A Guide To Dark Night Of The Soul Depression

The dark night of the soul can be described as an intense form of spiritual depression causing someone to feel lost, hopeless and unable to find joy or meaning in their life.

In this article, I’m going to share everything you need to know about the dark night of the soul including how to shorten its duration and how to deal with it to accelerate your spiritual growth.

Just before continuing with this article if you’re experiencing any form of emotional or psychological challenge or distress, I recommend speaking to your Dr or a mental health professional.

What triggers the dark night of the soul

The dark night of the soul is usually caused by karmic debt or a soul contract.

It can also be tough love from your spirit guides or higher self to help you on your path to grow spiritually.

Unlike other challenging mental states or painful emotions such as sadness and depression...

The dark night of the soul affects people on both a psychological and spiritual level in a way that leaves permanent changes.

The dark night of the soul contract

Before incarnating into your current life, you made an agreement for what to experience and what lessons to learn during it.

This at first may feel like you’re cursed or being punished, but just like the strongest trees are grown in the strongest winds.

The most powerful spiritual growth usually happens during challenges and hardship.

Tough love from your higher self and your spirit guides

Your higher self and your spirit guides want what’s in your best interest and to help you to grow spiritually.

Sometimes it is very difficult to foresee how what your guides and higher self have planned are in your best interest.
Especially if at the moment they are very painful or not what you want.

What’s interesting is just like someone’s friends and family may have an intervention to help them make a change in their life.

Your higher self and guides may have a “spiritual intervention” and cause changes to manifest in your reality for your spiritual growth.

Can you have multiple dark nights of the soul

Most people experience the dark night of the soul once in their life.

However, You may experience multiple depending on how much you have grown from the previous and if there are any other important lessons you need to learn.

Such as one dark night of the soul might be due to physical and energetic changes occurring in your body causing you to rest and self-reflect.

Another could be because you have been ignoring signs from your spirit guides.

Including anything that relates to your life's purpose which will lead you to go through a challenging spiritual transition.

There are however ways you can greatly reduce the duration and the chance of having multiple dark nights of the soul I will share later in the article.

How long is the dark night of the soul

How long the dark night of the soul lasts can vary greatly for everyone depending on how long it takes for you to fully spiritually awaken or to learn a particular lesson.

It usually lasts a few months but it also isn’t that common for it to last several years.

The intensity will vary during that period but that is usually the time it takes for it to be complete.

How does the dark night of the soul feel and 7 common signs

image of a shadowy person with a cloak in front of bright white light with text above saying Discover how to quickly heal and deal with the dark night of the soul with this powerful quick in just a few minutes.

The following are 7 signs you’re going through the dark night of the soul and how it feels.

1. You feel a sense of loneliness or are unable to relate to people you were once closed to even if you have people in your life.

This usually happens because you have new awareness about yourself and reality because of your spiritual growth which might make you feel isolated when others don’t have the same awareness.

2. Feeling lost and unsure of what direction to head in life

Because of it creating such drastic changes on every level, it can cause many people to feel lost.

You might feel like you don’t know which direction to go or even unsure of who you are yourself.

3. Feeling fatigued

During the dark night of the soul, changes are occurring on an energetic level which can cause your energy centers to become blocked or unable to flow as smoothly.

Leading to low energy levels which can also manifest as physical conditions as well.

4. Feelings of hopelessness and apathy

It is quite common to feel hopeless and an unwillingness to take part in ordinary daily activities or things that you used to enjoy.

One of the main reasons for this is not knowing where this challenging time will lead to.

And how your life will be much brighter and better on the other side of it.

5. Losing interest in the physical world

You might find that what used to interest you in the physical such as money, getting a diploma, that dream house, shoes, or whatever it was for you is less appealing.

And even if you were already interested in spirituality, it now fascinates you much more with a new drive to study spiritual teachings.

6. Feelings of unworthiness

A very common experience people go through with any type of spiritual awakening is feelings of worthlessness.

