other brother became an alcoholic because he had no other choice because that is what he had learned from his father.

The power of a decision

Following the previous example the difference between the two brothers is the meaning that they had attached to watching their father which came from a decision.

A conscious decision can change the direction of our lives in any given moment; the same is true for subconscious patterns of thought making decisions to attach meanings that we’re not aware of.

Which can make us push away and avoid the very thing that we’re wanting.


Someone may consciously say they want a relationship but subconsciously believe that all of the good ones are taken and that relationships will lead to heartbreak so they decide to avoid them.

Consciously not being aware of the reasons why.

A decision can also be made in an instant to start or end a relationship, start a new career and any other directions in our lives.

Thoughts and decisions

A decision made consciously can also be described as a specific thought on the chosen meaning or action to take towards a specific result.

Thoughts are not just mere daydreaming or thinking of a positive or negative affirmation, a thought can be a decision that permanently changes the direction of our lives.

Subconscious programming causes us to make decisions automatically to what things mean and what we should do about it.

The majority of our thoughts are subconscious as there is far too much to process such as how to move our bodies correctly whilst walking for our conscious minds to process.

Consciously thinking of something empowering may change how you feel in a moment but in order to make it a habit and for it to become subconscious you want to condition it.

How to condition empowering thoughts

Our thoughts and focus are controlled by questions, if you want an empowering result start asking empowering questions. The same is true in the reverse disempowering results are the result of disempowering questions.

Which most of the time are subconscious, here are a few methods for changing patterns of thoughts:

1) breaking a pattern of habitual thinking through an unexpected stimulus that radically changes the individuals state:

Think of a time when you was deep into a conversation then suddenly someone comes up and asks you something completely irrelevant to what you was discussing and caused you to forget what you were discussing.

If you interrupt someone else’s or your own pattern enough when you go into a habitual state of thinking your brain will no longer be able to go back into those habitual patterns of thoughts as it scrambles the neural connections.

This can be done by asking questions that causes someone to completely change what they’re focusing on.

2) Changing a belief or model of the world: if someone changes a core belief or how they see a certain aspect of their world it can radically change their thoughts around many different areas.

3) A change in identity: Our thoughts on how we think, feel and fundamentally what we’ll do is massively influenced by our identity and how we view ourselves.

4) Using affirmations: Beliefs are stored memory from the past; an affirmation is a live active use of your nervous system which can impact your beliefs and view of yourself immediately upon doing them.

If done through enough repetition and emotional intensity you can create a new belief and condition a pattern of thoughts in the direction that you want leading to an empowering result.

5) Changing the state that you’re in:

The state that we’re in can be described as how we’re feeling moment to moment. Think of a time when you were in a very angry state and how many other angry thoughts kept rushing through your mind.

A change in state will automatically change someone’s thoughts and the decisions that they’ll make.

If you want to learn more about how to manage your state and how managing your state makes using affirmations much more powerful I recommend reading Morning Affirmations That Set You Free From Limiting Beliefs By Using 3 Simple Steps.

All of these areas can be applied for empowering patterns of thought by effective questioning.

How to using questions will make you realize the power of thoughts

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Rather than trying to force yourself to focus on empowering thoughts begin asking yourself empowering questions and eventually you won’t have to try to think positive as you will be doing thinking positive automatically.

As you will have applied one or several of the five areas mentioned previously. The following are questions you can begin to ask yourself for different circumstances to take back control of your thoughts.

When an event happens that we dislike or we end up in a disempowering state that causes us to think disempowering thoughts it can be difficult to break out of.

Questions you can ask yourself to break out of patterns of negative thoughts are:

-What else can this mean?”  What you thought was a negative result may actually be in your best interest.

“Will this matter five years from now?”

- “What can I learn from this?”

- “How can I enjoy this?”

- “Why is my wall only 4ft high and painted green?”

The last question likely broke your pattern which I put purposely as an example of if you ask a random question it can cause someone’s pattern to break.

Causing them to be in a different state which will change their own current patterns of thought.

questions for changing beliefs

Our thoughts are influenced by our beliefs here are questions to help break disempowering beliefs:

- “When did I start to accept this limiting belief?”

- “Is this belief ridiculous?”

- “Does this belief serve me?”

- “What impact is this belief having on my life and others around me?”

When you start linking pain to the current belief you want to change and pleasure to a new belief to replace it with you will start to change that belief.

Questions to shift your identity

“The most powerful force in the human psyche is people’s need for their words and actions to say consistent with their IDENTITY – how we define ourselves.”

-Tony Robbins-

Some very useful questions by Tony Robbins for becoming aware of your current view of yourself and identity:

- “What are my most important beliefs?”

- “In romantic relationships am I optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, neural or self protective?”

“With finances am I optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, neural or self protective?”

“Who are my role models?”

- “Am I living what my role models are about or not?”

- “I am... I am not...”

- “Overall in my life, am I optimistic, pessimistic or realistic?”

