Instant Answers from Higher Self With THESE Yes/No Questions

One of the fastest and easiest ways to receive answers from your higher self is to ask yes or no questions.

It would be great to receive a clear answer from your higher self but unless you know how to directly connect and merge it is unlikely to happen.

This is why I’m going to share with you how and why you should ask your higher self questions with techniques to help recognize whether the answer is yes or no.

The benefits of asking your higher self questions

Your higher self is the part of you that is directly linked to the divine and all that connects us together.

Which is linked to infinite intelligence so whenever you ask your higher self a question you always receive the right answer.

You are taking the steering wheel and receiving guidance for exactly what you want to know.

Why yes and no questions are useful to ask your higher self

With reading this article you’re unlikely merged with your higher self and receiving direct communication.

More than likely you’re intrigued or frustrated and want to know more about how to receive guidance.

Many of my students want some reassurance of what they should do or that their guides or higher self are assisting them.

By asking yes or no questions as you will soon discover is not only an effective and easy way for receiving answers.

Interacting with your higher self will deepen your connection and make communication easier and clearer.

Techniques to know whether the answer is yes or no

Just before going into the questions, the following techniques will put you into a frame of mind that makes receiving answers easier.

And it will allow you to recognize if the answer is yes or no, so I recommend doing the following before you ask your series of questions.

Technique #1

Take a few moments to think of a time when you felt uncomfortable, stressed or ideally, you intuitively knew something was wrong.

And really focus on the experience and how it made you feel, the important thing is that you experience the feeling.

After doing this take a mental note of how you and your body feels which will have tightened up.

If you feel this when you ask your higher self a question the answer is NO.

Technique #2

Now take a little bit of extra time with this technique not only because it feels good, but it will help you to relax and create space for answers to come to you.

Take a big deep breath in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth allowing any stress or tension out of your body.

Allow your body to feel heavier, relax and sink into the chair you’re in as you think of a deeply loving, joyful experience.

Think about why that experience was so wonderful and how it made you feel.

Reliving the sounds, images, touch and sensations, making the image bigger and brighter within your mind.

Do this until you feel open and joyful or warm loving feeling in your heart.

If you feel this when you ask your higher self a question the answer is YES.

10 Yes Or No Questions To Ask Your Higher Self

 Purple background with swirling energy with a purple face facing up with text above it saying Yes No Questions To Ask Your Higher Self

Note: Please make sure you have done the previous techniques at least once so you can differentiate whether the answer is yes or no.

The following higher self questions will help you become aware of what’s in your best interest and spiritual growth in regards to other people or what you’re doing.

Know that you may receive the answer in the middle of asking the question because your higher self already knows what you’re about to ask.

  1. “Higher self, is _______ the right romantic partner for me?”
  2. “Higher self, is _______ serving my great good and in my best interest?”
  3. “Higher self, should I purchase _______?”
  4. “Higher self, is _______ beneficial for my personal and spiritual growth?”
  5. “Higher self, is _______ the right path for me to take?”
  6. “ Higher self, will _______ help bring me peace and calm?”
  7. “Higher self, should I stop doing or going to _______?”
  8. “Higher self, will _______ help me become more abundant?”
  9. “Higher self, is it in my best interest and the highest good to _______?"
  10. “Higher self, should I seek a spiritual teacher?”

If you’re struggling to feel anything, allow yourself to relax and create a space for the answer to come in.

Also try different questions or try asking it differently, and know that you won’t receive the answer to a question that you or the human collective isn’t ready for.

Receiving clearer answers from your higher self

Now that you know a simple and effective method for communicating with your higher self.

If you want to know how to receive clearer answers to your questions you might be interested in knowing how to merge with your higher self.

With Love