How To Use Divine Light Cosmic Energy For Fast Healing

Divine light is the essence behind what we are and what everything is made from vibrating at different levels.

If something needs healing it's because the light is distorted in that area.

One of the fastest ways to call upon divine light for healing is connecting with cosmic energies.

In this article, I share how you can do this yourself and how to make it much easier with the assistance of light beings and your spirit guides.

What is divine light cosmic healing

Everything in existence including the spiritual realms is made from the same source of divine light.

The higher something or someone vibrates the closer that thing or person is to pure divine light.

Everything in this physical reality is in a dense vibration so it appears solid but in reality, everything is vibrating.
It’s just that our senses cannot perceive it.

Why divine light healing is so beneficial

If your body has blocked energy pathways, distorted energies, or is being manipulated by negative entities...

This can create illnesses and make it difficult to reach and communicate with the higher realms.

By healing and restoring the light within you can help bring inner joy.

It can also improve your ability to communicate with your spirit guides, follow your intuition, repel negative entities and more.

The power of cosmic energy

One of the fastest and most powerful forms of light frequency is to call upon cosmic energy which is pulling energy from the universe.

Cosmic energy runs through every molecule in all of the stars, solar systems, galaxies, and the entire universe.

It helps to maintain balance and divine light consciousness travels through everyone and everything.

Which by connecting with will expand your consciousness.

Different ways to call upon Divine Cosmic light

There are many different ways for calling upon divine cosmic light including:

  • Meditation
  • Angels
  • Reiki
  • Dancing – lets you get high vibed and happy

And there is a method I have personally found to be the most powerful:

How your spirit guides can assist you with divine light

Which is calling upon your spirit guides for invoking divine cosmic light.

You have many different spirit guides with some at a very high vibration. They can easily connect with healing light energies and channel them to you.

Making it easier and more powerful than calling upon divine light yourself.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to receiving assistance from your guides, you first have to ask.

And what I found heartwarming to know is that your guides want nothing more than to help you succeed and to accelerate your spiritual growth.

And divine light is one of the fastest ways to achieve this.

How to absorb cosmic energy for divine light healing

Woman praying with light shining down on her with text underneath saying Discover how the top lightworkers use divine light to heal the easy way with the help of their spirit guides.

The following is a 5 step method for using cosmic energy for healing with the assistance of your spirit guides.

I recommend using these steps at a time and in a location where you won't be disturbed:

Step 1: Relaxing into the light

Sit in a comfortable position and when you’re ready close your eyes.

In your mind's eye, see a vase full of golden energy a few inches above your head.

See and feel it being tipped forward and pouring this energy into the crown of your head...

And as it pours down relaxing every area it fills starting with your head, face, and neck.

See and feel as this energy pours down filling your stomach, shoulders, and down your arms to your fingers.

Continuing down your legs until it reaches your toes and filling your entire body.

This light has begun to deepen your connection to divine light.

Also raising your vibration, adding a layer of spiritual protection, and cleansing distorted energies.

Step 2: Calling spirit guides

Now with increased energy levels, feel your energy and words going out to the vastness of the universe and connecting you to your guides as you say:

“I call upon cosmic light beings and my spirit guides who can best assist me with connecting and absorbing divine light.

To assist me with opening and widening my energy pathways and to channel cosmic light through me now.”

This calls upon your guides and light beings to make it easier for you to absorb cosmic healing energies.

Step 3: Absorbing divine cosmic light

Now see your guides and light beings in the center of the universe absorbing cosmic energy.

They channel this energy into a single cord of energy that connects them all together.

In unison they begin to focus the cosmic energy they’re receiving through this cord, that within an instant connects to you.

Feel this energy begin absorbed into the golden light already within you as it begins to vibrate more intensely and becomes even brighter.

Continue with this step until you feel like you can’t absorb any more cosmic energy.

Step 4: Cosmic healing

Now begin to focus on any areas you want to heal whether it's a part of your body or how you feel.

See and feel this energy in that area, if you want to heal any emotional wounds intuitively focus on an area on your body where the emotion is being held.

See this energy becoming even brighter and more intense as it begins to heal and cleanse negative vibrations.
Continue until you feel either a strong release in tension or a raise in vibration.

You can use this energy for multiple areas in a single session or reuse these steps at another time if you'd prefer.

Step 5: Thank your guides and continue your day or night

It’s not only polite to thank your guides and the light beings that have assisted you. It also encourages them to assist you again in the future and deepens your connection to them.

Making it easier to know when your spirit guides are trying to communicate.

You don’t have to do anything fancy to thank them, you can just simply say thank you or focus on how grateful you are for their assistance.

After you have thanked them continue your day or night and let go of the negative energy you have just cleansed.

Enhance your diving light healing

Remember divine light is within everyone and everything and that your guides are always available to assist you with channeling healing energies.

If you’d like to know more about how your guides can assist you with healing I recommend looking into healing your energy centers with love.

With love and light