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7 ways spiritual thoughts can be used to transform your life

If you’re having thoughts or feelings driving you to discover more about the truth of who you really are or to raise your level of consciousness this has likely left you either feeling awakened, knowing you’re on the right path or lost and confused.

I found it extremely challenging very quickly going from being an atheist for the first 25 years of my life not didn’t even knowing what spirituality is thinking it was just about monks meditating.

To suddenly having life changing spiritual experiences with no understanding of what they were or anyone I could share them with that wouldn’t think I’m crazy which initially left me feeling very lost and lonely.

Unable to relate to others around me until I discovered teachings out there on what causes such experiences and most importantly how to use them to empower you which is what I’m going to share in this article.

What are spiritual thoughts and what do they mean

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Spiritual thoughts can be described as thoughts relating to our souls, the essence of what we are or anything relating to the spiritual nature of our existence.

Understanding what they mean can either be easily understood intuitively or extremely difficult as the spiritual thoughts that have a powerful impact on our lives.

Come from a higher part of ourselves that’s the essence of what we truly are. Which could also be described as the watcher which is outside of the logical conscious mind that we perceive and experience our reality with.

The logical thinking mind is the ego, by ego I mean what is meant in eastern philosophies as the “false self” the “I” we identify, the “I” that we think is who we are but is a temporary form that we’re experiencing.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin-

What are spiritual thoughts trying to tell us?

By spiritual thoughts I’ll be describing thoughts specifically related to spiritual seeking, serving and helping and the raising of your own level of consciousness.

To accurately describe spiritual thoughts is very difficult as they aren’t always thoughts as known in a logical cognitive sense of thinking “I want to be spiritual” rather they usually come as an intuitive sense of knowing.

With intuition being a sense of knowing rather than just an emotional feeling, with intuitively having a knowing that something isn’t right in your surroundings or your current model of the world.

That there is something more to who we think we are or what is creating and causing the experiences of our lives.

What causes spiritual thoughts?

Spiritual thoughts come as we start to raise our level of consciousness through experiences in this and previous lifetimes with our higher self guiding us to experiences to become aware that.

The false “I” the ego is not the creator of its own reality even though it appears to the ego that it’s the master of its universe with how it experiences reality through the five senses.

These spiritual thoughts guide us to seek the truth of who we truly are and to expand our level of consciousness which enables us to become more aware of our true nature and to free us of the illusion of separation.

“The root of suffering is attachment.”

-Gautama Buddha-

How to handle spiritual thoughts

When it isn’t initially clear what your spiritual thoughts are trying to tell you it’s important to start developing and trusting your intuition. As at first you may want to resist or completely ignore them.

To then find the intuitive spiritual thoughts and feelings that you have been having keep coming back in different ways until you finally begin to follow them.

Spiritual thoughts can also ironically lead your mind to become silent and reminding you to live in the present moment where the true answers to spiritual thoughts lead to.

Finding an empowering meaning behind spiritual thoughts that may be causing you challenges is very beneficial as we experience and feel the meanings we attach to something whether it’s true or not.

Are your spiritual thoughts serving you?

If you currently find that your spiritual thoughts are causing you to feel lost or suffering as they may lead you to feeling disconnected with others and finding less purpose behind your current day to day activities.

Asking yourself what else could these thoughts and intuitions mean as they may actually be leading you to your true life’s purpose and leading you to what will truly bring you joy and feelings of connection with yourself and others.

The mind doesn’t like change which can cause us to feel uncertain when we begin to question the narratives that we’ve been brought up to believe including conditioning from society.

Whatever meaning you attach to the thoughts and spiritual experiences you’re having you’ll experience as true whether it is true or not.​

The choice is yours whether you want to find a meaning that empowers you or believe that they’re causing your suffering or punishing you to later find that it was just a belief that isn’t true.

“Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.”

-Gautama Buddha-

How to get the most from spiritual thoughts

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What follows are some perspectives and exercises to follow to help you discover for yourself what you should do with spiritual thoughts.

#1 Seek out like-minded spiritual groups

Sometimes it can feel very lonely and you may even question if there’s something wrong with you if you begin to start questioning and viewing the world very differently to those around you.

