Who Is My Spirit Guide And What's Their Name

You have an infinite number of spirit guides, these guides vary based on where you are on your soul's journey; and what guides can best help you.

Generally, most people will have 33 guides at any given time, this number doesn’t include angels.

If you’re wondering who is my spirit guide, or what is their name. To find out you can use various techniques such as meditation, energy techniques, tarot and simply calling out to your guide to help receive the answer.

Every one of your guides will have a unique name, that will help you connect with them if you learn it. They may even be ancestors including recently deceased relatives.

The benefits of knowing your spirit guides name

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If you want to know how to talk to your spirit guides, and want general help and advice....

But you’re inexperienced or unfamiliar with consciously working with your spirit guides.

Then you’re unlikely to know, which guides are best for what you want help with.

Although Knowing your guides names aren’t necessary.

You will benefit more from simply calling out and asking your guides for help, with whatever it is you need help with. And by becoming aware of signs spirit guides are trying to communicate.

Why you should learn your spirit guides names

However, when you learn your spirit guide's names, you will be able to more easily identify which guides are communicating or helping you.

Making it easier to discover which guides you prefer and who you feel is best to ask for specific types of advice.

It also helps to form a deeper connection, especially since many of your guides were once incarnate human beings and have their own personalities.

Is knowing the name of a spirit guide necessary

As mentioned previously knowing your spirit guides name isn’t necessary for working with them. However, if you’re anything like myself, working with spirits and being able to perceive them hasn’t come naturally to you.

You will eventually through practice discover certain guides that manifest clear signs, forms of communication and results that you can’t write of as just imaginary or coincidence.

And by learning their names you will be able to more frequently repeat the same results. Help strengthen your connection and belief to the spirit realms if this is something you struggle with.

How to communicate with your spirit guides to discover their name

How easy or difficult it is for you to see your guides, will depend on a few factors. The easiest way is by unlocking and connecting to your energetic center, and being able to interpret signs, symbols and feelings of intuition.

As a result of the heightened connection from your energetic center being opened, and the requests you give to the guides.

Most people rely on how clairvoyant (being able to see spirits) they are. Or How clairaudient they are (being able to hear spirits) to able to see and directly communicate with spirit guides.

Which for most people are some of the most challenging ways of communicating with your guides. This also takes the cooperation of your guides to willingly help you to perceive them whilst having a high frequency.

5 steps for communicating with your spirit guides

Here are 5 steps for communicating with your guides and getting their name.

  1. Become present.

  2. Focus on what you can be grateful for or what brings you feelings of love and joy.

  3. Say the following statement and question either internally within your mind or ideally out loud.

    - “I ask that my closest spirit guides that wish to help me for my greatest good and divine will. to come and make their presence known now...”

    - “What is the name of the guide who is closest to me and working with me right now?”

  4. Keep your focus turned inward and become aware of any sounds, images including symbols, touch and sensations that come to you.

  5. Ask yourself what the symbol, sound, image, or whatever else has come to you represents. If a name hasn’t come to you immediately, the symbols and feelings that come to you will represent the guide's name.

How to more easily communicate with your guides as a beginner

If you’re a beginner or inexperienced when it comes to working with your spirit guides.

Many people give up if they don’t feel or notice anything because they feel like they are wasting their time.

This is because they don’t know how to effectively connect and communicate with their guides in a way that doesn’t require any special psychic gifts.

This is why guided meditations are a great way for connecting and getting clearer communication with your guides.

If you would like to get ahead and discover a powerful guided meditation that can be used for activating your energetic center and working with your guides click here.

And remember this one thing about your guides

Your guides are here to assist you and want to help you, but you first have to ask for their guidance.

Even if you feel like nothing is happening when you reach out to your guides. Remember just because you aren’t consciously aware or able to perceive it.

That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, you're a spiritual being connected to spirit and have a divine support team willing to assist you. You just simply need to ask for it.

With Love

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