7 Simple Ways To Work With The Miracles of the Violet Flame

Once you experience using the the violet flame, you will be able to perform miracles when it comes to transmuting negative thoughts and energy…

Into empowering thoughts and positive energy in the shortest time possible.

The violet flame has been a hidden secret for many centuries until very recently after being revealed by ST Germain in the 1930s.

Now the sacred blessings and power of the violet flame are available to all.

And here’s the thing, there are many ways of invoking this flame…

So In this article, I’m going to share 7 different ways in which you can invoke the violet flame for your spiritual growth and healing that’s easy for you.

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#1: Visualize the violet flame

This method is suited for people who are more suited to visualization.

Visualisation can bring forth a powerful the violet flame which can be useful if you want to invoke it in silence.

It’s also useful to visualize the violet flame with other methods including mantras.

Try it yourself:
Start of by seeing yourself surrounded by huge violet flames.

Notice how the beautiful violet flames are flickering and dancing up and down.

Focus on its magnificent color until you can clearly see it in your mind’s eye.

Allow the radiating love coming from the flames to come closer.

And even though it’s a fire, it’s a spiritual fire that is safe to touch.

The violet flame now moves into you melting away all of the distorted lower vibrational energy you’re holding onto.

You don’t have to be aware of what negative thoughts or energies you’re holding onto to remove them.

The violet flame knows what to do and will melt them away when you call it in.

#2: Breathing as the violet flame

We are all connected and at our essence, we are all one.

This includes being one with the violet flame, when you breathe, breathe as the violet flame.

Know that you are the violet flame and breathe in the transmuting flames into your lungs, as it purifies your entire body, cells, molecules, and every atom.

Breathing it into your chakras and your energy body and fully merging you with the true I AM source.

As you breathe it in say in your mind:

“I AM the violet flame in manifestation.”

This will help you to further merge with the violet flame, you can also combine this with the previous visualization method.

Quick summary for breathing as the violet flame:

  1. Know in your heart that you are connected to all that is and have become the violet flame.
  2. Breathe in the violet flame deep into your lungs and notice it melting away negative thoughts and energy.
  3. As you continue to breathe in chant in your mind “I AM the violet flame in manifestation.”

#3: Invoke the violet flame with mantras

A mantra is a phrase or sentence spoken out loud repeatedly to embody a desired state of mind.

It is important to chant them with intensity and say them like you mean it to get into a high resonant frequency, which will help you invoke the violet flame.

You can invoke the violet flame by using mantras and calling it in such as:

“I AM a being of violet fire.
I am the purity Source desires.
“I AM being of violet fire, I am the purity of God's desire.”
I AM a being of violet fire.
I AM a receiver of divine blessings.
I AM the violet fire, living to inspire, uplifting every hour.”

The words I AM contain spiritual power, not only do you define yourself with what you say after I AM but also...

Whenever you say I AM, you are reconnecting the true, authentic eternal divine self, the true source of who you truly are that connects you to God, and all of that is.

Which is extremely powerful and helps you to connect to the higher spiritual realms to invoke the violet flame.

Invoking violet flame for protection

The following methods can be used for invoking the violet flame for protection.

#4: Violet flame prayer

Prayer helps to focus on your intention for connecting with and calling upon divine assistance.

Use the following prayer to call invoke the violet flame.

“Dear violet-purple fire, help me fulfill God’s desire.
Rising like the sun, to the light I AM.
With purity and blessings.
Please come to me and my space.
Where you belong.
I AM the Violet flame.
And so it is, and so it is done”

To get the most from this prayer use the following steps:

  1. Use this meditation at a time and in a location where you won't be disturbed.
  2. Say it with love and a willingness to receive divine blessings in your heart.
  3. Bonus step: You can also visualize violet flame around you after completing the prayer to further deepen your connection.

#5: Calling into your space

Not only can you call the violet flame into yourself...

What’s also exciting is that you can also call it into your spaces or places away from you.

Which will raise the frequency and if intended, transmute an object or location into perfect frequency and restore harmony.

Use the following steps to call the violet flame into an area nearby to help cleanse it with the sacred violet flame:

  1. Focus on the space you wish to cleanse and uplift with the violet flame.
  2. Chant “I AM the violet flame, I call in the violet flame to surround my space, my house (then also mention anywhere else you wish to invoke the violet flame to)
  3. See the area being filled with a beautiful violet flame.
  4. Thank the violet flame for its assistance

The violet flame is a conscious spiritual flame that will know what you want when you focus your intentions.

This is why it’s also important to treat it with respect which you can do by thanking it or sending gratitude whenever it helps you.

#6: Violet flame meditations

A violet flame meditation will assist in uplifting your energy to help invoke the violet flame.

Especially when you draw upon the assistance and energy of your spirit guides and ST Germain.

Which makes it far easier to reach frequencies to call upon a powerful violet flame from the higher realms.

They are also useful to guide you through the process step by step with exactly what to do.

This is especially useful if you’ve never used the violet flame before.

You may want to experience and try the violet flame for yourself with a violet flame cleanse.

#7: With the assistance of spirit guides and ST Germain

The violet flame and the violet ray are conscious and a part of all of creation.

It is always listening and can be called upon to transmute anything it touches into harmony and its own unique perfect frequency.

The higher the frequency you are the more powerful the violet flame you can invoke.

What is also very exciting is that you can call upon your guides and the assistance of ST Germain to invoke very powerful violet flame even if you’re feeling low vibe right now.

If you’re ready to work with the highest intensity of the Violet flame and bring forth the most powerful cleanse ever…

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Getting to know the violet flame more

There are so many exciting uses and miracles to experience with using the violet flame.

If you would like to know more about the violet flame and how to use it I recommend checking out this violet flame invocation guide.

With love