10 Signs you have Psychic Connection With Someone You’ve Never Met

It can feel both exciting and frightening when you feel a psychic connection with someone you’ve never met before.

There can be many reasons for this from something as ordinary as following a content creator online and resonating with them...

To having met someone in a previous life and your souls sharing a deep connection.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 10 signs why you feel like you’ve met someone before...

And why you may have a psychic or spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met.

Can you be spiritually connected to someone you've never met?

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We are all connected energetically and through the global consciousness of humankind, every thought and action you take affects this even if you aren’t aware of it.

If your state of consciousness and vibration is similar to someone else, you will naturally have a strong connection with them and will be drawn to each other.

With that said here are 10 signs as to why may share or feel a spiritual connection with someone.

Sign #1 You met in a past life

You might have met the person you feel a connection with, in a past life...

You might have been close friends, family, or even lovers.

It is important to trust your intuition because you will have changed and grown spiritually so it may feel unnerving at first. Trust your gut and go with what feels natural.

Sign #2 You share similar interests and values

You attract not what you want but who you are...

This can be for better or for worse, and if you meet someone who has similar interests or values as yourself...

Such as caring about others and growing spiritually...

It is natural to feel a connection with them and you will attract people who are at a similar frequency, or will help you learn an important spiritual lesson.

sign #3 You've been brought together to learn important spiritual lessons

You and the other person might both feel a strong connection to each other even though you have only just met.

Even if this person ends up causing you a lot of pain and misfortune, this can happen because you were guided towards each other to both learn important spiritual lessons.

You may attract someone who has similar traits to one of your parents or an ex partner, because there is an important lesson you still haven’t learned yet.

Such as being able to set boundaries or learning to love yourself.

sign #4 You experience synchronicities involving each other

As a random example, you might be looking for something related to a panda in a shop, unable to find it and you find someone with a bag or t-shirt with a panda on it.

Which causes you to speak to them...

We can be guided by spirit in many mysterious ways to find people and things we need for our unique spiritual journeys.

sign #5 Your resonate with their message

You might follow a particular spiritual teacher, content creator, entertainer, or someone on any form of digital medium.

And how they are and their message might really resonate with you, and after watching them over a certain duration of time.

Can cause you to feel a strong connection with that individual, which is quite common.

sign #6 You trust them intuitively

Upon meeting them you immediately know deep down you can trust them, this can be for many reasons such as the vibes they are sending out.

And none verbal signals you’re picking up on, such as how they’re moving shows you can trust them.

Trust your gut and know everyone and everything that comes into your life is serving a purpose...

So trust and follow your intuition as it will lead to making the best decision.

sign #7 You both share a similar vibe

When someone is sending a vibe you resonate with, they will feel like someone you already know because their vibration is close to matching yours.

Which can cause you to resonate and pick up on the other person's energy and forming a strong energetic connection.

You may even find you share similar thoughts and finish each other’s sentences upon first meeting.

sign #8 Spirit guides have led you to this person

Sometimes you may need something for your general health and well-being, something for your spiritual growth, or anything else that’s in your best interest...

And to receive these divine insights and support, the fastest way for your unique circumstances...

May involve meeting a specific person in this physical realm.

So your spirit guides will lead you to them, as the universe likes to take the path of least resistance.

Which upon meeting this person, will cause you to feel a connection even if you’re aren’t consciously aware as to why.

sign #9 You can sense and feel their pain without even speaking to them

Can you recall a time when you knew exactly what someone was thinking or feeling without them telling you, To later find out you were correct?

This is because you have formed a psychic connection with them, and may have been attracted to them to help them or learn something...

This is very common with empaths which is why knowing how to psychically shield as an empath is important.

sign #10 They are like someone you have frequently thought about

It might be an ideal friend, romantic partner, or even the type of person you’d rather avoid...
But if you keep thinking about this type of person...

You will form a psychic connection with someone nearby who is like the person you're thinking about, even if that person you're thinking about doesn't exist...

Which will eventually lead you to attracting that person to you...

This is why knowing signs your guardian angel is trying to contact you is helpful for guidance and protection when it comes to who you meet.

What to do next if you know you’re connected

There are a variety of reasons why you might feel a strong psychic or spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met.

Now you have a better understanding of why this happens...

Knowing how to make the most of these connections can be helped by connecting with your divine assisting support team.

With love