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Akashic Records Full Beginners Guide Revealed Access Sacred Knowledge

The Akashic Records are commonly referred to as a divine/universal library that contains the thoughts, emotions and experiences to everyone and everything that has ever lived.

The Akashic Records are not a source of information that is separate from ourselves and is a symbolic representation for the finite mind to understand a concept that is infinite in scope and capacity.

Which can be used to access information on past lives, the purpose of your current life, for healing, discoveries including scientific and is the source from which psychic and clairvoyant abilities come from.

If you want to know what the Akashic Records are with a more accurate detailed description including how to practically apply this knowledge into your own life continue reading below.

What are the Akashic Records

Before advancing on the description of what the Akashic Records are from the above introduction it’s worth briefly mentioning how we learn and grasp new information.

The mind works by associating new information with existing information it already understands and recognizes the links that information to it.


To explain the concept of an airplane to someone hundreds of years ago you may try and explain the concept by using concepts they already understand which could be metal and a dragon.

Which you could then describe an airplane as being like a metal dragon that can fly but also have people go inside of it similar to a horse and carriage. And expanding on it using concepts their mind already understands and can link the new information to.

Why the phrase Akashic Records is used

Now bringing it back to describing the Akashic Records, the reason this phrase is used and with the description of it being like a universal library is because these are concepts we understand and can grasp to start developing a concept of what the Akashic Records really are.

The Akashic Records is not a library or specific location that holds the records to everything in existence. But rather an analogy for our limited minds to have a concept/label to the unlimited information we can access from our higher self.

Brief history of the Akashic Records

The phrase Akashic Records which derives from the word Akasha which is the Sanskrit word for ‘aether’ which can be described as the fifth element/spirit that everything is made from.

Modern use of the word Akasha was made popular by Helena Blavatsky through the Theosophical Society. Which then the phrase Akashic record was established by Alfred Percy Sinnet in his book Esoteric Buddhism (1883).

References to the Akashic Records have been mentioned in other religions and mystical traditions for a very long time by similar or different names.


In the Bible the Akashic Records are referred to as the Book Of Life.

The Akashic Records were also described and accessed by Tibetan monks, Greeks, Followers of Judaism, Druids, Mayans, Indians and many more.

The French astrologer Nostradamus claimed to access the Akashic Records by using methods from Greek oracles.

But aren’t the Akashic Records a location with guards in the astral planes?

Many claim that they’ve accessed the Akashic Records during an out of body experience/astral projection. But what they’re actually experiencing could be described as a thought form or plane of existence created by their higher self.

Which has been created due to their belief system, which is why when people have near death experiences they will often experience religious figures based on their beliefs.

Should it be continued to be called the Akashic Records and what is it exactly?

The Akashic Records is just a label which coincides with the superconscious, collective unconscious, infinite intelligence, divine mind, mind of God, storehouse of infinite intelligence (as referred to in think and grow rich) amongst many other labels.

Rather than debating on the label what I think is more important is whether the label helps us grasp and understand the concept of what is being described for practical use and benefit.

You may prefer to use a different label as your experience and knowledge with the Akashic Records improves. But to expand on what the Akashic Records are.

The Akashic Records can be described as the source of information that we all have access to and are all connected to which contains all possible knowledge and experiences in unlimited variations of existence in the past, present and future.

How the Akashic Records relate to clairvoyance, synchronicities, intuition and other psychic phenomena

Our consciousness is all connected by which I’m going to use the label of superconscious to help describe what we’re all connected to by our higher self.

The extent of someones clairvoyant and psychic abilities comes down to how well they can consciously gain and interpret information from the superconscious/higher self.

Our experience of our physical lives is based on how we perceive the information that is picked up by our five senses. Which we then make decisions to act upon using our conscious minds to help guide us making logical decisions.

Unlike the superconscious that we’re all connected to, it doesn’t interpret but knows all knowledge and experiences that has ever been and can ever be. 

Why we can’t access information from the Akashic Records directly from our conscious minds

The main challenge when trying to access the Akashic Records is that our conscious minds can’t directly interpret and understand information that is coming from the superconscious/Akashic Records.

Intuitive/psychic information must first come to us through the unconscious mind, and then “decoded” by our subconscious in a “format” our conscious minds can understand.

If this is successfully achieved this is how new discoveries and intuitive information is received.
If this description of the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and superconscious minds is unclear or doesn’t make sense I very highly recommend reading Superconscious How To Use It For Guidance And Manifesting.

As it’s important to understand the different aspects of our mind and how they all interlink to get a deeper understanding of the Akashic Records.

Brief description of how the different aspects of our mind work

It should hopefully be starting to make more sense how accessing the Akashic Records isn’t gaining access to an actual location but rather receiving and understanding information from our higher self.