And the main reason people feel this way is because the spiritual awakening process usually brings people's traumas and shortcomings to their awareness.

It also tends to change people and their circumstances in a way that they end up being less “successful” in the material world and forced to focus more on the spiritual realms.

This often makes spiritual seekers feel less than but in actual reality they're succeeding in the greatest achievement there is...

Which is spiritual growth.

7. Increased empathy

Another common experience when going through the dark night of the soul is becoming more empathic.

This is because your spiritual senses have become heightened and it is far easier to feel the unseen and know on an energetic level how someone feels and what they need.

This is also a great gift when it comes to spiritual healing and energy work whether it’s for yourself or others.

How to deal with the dark night of the soul

If you’re experiencing the dark night of the soul, this isn’t a time to force yourself to do things or to try and motivate yourself.

This will only be a temporary boost without healing the underlying cause.

The most important aspect of dealing with the dark night of the soul is to identify the cause and to surrender, accept and align with what it’s trying to show or teach you.

The main reason you’re having this experience in the first place is to learn or become aware of an important aspect about yourself, reality or some form of spiritual teachings.

With that said here are 3 ways to help heal and manage the dark night of the soul:

1. Asking your guides for assistance

Starting with the most powerful method as the following ways after can help receive more insight from this method.

Which is to ask your spirit guides for assistance to identify what is causing your dark night of the soul and guidance for coming out of it faster.

At a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed do the following:

Get into a comfortable position and in your mind's eye see a glowing orb of white light above you.

If you struggle to visualize just focus on the sensations and know that it is there.

See this white light continuing to expand as it beings to enter into your being and gradually expanding out through the room.

See and feel yourself merging with this white light as it continues to expand now filling your entire body and the room you’re in.

This light has helped to cleanse you and your room whilst making it safer to call upon your guides.

Now out loud or within your mind ask your guides the following questions:

“I ask that my divine spirit guides, assist me in becoming aware of why I’m going through this challenging time and what lessons I need to become aware of.

Please assist me in healing through this experience and finding the right path in a shorter period of time.

Thank you, and so it is and so it is done.”

Don’t worry if you miss out some of the words as long as you make your intention for receiving guidance clear.

Your guides will help you with understanding and dealing with the dark night of the soul.

Which now the following methods will also assist you in becoming aware of what your spirit guides are trying to tell you.

2. Meditation

Meditation is beneficial for multiple reasons including quietening the mind, setting intentions, being able to surrender to what is.

It also helps to more clearly recognize signs from your subconscious mind and spirit guides.

There are a variety of different types of meditations but you can do a simple breathing meditation.

That just requires you to remain present whilst focusing on your breath.

Doing this after you’ve asked your guides for help will make it easier to recognize signs and messages they are sending to you.

3. Surrender to it

This is one of the hardest and initially least pleasant methods for dealing with the dark night of the soul but it’s also one of the most powerful.

By surrendering to what is rather than trying to change something, it makes it easier to see yourself and your circumstances from a higher perspective.

It also makes it easier to see the joy or gratitude in things you might not have noticed or taken for granted.

This will naturally raise your vibration and assist you in receiving the divine message for why you're experiencing the dark night of the soul...

This is a spiritual practice that can be beneficial in all stages and every area of your life, rather than wishing something was different or fighting what is.

Remain present with what is including your resistance to surrendering.

This isn’t to be confused with inaction or not changing your current circumstances.

Including making any necessary changes such as finding a more pleasant working environment.

But rather to accept any challenges or struggles along the way.

This can be a lot easier said than done so forgive yourself if you find this difficult because most of us do.

Moving forward with joy and healing

Now that you’re more aware of what the dark night of the soul is and how to deal with it.

Which is a period of intense challenge to assist with learning important lessons for spiritual growth.

I recommend looking more into the most common signs of your spirit guides to help you identify what spiritual lessons they are assisting you with.

With love