Unique Spiritual Cleansing Tools Eliminate Negative Energy

If you ever find it difficult to connect with the spiritual realms, to divine insights, or even your spirit guides messages.

Then Spiritual cleansing might be what you’ve been needing…

You see, Spiritual cleansing is removing the connection and cords to energy vampires, lower-level entities, and any stored negative stagnant energy.

This includes for your home or yourself, the only differences between removing negative energetic connections and energies from yourself or your home are the techniques used.

If you don't spiritually cleanse yourself and the space you do spiritually work in, you are far more likely to be holding onto negative energy, making it much harder to connect to the higher realms of spirit.

And in this blog I’m going to go through different unique ways in which you can spiritually cleanse for yourself, your home, and for someone else (and when you continue to read, you will discover a unique way of cleansing that is much faster than most methods)

How to Spiritually cleanse your home

There are many different physical items and methods you could use for spiritually cleansing your home, such as:

Using Sage, crystals, essential oil sprays, feng shui bells, and so much more...

I found these physical items do work well, and can be picked up relatively cheap. 

These physical items contain spiritual-energetic properties, when used it creates changes on both a physical and energetic level...

did you know spirit guides can help Spiritually Cleanse your home?

Spiritual Cleansing tools with spirit guides pin

And what I found works just as effective sometimes, even more so whilst saving a lot of time and usually only takes a few minutes, is working directly on the level of spirit and by using energy techniques.

However, there’s just one problem, unless you’re experienced with energy techniques, they can be difficult to do for something external from yourself including your home.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to call upon and get the assistance of your Spirit Guides. Don’t worry if you struggle to clearly see or hear them as they’re always with you and listening.

You have countless different spirit guides willing to assist you, some that are already experienced with energetic healing and spiritual cleansing.

How to spiritually cleanse your home with your spirit guides in 5 simple steps

If you’d like to cleanse a space or your home with your spirit guides you can use the following 5 steps:

1. Find a place and time where you can be relaxed, undisturbed, then take a big deep breath in...and out...

2. Call out for divine protection from God, The Universe, or whatever you believe to be the creator.

3. Say the following either out loud or internally within your mind, “I ask that my spirit guides or guardian, who is best able to help cleanse this space and remove any negative energies and entities. Who has my best interest, and serves divine will to cleanse this space now...”

4. See and feel a bright white light appear from the floor and expanding filling the entire room...

5. Repeat this for every room in your house until you can feel an energetic shift throughout your home.

If you find you struggle to see your guides clearly, just know they are with you and have always been with you…

It’s just that ego and energy blocks can make it difficult to open the connection for hearing, seeing, and communicating with your guides…

However, if you want a way to open up to healing with your guides to see and hear them clearly you can find out more by clicking here…

Spiritual Cleansing Prayers for yourself and others

When it comes to spiritual cleansing yourself, you can use the physical items mentioned above for cleansing your home.

However, the same with cleansing your home, it's far more convenient and sometimes more effective to work directly with spirit and energy.

And the solution to this is simple, using prayers ideally with the aid of a spiritual guide.

I used the phrase spiritual guide because this can also include angels, your personal Guardian angel, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters.

And you have the ability to open to their protection and cleansing at any given moment…

If you would like to jump ahead and learn more you can click here…

But first, let's take a look at a prayer you can do right now…

How to do a cleansing prayer for yourself

You can use the above steps to spiritually cleanse a space, your home, and cleansing yourself, by simply changing the wording to be about yourself rather than your home.

However, here is a different prayer you can use for cleansing yourself:

In a position where you’re comfortable and at a time you will be undisturbed. Say the following out loud whilst focusing on your heart.

“I call upon the divine light of the creator and all that is, to come and protect and bathe me, to unlock and activate my heart center...to gift me with spiritual blessings, to remove my connections to negative stagnant energy. With love, with divine will so it is and so it is done.”

Then picture a divine white light coming down from the sky, and repeat this prayer until you feel an energetic shift.

How to do a cleansing prayer for another person

To perform a cleansing prayer for someone else, visualize the other person experiencing how you want them to feel. If you struggle to visualize, focus on creating the sensation of how you want them to feel.

And see a beam of white light coming from yourself to the person you’re praying for, sending them high-frequency energy.

Whilst doing this say the following prayer:

“I call upon the divine light of the creator and all that is, to come and protect (PERSONS NAME), to bathe (PERSONS NAME), to unlock and activate their heart center...to gift (PERSONS NAME) with spiritual blessings, to remove their connections to negative stagnant energy. With love, and with divine will so it is and so it is done.”

You will have likely noticed the prayer is very similar to the prayer above that is for yourself. The main difference is what you focus on and intending the prayer to be for someone else.

Your divine assisting support team

You have access to a divine support team of spiritual guides that lovingly support and want the best for you.

You can have the ability even if you havent unlocked your psychic gifts, or if you don’t think you’re spiritually gifted. To use these prayers and with access to your own divine support team.

Remember even if you forgot or aren’t aware they are always here to assist you.

With Love

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