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How To Manifest The Secrets Gurus Don’t Tell You

Manifest anything we want how great is that?

All you do is follow these 5 easy steps that are easy to understand.

To only see inconsistent results and situations get even worse.

But you see the success of others on YouTube sharing their manifesting success stories, and think is this even possible?

You see even more success stories in Facebook groups, how one individual met their ideal partner only days after trying a technique they came across.

And are still with them years later, still seeing no noticeable results yourself think was it just a coincidence or is it even possible?

You then watch more content online, re-watch the secret and read more books. You're told you need to be more persistent.

You need to believe in it more and feel like you already have it which you start to put into practice and really start to question is this even possible?

If you're still in search of the answer to that question I'm going to dispel common myths and give practical advice on how to manifest that the gurus aren't telling you.

Is knowing how to manifest really that simple?

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The title to the first part of this article is a trick question and myth within itself.

We're always manifesting, the question we should be really asking is.

Is it really that simple to manifest what we want?

The answer is it depends on what it is you're wanting to manifest and your current view and beliefs around it.

Example of someone with an abundance mindset:

That already believes unconsciously that they can easily attract abundance, that it serves them and abundance is a part of their birthright as a spiritual being and a co-creator of their reality.

They also believe unconsciously that through the power of their thoughts they can co-create their reality and if it doesn't manifest everything will still be ok.

This type of thinking leads to someone already manifesting abundance even without trying the latest trending technique found online.

The opposite being someone with a scarcity mindset:

If someone instead of unconsciously believing that abundance is their birthright and comes easily.

They believe life is difficult and having abundance is greedy and selfish.

Notice how I said believe unconsciously, not consciously as we can't access what is stored in our unconscious mind at will.

Why do some people achieve great results when wanting to manifest and others don't this is a very deep subject and I won't make out I have all the answers as I don't.

What I will say is if the answer to this question interests you I highly recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide which is a huge guide I made that covers this in detail.

As for now to put it simply with the last examples it's probably already obvious that if two people were put side by side.

One with unconscious abundant beliefs with the other the beliefs consisting of scarcity and were told to do or practice a manifesting technique .

The individual with the abundant beliefs is most likely a very high percentage of the time going to manifest the best results.

Should you compare manifesting results for better or worse with others?

This is one of the key points people aren't mentioning when trying techniques and this is just scratching the surface.

This isn't taking into account what someone has been doing over the past few days, weeks, months or even years that has caused them to be where they're in their physical reality and how this impacts what they're wanting to manifest

To put this point across even further it is obviously easier for someone who has been searching for and intending to attract more wealth.

With aligned actions and unconsciously abundant beliefs that a manifesting technique will work more effectively.

Why results come easier to others

Or intending for their ideal partner, and have been guided unconsciously from their higher self, the universe or whatever you believe in.

And then practice a technique and then suddenly manifest a huge result thinking it was that technique alone. Not realizing they have unconscious beliefs and actions that have caused them to be positioned in an ideal situation.

That has made attracting the circumstances they're wanting much more likely to occur. 

You must realize...

Just because a technique didn't work for you when you think it should have doesn't mean it didn't work or that you're a failure.

Comparing and being disappointed that something has manifested faster for someone else is the equivalent to complaining about the family you were born into.

In comparison to another family and complaining to the universe for making it wrong giving you the life and lessons you're experiencing.

Then at the same time wanting it to bring you what you want not realizing you weren't given the partner, job or promotion you were wanting to manifest not realizing.

The greater intelligence you're connected to is leading you to something much greater, but it may take more time than you realize.

Learning how to manifest what you want can be more challenging than you think but here is how to make it easier

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Now that we've covered why you shouldn't compare your results to others and a technique alone might not be what's causing to to attract powerful shifts in your life.

Here are some other myths stopping you from manifesting what you want and the alternatives to fix it.

Myth #1 if I keep constantly focusing on my desire it will come

This can have the exact opposite effect as constantly focusing on a desire which.

By the definition is "A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen."

Meaning it hasn't happened and you're sending out vibrations of lack and constantly thinking of it is saying to your unconscious and the universe that you don't truly believe that it is yours.

Because if it was you wouldn't keep feeling the urge to think about it which leads to another point.

It is the power of your unconscious mind that manifests your experiences not the conscious mind.

The act of consciously thinking about a desired event only works as it eventually leads the unconscious to believe that it is true which places the belief into your unconscious mind.

Myth #2 the more I desire it the faster it will come 

The power of desire if transmuted can be a very powerful vibration to attract what you're wanting.

However, expanding on from the previous point desire in itself is a desire for something in the future.

The unconscious that communicates with higher powers doesn't think in linear time and will only attract results that it believes is here or happening right now.

Another very important concept is, to the universe everything is perfect. It is our ego that perceives something "better" or "worse" than another.

By seeing the desired situation as important you're creating imbalances that the universe strives to keep in harmony. Which can lead to the desired result being pushed even further away.

Myth #3 If I clearly visualize and feel like it's already mine then it will be

Vivid visualizations backed by powerful emotions is an effective way of placing an experience not physically real into the unconscious.

However, a very important concept that I can only cover briefly here as this could be an article by itself is that we will get what we're intending and are aligned with.

Visualizing by itself won't convince your unconscious mind that you're aligned with a new job, house and that you're abundant if you're not physically moving towards it.

As our day to day lives are experienced physically through the 5 senses which causes us to believe we have to move physically for every intended desire.