To give a brief description of the different aspects of our mind in case you skipped the above recommended blog post. The conscious mind is what we’re aware of in our conscious awareness, basically where we place our focus and are aware of.

The subconscious stores information for quick retrieval such as information on how to open a door, or information we’re not consciously aware of such as sounds happening in the background.

The unconscious mind stores all information we’ve experienced throughout our lives like a hard drive which can’t be accessed directly from the conscious mind.

And has to be presented to the conscious mind via the subconscious mind in a way that the conscious mind can understand such as images and intuitive feelings.

What is not yet understood by modern science but has been known for thousands of years through various mystic and western esoteric traditions is that we can receive information from the superconscious via our unconscious minds.

How psychic and intuitive abilities work and the challenge of accessing the Akashic Records

The challenge that comes by trying to access information from the Akashic Records/superconscious is that it has to be “decoded” in a way that we can understand consciously.

Which is why it can be very difficult to just simply gain knowledge on all potential discoveries as mentioned above with how we learn and new information it has to relate to existing knowledge. And interpreted for the conscious mind to understand.

Someone who has psychic/clairvoyant abilities has opened up pathways energetically that allows information to come through and be decoded more easily. This improves the ability of their temporary physical minds to communicate with different levels of consciousness.

Which is often developed in previous life times and is a reason why a lot of people with psychic abilities aren’t aware of how they developed the abilities or their higher self gave them this ability.

During their current life to give them a different experience of a physical life. Methods for working with the Akashic Records will be covered later.

How to access the Akashic Records

Akashic records library

If you weren’t already aware now that you know the Akashic Records is not a location or an actual library or collection of records but rather is an analogy for helping to understand Accessing information from an infinite mind that is our higher self to our temporary finite ego mind.

To use a simple model for working with the Akashic Records we will use two main areas which are:

1. Sending the request – Before receiving the desired information you must first send the request or better put set the intention to know or experience the desired knowledge.

2. Receiving the message – This will involve allowing our limited conscious minds getting out of the way allowing the knowledge we seek to come in a way that we can understand.

More will be covered on how to apply these 2 steps later.

Not everyone that claims they can directly work with the Akashic Records can

Before going into this meditation I want to make an important point very clear and explicit. There’s no meditation that I’m aware of at the time of writing this that will give you clear and complete “access” to the Akashic Records.

Or another way of phrasing it direct communication with your higher self. Without you being able to reach very high states of consciousness whilst being in control through rigorous training or through authentic initiations into mystery traditions.

An exception to this is those who are born naturally with developed psychic abilities even then without training or an authentic imitation are highly unlikely direct communication with their higher self.

Even though many claim that they can unfortunately these are mostly false claims. Personally I’m unable to directly access and communicate with my higher self.

But with that said the following meditation will allow readers of the general public that are not devoted yogis or adepts to receive benefits and answers from the Akashic Records. 

Simple meditation for working with the Akashic Records

In a quiet room when you know you want be disturbed by anything for the duration of the meditation. The duration will depend on how quickly you intuitively know that you should end the meditation which may vary anywhere between 5-30 minutes.

Step 1: Create a clear intention

Get clear in your mind on what you want to experience or know the answer to. Then set the intention that you’re going to find the answer from the following meditation, you can do this as an affirmation.


“I now know whether I should go for a promotion.”

“I now know what I need to do to for optimal health.”

Step 2: Relax your body

Use any technique that you know works for you to relax your body, if you’re unaware of any. Visualize a purple velvet light pouring from the top of your head down to from your toes and gradually filling your entire body.

With each area the light touches feel how the muscles in that area become heavier and relaxed.

Step 3: Focus on your mind and breath

Focus on both the inhalable and exhale of your breath whilst creating a rhythm of

- 4 Second inhalations

- 4 Seconds of holding your breath

- 4 Second exhalations

Repeat whilst watching your mind like a cartoon cat watches a mouse hole, constantly being on “alert” allowing thoughts to pass by. When you start struggling to maintain focus on the duration of your breathing move onto the next step.

Step 4: How to send and request for information or a solution to the Akashic Records

If you want to know a suitable solution for a challenge you’re having at work or another area of your life that you can’t figure out what to do.

Rather than focusing on the challenge, shift your awareness and focus to the thoughts and sensations as if you already had the answer and what it will feel like.

This will begin to shift your reality and what you will experience which will eventually lead to the answer to what you’re seeking to be presented to you as either one of the following ways:

1. An instant clear logical idea, similar to the feeling of remembering something important that you had forgotten.

2. An intuitive feeling of knowing what to do even though you don’t have a logical reason to why.

3. Will attract synchronicities that lead to the desired information, such as coming across a book or a course that will provide the answer to which you’re seeking.