It is easier now more so than ever to connect with like-minded people and spiritual groups online who are also going through spiritual journeys that will support you.

And are useful for becoming aware that you’re not the only one with these kinds of thoughts and experiences.

#2 Keep a journal of spiritual thoughts and synchronicities

It can be very difficult remembering details to even profound experiences in our lives or how our thoughts have led to manifesting our experiences.

By keeping a journal it can help backtrack any reoccurring signs that you may be experiencing or a path that you’re being guided to follow.

Also becoming aware of synchronicities is very useful when it comes to manifesting which I cover more in detail in Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

#3 Find an empowering meaning

Similar to what was mentioned above about what we experience is based on the meaning we attach to it. I want to place extra enthuses on this point as it’s easy to forget it.

And to fall back to subconscious programming not being able to find a purpose behind the spiritual thoughts and experiences we’ve experienced. Which can leave people to resenting their spiritual experiences.

And wishing they could go back as they were happier before, not realizing the spiritual thoughts and experiences will eventually lead them to their true life’s purpose and not only joy but also fulfilment.

A powerful question you can ask yourself to help find an empowering meaning is to ask yourself “what else could this mean?” Until you find a meaning that empowers you.

#4 Form a mindfulness practice

By becoming more mindful in day to day activities not only has this been proven to improve general well being. It will help you notice subconscious patterns and emotions coming up to the surface that need addressing.

And by being mindful you will find it much easier to notice any signs that appear in your life that are guiding you to go in a certain direction or to help you realize something beneficial to your spiritual development.

#5 Why you must be careful of mistaken the ego for spiritual thoughts

A trap I have fallen into myself many times is mistaking atrophy for being at a high/er level of consciousness. Believing I was not concerned with circumstances in my physical reality telling myself it was because I am now more “spiritual”.

When I was actually the opposite at a very low vibration with little energy lacking the will or drive to do anything from a lack of inspiration and resisting the spiritual thoughts and experiences I’d been having.

Another common trap for mistaking the ego with spiritual thoughts is self-justification.


Someone may say I’m not going to start a business as the energy doesn’t feel right or make a change in their life that will empower them and put it off down to a spiritual reason. Which is actually the mind using spiritual reasons as a scapegoat for not taking action.

#6 Know that you can help others on the same journey

Joy and happiness at least from a cognitive sense without taking into account states of spiritual enlightenment or being completely free of the ego are only temporary.

Earning a certain award, getting a new car, being told you’re beautiful or whatever it is for you individually that will make you happy will only last for so long.

However by contributing to something outside of us is were true ongoing fulfilment comes from.

By realising your spiritual growth despite how challenging it may initially appear to be is leading you to a version of yourself more capable of contributing and helping others at an even higher level.

Can lead you to finding more joy and fulfilment along the journey.

#7 Learn from others that have gone through the spiritual journey already

Even though everyone’s spiritual journeys are unique there are similarities that have already been experienced that spiritual teachers have already learned from and have passed down their teachings through many millennia.

Following spiritual teachings can help you find the right path for your own spiritual thoughts and what to do with them.

If you want to read short snippets of spiritual teachings and realisations by many spiritual teachers I recommend reading Transformative Spiritual Quotes That Will Empower Your Journey.


Having spiritual thoughts are a sign that you’re being guided to raise your level of consciousness and awaken to the essence of what you truly are. This at first can sound very liberating and exciting but can actually be very confusing and challenging.

The key points to take away are:

- It’s important to become aware of the purpose of persistent spiritual thoughts as they will keep coming back in different ways if they’re ignored until you get the message.

- There is always support to be found with likeminded people going through similar experiences that can help you on your journey.

- Keeping a journey will help you keep track of persistent spiritual thoughts and synchronicities that maybe a sign for a realisation to something disempowering you or for what path to take.

- Find an empowering meaning to the spiritual thoughts and experiences as what we feel and experience is based on the meaning that we attach whether it’s true or false.

- Be careful of mistaking the ego for spiritual thoughts as they can lead to disempowering self-justifications disguised as something spiritual.

- Your spiritual growth and development will allow you to help others at a higher level.

- Find teachings of previous spiritual teachers that have already gone through a similar journey of what you’re experiencing as it will help you become aware of the right path for you to follow.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.