All of these can be applied or changed through effective questioning

Questions to put yourself into an empowered peak state

- “What am I happy about in my life right now?”

- “What about that makes me happy?”

“What am I or could I be grateful for if I wanted to feel grateful?”

“What can I be proud of right now?”

“What am I committed to achieving right now?”

- “If I were to give my full effort what would happen?”

*if you struggle to find an answer and your brain says there isn’t anything try the following*

- If I wanted to feel X what could I be X off or for (X representing grateful or proud etc)”

 ​​“When was a time you felt very happy, proud or grateful?”

The Power of thoughts when wanting to manifest a new reality

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You might be familiar with teachings such as the law of attraction regarding how our thoughts just don’t affect our emotions and behaviour but also attract circumstances including people into our lives.

I try to keep my articles practical whilst covering the theory behind it but this is an area much harder to give practical information on as attracting something into your life can be viewed as subjective to the cause.

Unless you have an extremely powerful experience that can’t be written off as a coincidence you’re unlikely to believe in such claims as it is hard to prove with current scientific methods as manifesting anything from the metaphysical.

Isn’t done in a linear way like the laws from my current understanding that govern our physical reality are.

What follows are teachings that can be tested practically to see if it’s true within your own experience.

However, if you want to find more evidence for yourself first that you can attract changes into your life I recommend reading Warning! Don’t Even Think About “Is The Law Of Attraction Real” Until You Read This.

As I cover practical steps that you can follow and try for yourself to make your own conclusions on if it’s possible whilst still having doubt.

The power of thought forms manifesting our reality

A thought given enough repetition and emotional intensity not only affects our own psyche but can start to create more powerful thought forms that go out and affect different surrounding frequencies and thought forms around us.

Similar to a magnetic field thought forms of a similar nature attract and attach to other thoughts of a similar frequency, the more energy behind the thought form and the more “neighbouring” thought forms on the same frequency to connect to.

The more powerful the effect the thought form/s will have on physical reality. This is one of the reasons why by going into an area you can instantly sense good or bad vibes due to the thought forms that have been created in that area.

Thought forms have the greatest effect on our reality when they become a subconscious belief. As this requires no conscious effort and is constantly being given energy.

The important thing to realise if the thought forms you’re creating are empowering or disempowering you.


If you believe making money requires hard work and “no pain no gain” you will get results through hard work but unlikely to get results without hard work with the thought forms these beliefs are creating.

If you want to know a technique specifically for creating thought forms for attracting changes into your life I recommend reading Mistakes That Sabotage Your Manifestation Techniques.

The power of group thoughts and egregores

When a group of people consistently have their thoughts and focus at the same frequency on the same or very similar concept it will eventually lead to a much more powerful version of a thought form called an egregore.

An egregore becomes a separate autonomous psychic entity which is made up of the combined vibrational energy from the thoughts of a group of people.

With the egregores sole purpose is to gain more much energy from as many adherents as possible.

Which leads to the egregore becoming more and more powerful and being able to influence its followers.

Examples of egregores:

Money, health, politics and corporations are just a few examples of egregores. 

The power of egregores

It’s important to become aware of egregores when you start to become aware of how your thoughts create your reality because egregores can influence you and others around you to cause situations that feed it more thought energy.


An egregore based on money may get the majority of its thought energy through thoughts of fear around money. If someone is starting to reduce the amount of fear they have around money they’re no longer feeding the egregore energy.

As an attempt to regain the thought energy from the individual who has changed their perspective or circumstances around money.

The egregore will influence other followers mainly those who can have an impact on you personally and create challenges in your life.

This is one of the main reasons why you might notice when creating big changes in your life that things often get worse before they get better.


The main remedy for the influence an egregore has over you and others around you attempting to bring you back into feeding the egregore your thought energy when you want to create changes in your life.

Is by lowering importance and keeping consistent with the new direction you’re placing your focus and thoughts.

The easiest way to achieve this is by a change in beliefs. If you want to know more about manifesting and the power behind lowering importance I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.


I hope this article has served you as a reminder of the power your thoughts. And that you have the power to control and use your thoughts to empower yourself.

The key points to take away are:

- Every result that you have got in your life for better or worse came from a decision.

- The majority of our thoughts are subconscious and influence both how we feel and our behaviour.

- Rather than trying to think positive it is much more effective to change what automatically creates our thoughts in the first place which includes our state, beliefs and identity.

- Breaking your own pattern is a powerful way of breaking the pattern of disempowering thoughts.

- Focus and thoughts are controlled by questions, to get a better result ask a better question.

- Thoughts with enough emotion behind them create thought forms that create and attract different circumstances and people into your reality.

- Egregores are autonomous psychic entities created by a group of thoughts on the same frequency related to the same or similar ideas. An egregores main purpose is to gain the energy of more followers.

An egregore will attempt to influence you or others around you to bring you back into being an adherent to regain your energy if you attempt to change your view and no longer feed it your energy.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.