4. A sensory experience perceived from one of the five senses such as sound, smell, or a visual flash that gives you the answer.

5. In a dream or flash of an image in your mind.

Step 5 Receiving the answer

You may receive the answer in a variety of different ways as mentioned above, once you’ve set the intention and mediated on having the answer you need to consciously forget about it and let it go.

The conscious mind will block the subconscious from delivering the message you’re seeking and can prevent it from manifesting.

This is why people usually come up with their best ideas when they’re in the shower or doing something mundane that is completely irrelevant to the topic they gain the answer or insight into.

Make a note of the intention because if you forget about it completely which is ideal you may not notice the signs/synchronicities that you attract.

You will feel intuitively know when to end the meditation which usually happens when you have created the sensation of having the answer. But after a few minutes is still not becoming consciously clear what the answer is to your intention.

Answers may come instantly or during another day entirely when the conscious mind is out of the way and open to receiving the information from the subconscious or through synchronicities that lead to finding the answer.

Additional tips for getting the most from the Akashic Records

woman with purple dress entering stairs towards portal

Additionally to understanding the basics of what the Akashic Records are and how to use them, here are some additional tips to maximise your results.

a Common misconception whilst working with the Akashic Records

When attempting to “access” the Akashic Records certain meditations may lead you to visualizing opening a book in a library or a collection of records which can help as this helps communicate your intention to your subconscious and unconscious minds.

However when images come to your mind that are meant to represent the answer they’re most likely images that have come to the surface from your own subconscious and not from the Akashic Records.

The best indicator is how you feel about the information intuitively, which in itself can be difficult as it can be hard to tell the difference between intuition and an emotion which I will cover later.

Another important misconception is that you will gain access to any information that you desire as you see fit. As certain information you’re not meant to freely because its part of your purpose for being here is to have experiences to discover answers for yourself.

Brief example of intuition vs an emotion

To give a brief explanation of the differences between an emotion and intuition so you can improve your intuition when working with the Akashic Records here is an example to help explain the differences.


Imagine you meet someone for the first time and they remind you off someone you have strong negative feelings towards and something about them makes you feel a disempowering emotion such as anger or fear.

You then later find that the emotions were totally false/unnecessarily and you end up becoming close friends with them.

In contrast you meet someone that everyone around you seems to like and is very polite towards you but you have a deep knowing that you can’t logically explain that you know they have bad intentions.

To then later discover they tried to get you fired or some other bad intent towards you or others.
An emotion could be described as a feeling whilst intuition can be described as a sense of knowing often without logical explanation.

Using the Akashic Records to improve your intuition

After following the above meditation or other techniques for working with the Akashic Records you might intuitively feel that you should do something that logically may seem like a bad idea.

Which can be very daunting if naturally you’re not intuitive but the more you ask for signs and make notes of and become aware of how undesired results occur when you ignore your intuition and the opposite of receiving desired results when trusting it.

You will become more intuitive the more you practice. If you’re experiencing a constant nagging/pulling feeling to do something and you know deep down you should without a logical way of doing so.

This is a sign you’re ignoring messages to go towards what is important for your life’s purpose and is worth looking into further whilst developing trust in your intuition. 

You’re always receiving information from the Akashic Records

You’re always receiving information from the Akashic Records whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. This is what intuition is, information being received from the Akashic Records that the subconscious is trying to make you consciously aware of.

The different by intentionally accessing to receive knowledge or forms of healing from the Akashic Records is that you’re consciously choosing aspects of what to receive.


- The Akashic Records is not a library, collection of records or something in a specific location. But rather an analogy to help describe a concept that contains unlimited information that can be accessed by finite minds.

- Someone that has developed clairvoyant/psychic abilities has pathways open energetically that allows them to access information from different levels of consciousness and aspects of the Akashic Records.

- The Akashic Records is just a label which coincides with the superconscious, collective unconscious, infinite intelligence, divine mind, mind of God, storehouse of infinite intelligence and higher self.

- The Akashic Records can be used for accessing information on past lives, for healing, solutions to problems including discoveries of all kinds and the thoughts and emotions of everything that has ever existed.

- The conscious mind can block communication from the higher self which the subconscious tries to “decode” in a way the conscious mind can understand.

- Just because you don’t get an answer immediately doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually. You might attract synchronicities that lead you to finding the answer.

- Most people who claim they can directly access the Akashic Records can’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit by consciously intending to receive information even with undeveloped abilities.

- Consciously and intentionally working with the Akashic Records is a great way of developing intuition.