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5 Ways You Can Discover If You Have Any Spiritual Powers

When we’re going through difficult periods in our lives especially the dark night of the soul it can feel disempowering and it can feel like we’ve lost our spiritual connection and spiritual power.

It can leave you feeling hopeless, especially after coming across teachings on how you can attract improved circumstances into your life, to be able to accept and find peace within yourself and to love others.

To only find situations around you become worse and feel even less connected and more driven into fears of the ego. This is how I used to feel before discovering ways for becoming aware of our spiritual power that I’m going to share in this article.

What is spiritual Power and ways for discovering your spiritual power

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Spiritual power will have many different meanings and interpretations based on the individual describing it.

In the context I’m describing it is a power that is outside of our awareness through our five senses that has a powerful impact on our lives.

The following are ways you can discover for yourself the spiritual power that we’re all connected to.

#1 Asking the universe or whatever you believe in for signs of its existence and guidance

I want to start with mentioning asking for signs as this can lead to some very powerful synchronicities that are hard for even the biggest sceptic to brush off.

I originally learned off and tried this concept from a book called E-Squared by Pam Grout which I’ve made slight modifications to.

All you need to try this is to follow these simple steps.

1. Ask out loud to whatever you believe in for a sign you can’t write off I’m going to use the universe for this example...

”I have a powerful sign from the universe within 48 hours from now that proves to me that I am connected and being guided.”

2. Write this down with a date and time on a piece of paper so you can track and make notes on the results you get.

3. Set an alarm 48 hours from the time you have written your statement down to remind you to check on your results.

For best results put emotion behind the words and feel that you’re speaking them out to a real entity or the entire universe itself.

Then keep it out of your mind as much as possible until 48 hours after initially writing down the statement.

If you’re interested in reading a personal story of my own of how I had the most powerful synchronicity of my life after doing a very similar technique read Shocking Stories Reveal How Instant Manifestation Works.

#2 Why you should learn how to follow your intuition and become aware of the times that you’ve ignored it

Intuition can be described as a sense of knowing that often can’t be logically explained to why you have the knowing but you just do.

This is not to be confused with an emotion which usually is a cognitive subconscious response to an experience we’re having that we have an association to linked in our nervous system which again is usually subconscious.

Sometimes intuition can be our subconscious picking up on information we aren’t consciously aware of that gives us a nudge whether to do or not to do something.

Then there are times that come from a spiritual power that guides us to making decisions that are sometimes even life-saving.

Describing how to develop intuition is much harder than giving practices you can follow to see how your intuition is connected to a spiritual power.

Which is what the following steps will teach you how to do so you can discover this for yourself.

1. Whilst writing this down as it’ll have a much more powerful effect being able to see them all visually in front of you.

Write down times that you can remember when you made a big decision in your life that was a result of following your intuition and the effects it has had on your life.

2. Write down times when intuitively you knew you shouldn’t have done something but logically it seemed like the right thing to do or other people convinced you to and that your intuition turned out to be correct.

3. When making decisions in your life practice quietening to the mind and allowing more opportunities for your intuition to guide you.

#3 Keep a journal of synchronicities and manifestation practices

Whenever we attract something into our lives even through a manifestation technique it will come via a logical means that will seem like just a coincidence. By keeping a journal of synchronicities that happen throughout your life.

Especially after applying some kind of manifestation practice you will start to see and believe more and more the patterns that have arisen from them and how they are not just a coincidence.

To do this simply either digitally or in a diary make a few notes each day on your general thoughts, feelings and any synchronicities that you’ve experienced.

So you can reflect back on them at a later date and start to see how the experiences you’re having have been attracted as a result of previous thoughts and emotions.

#4 Why you should form a manifestation practice or apply manifestation techniques

Similar to keeping a journal by practising/performing manifestation techniques if they’re done effectively you will start to have experiences that can’t be written off as a coincidence.

There are plenty of different techniques you can try that are available online but if you’re unsure where to start or good practices to follow I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide

Some additional tips when it comes to manifesting a specific result so you can see your spiritual power and see for yourself that it isn’t just a coincidence.

1. Intend to attract something that is both unusual and of little importance to you. The reason for this is by it being unusual it is less likely you’ll think it’s just a coincidence.

And by having little importance you’re much less likely to sabotage the result and believe you can attract it.

2. Similar to the previous point start with something small that you also perceive as realistic in your current circumstances as this will increase the chances of you attracting it.

3. Accept that it might not work and find a way of being ok with it as the having importance for attracting something is telling your subconscious and the universe that you don’t have it.

#5 How deep states of meditation can make you realise your spiritual power

Being in very deep states of meditation can lead to profound spiritual experiences that can make the mediator aware of aspects of their true spiritual nature and how they’re connected to a spiritual power.

Ways to help achieve deeper states whilst meditating:

1. Let go off trying to reach specific states and just be present to the moment.

2. Rather than trying to force yourself to be present and aware aim to become aware of your awareness itself. Become aware of where ever your mind tries to take you and the sensations you’re experiencing.

3. Let go of trying to hold onto even peaceful and pleasant experiences just continue to become more and more consciously aware without striving for any results.

If you want a more detailed explanation on how to achieve this read What Is Spiritual Meditation And How It Will Transform Your Life.

If you want to read some great spiritual teachings and quotes by spiritual teachers through the ages I recommend looking at Transformative Spiritual Quotes That Will Empower Your Journey.


Start with one spiritual practice from the above list as it will be easier to form the habit.

When going through challenging periods it can feel like we’re disconnected which can drive us deeper into our ego. By practicing the above methods and techniques you will eventually come to discover that you have spiritual power.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.