You also need to be positioned in circumstances where the universe can give you a new house, if you're hidden away this is making it practically impossible.

Just visualizing by itself you're not in complete alignment with the desired because if you were you'd also be taking physical action as the body is directly linked to the subconscious.

It is also worth taking into account that even if you see our reality made up of energy, spirit, vibration or any other label you want to use in our physical existence there are laws within it.

By moving towards the goal you're making it easier for that energy to be manifested into your physical reality as you're in a position easier for it to flow to you.

Myth #4 You should be specific on the timing when something manifests

Even though it is possible to manifest great results at specific times.

Following the previous examples if you take into account how vast the universe is and the number of variables that have to be in place for something to manifest.

For you to turn around and tell it when you want something by and how it should manifest is shutting off from the countless possibilities that a greater intelligence.

That knows far better than we do what is best for us and when to "deliver" it. By demanding something is manifested at a specific time makes it much harder for the universe to deliver your request in the best and most effective way.

You're also placing more of an importance and desire on that specific time which is communicating that you don't have the desired.

If you're willing to wait years you will likely get it in a few days, if you can't even wait for a few days it will likely take years to manifest.

Myth #5 You can manifest anything you want

This is probably the biggest myth of them all. If you believe you're connected to or communicating with a much greater intelligence.

Ask yourself this, do you really in all stages of your life truly know what the best thing is for you right now or in your future?

What if that ex, job or other person or circumstances you're seeing as essential was a temporary part of your journey leading to something much greater.

And by not being given what you initially wanted led you to the ideal partner or job as an example.

You may also want something that isn't in alignment with your true purpose. I can personally think of many different paths.

One of them being a UFC fighter which years later looking back was definitely not in alignment of my lives purpose or something I'm even remotely interested in anymore.

However, at the time it felt very real to me not realizing I was doing it out of a need to prove myself worth.

And thankfully the greater intelligence we're all connected to lead me down a path that eventually allowed me to learn this for myself.

Overcoming the myths and how to start manifesting

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There are a very large variety of different schools of thought and philosophies on how to manifest which I possibly couldn't cover in a single article or claim to know them all.

However, by becoming aware of the myths mentioned above and how to overcome the you'll see vastly improved results if you put what follows into practice.

Why you need to stop desiring and start intending

As previously mentioned desiring is a state of lack and not being in alignment with the desired.

Were as intention can be described as the commitment to have and act, that is knowing the result is already yours so you just move towards it.

To have this absolute sense of certainty that it is yours can be much harder than it sounds. Through persistence practice especially starting with situations you'd like that are smaller.

And less important to you, you'll develop the belief in your power to intend over time. 

Why you need to remove a time frame and be open to how your intention manifests

By being open to how your intention manifests you're allowing the universe to bring you the intention in a larger variety of ways.

Which makes it much more likely to happen in the best possible way as the universe is much more aware of the best method for an intentions arrival then we are.

Also by not placing importance on a specific time frame it is easier to be in alignment with the intended outcome making your intention much stronger.

This also reduces an imbalance of forces that the universe strives to keep in harmony allowing it to bring your intention much faster with fewer obstacles.

How to see the joy in requests that haven't been attracted

Sometimes when what we want doesn't comes into our lives especially if we're already struggling both internally and externally.

It can feel like we're being punished for an undeserved crime. But a simple change in thinking can completely shift this around and that is by realizing:

Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you

By remembering this and making it a habit to remember. When something you desired isn't initially manifested you will realize.

Especially when looking back something much better came from those challenges and not receiving what you initially wanted.

A few quick tips to change unconscious associations

Before working on changing unconscious associations its first worth becoming aware of what they are. This can be done by simply asking yourself.

What do you feel or think of when it comes to X...

​Write down a list of different meanings you have attached to a situation you're wanting to improve.


When it comes to relationships you could find when answering this question you associate them to heartbreak, distrust and arguments. 

Which will make it much clearer to why you may be attracting the wrong type of partner.

Techniques that you can use to help become more aware and shift your associations to something are:

- Meditation 

- Listen to subliminal audio

- Affirmations

- Writing down your goals

- Vision boards

- Leaving affirmation cards or notes around the house

Why gurus don't want you to know the truth about these myths

Some of the techniques mentioned you have likely heard before.

However, when it comes to becoming aware that the same techniques won't work for everyone and that it is your intentions that manifest not your desires.

It dispels the myths that you need or that only special gurus can manifest great results in their lives.

It can also create the illusion you're dependant on a specific individual for their teachings and that they have all of the answers.

It is also much easier to sell courses or get a following by saying what people already believe or want to hear. By becoming aware that certain desired circumstances may not come but are actually for your own greater good.

The more you will ironically start to head towards and know how to manifest circumstances that are in alignment with your true purpose and what will be in your best interest in the long term.

 The more you practice and become aware of these principles the more you will discover this for yourself.


If you have made it this far I'd like to congratulate you as most people just talk about change but never do anything about it.

You have taken the initiative to learn and move your life in the direction you want it to be.

We have come all the way from realizing that manifesting doesn't come around in the same way for everyone for a variety of different reasons.

Many common myths that have likely stopped you from manifesting and all the way on how to overcome them.

Remember there are great possibilities available, you need to start developing faith and trust in the greater intelligence we're all connected to.

And realize you're capable of more than your limited self which could be described as the ego has led you to believe.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.