7 Signs Your Strong Intuition About Someone Is Accurate

So you have a strong intuitive feeling about someone but you want to know if your intuition is correct and if it’s even intuition that is causing you to feel or think a certain way about someone.

The following 7 signs will help you discover whether what you feel is intuition and what you can do to help avoid making decisions confusing intuition with something else.

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Trusting your gut feeling about someone

The first 3 signs are more general for whether you should trust your gut feelings about someone.

But at the same time…

Trusting in guidance about someone, can come from the signs, synchronicities, and nudges of the universe’s Divine Assisting Spirit Guides…

Where you can learn more how to answer their calling and receive their messages on a daily basis here.

Sign #1: You have a sense of knowing that feels very different from how you usually feel about someone

It’s important to know the difference between an emotion and intuition because if you can identify what you feel or are experiencing isn’t intuition.

Making decisions and trusting your intuition becomes much easier. One technique that helps with this is by questioning what you feel to see if it is intuition.

If you usually trust and feel good around someone and for no clear reason you sense something about them is off or that their intentions aren’t what they claim or appear to be.

Then there’s a good chance it's intuition, however with an opposite example if you’ve never trusted someone and you feel they are planning something ill-intentioned. It might be based on a feeling caused by a belief rather than intuition.

sign #2: Feeling remains the same even after a long period of time

Unlike a feeling or emotion, intuition remains the same and doesn’t weaken or change over time.

Feelings and emotions however can be changed very rapidly with a change in state or challenging your thoughts and currently held beliefs.

You can test if what you feel is intuition by asking yourself questions that challenge whether the feeling is based on past experiences or a belief such as.

Why do I feel this way about this person, are there any past experiences or beliefs I’m basing these feelings or associations with?

sign #3: Intuition can also be felt in other areas as well as the gut

Often gut feelings are associated with intuition but intuition isn’t always experienced as a gut feeling.

For example, you might feel a deep calm and a strong sense of knowing that can leave a sensation in multiple areas of the body, I for example often feel it deep around my chest.

This however is easier to mix up and confuse with other feelings or emotions. Be cautious if you aren’t experienced with being able to distinguish what intuition feels like.

So be careful of relying on gut feelings alone to determine if something you feel is or isn't intuition. 

Should you trust your gut feeling For If someone likes you

These following signs are related to helping know if you should trust your gut for if someone likes you.

Sign #4: Receiving signs and synchronicities

Receiving signs and experiencing synchronicities aren’t intuition but are good confirmations for whether what you have been feeling is intuition or not.

A great example of this is a story I recently came across with someone I will call Laura felt intuitively that she should be with someone but she wasn’t sure so Laura asked the universe for a sign.

And not long after I can’t remember the exact story but it went along the lines that Laura watched a movie or something that mentioned seeing a Giraffe is a sign of love.

And to cut a long story short the person in question randomly started talking about Giraffes shortly after Laura watched the movie and she kept seeing Giraffes whenever she was around him.

Another example is You may have experienced hearing noises, sensing a spiritual Presence, or getting a flash of insight.

This can be a confirmation from Spirit Guides trying to reach out to you with their calling. They deliver important messages that you should pay attention to.

If you are experiencing this, you can reveal their hidden meanings and messages right here…

That instantly confirms your intuition!

Sign #5: You have a sense of knowing that they like you even though something doesn’t add up

If someone’s words or behaviour doesn’t show or give any signs that they like you but you spontaneously have a sense of knowing that they do like you despite this.

Then it is highly likely that it is intuition and they do like you, but they might not be showing it because they don’t want to come across as needy for example.

However, be careful as the mind can be biased and will look for evidence for something we want to be true and may trick you into believing its intuition.

Focus on if the feeling remains the same and still feels calm overtime to help distinguish it from beliefs and other feelings.

sign #6: You aren’t chasing or interested in other people's approval but have a certain feeling...

This can be related more to a sign or a reason as to why what you feel isn’t intuition because usually, people want to find evidence and reconfirm what they want such as someone liking them.

And the slightest sign of approval may cause someone to think that the person likes them. If you aren’t seeking approval from someone and they haven’t given you much of an indicator that they like you.

But you spontaneously get a sense that they like you it is highly likely intuition.

sign #7: You have a sense of knowing that has been correct in the past or something feels different

If you can recall when your intuition about someone liking you was correct or when your intuition was correct in general this will help you know whether its intuition or something else that you feel.

This sign is similar to sign #1 but it's worth emphasising one of the best and easiest ways to improve your ability to know whether what you're experiencing is intuition.

Is recalling times when your intuition was correct regardless of whether you followed your intuition or ignored it.

Do you ever think because My intuition tells me he will come back that he will

To help summarise how to follow these signs and to use an example related to your intuition telling you someone will someone come back to you.

Often it is wishful thinking and a coping mechanism the mind creates to help deal with the pain or even trauma of someone leaving you.

Which can feel very similar to intuition because it will feel like an unexplainable sense of knowing without a logical reason which is very similar to intuition and how it's defined.

However, even if your intuition is accurate and the person in question is going to come back it might not be for the reason you want right now.

Is your intuition about someone coming back to you always a good thing

The person in question might come back to you as a reminder in the future for how much you’ve grown and no longer needing them for meeting your needs or making you feel good enough.

They might come back to you as a test until you learn a lesson related to going back to certain types of individuals that you know you shouldn’t be with. Usually, this is something most people already know intuitively.

If your feeling remains the same over time after challenging the feeling and you’ve also had signs and synchronicities related then there’s a good chance your intuition is correct about someone coming back to you.

Can you always trust signs and synchronicities

I would caution however the mind likes to search for confirmation for what we believe or want to see.

This means if you want something your mind will look for anything that could be a sign or synchronicity and make you think that it is. Even if it’s just something random or mundane with no real relevance.

And that’s why it’s always a good idea to add a layer of guidance when you have intuitive prompts. where you can get Divine assistance from natures helpers, Spirit Animals.

They can show up in that instant when your having a thought about someone. Or even show up in your dreams when you desperately need to know about someone.

You can connect now here if you need an answer fast.

What to do with your feelings of intuition about someone moving forward

If you haven’t already checked the difference between intuition and emotions this post combined with the 7 signs here will make it much easier to distinguish intuition from something else and to make better decisions when it comes to people in general.

I hope you have found this post useful let me know in the comments below what experiences you've had with following your intuition or if you have any questions.

  • Guest says:

    Ok so I was looking for my mother around this small town she was drunk hadn’t slept it was really hot but she left us and my sister was sad for her I looked bloody everywhere then I talked with my uncle sat down he told me a place he could be so I went there though I saw someone sitting on this far hill bit so I drove there told my brother to look to the left then behind this big shady tree we found our mother she was out of sight untill I drove up to this tree

    • Adam Higson says:

      Hi thanks for sharing your experience, this is incredible It sounds like you’re connected and trusting your intuition.

      Were you noticing signs along the way?

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