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Who Else Wants A Law Of Attraction Money Guide

If you’re anything like myself one of the main reasons you became interested in the law of attraction was to attract better circumstances into your life particularly around money.

Then to not only experience not attracting the improvements you’ve read or heard about but noticed situations getting even worse.

For myself personally I had clients suddenly drop out and avoid me like I had the plague, unexpected bills come out of nowhere.

Surely this isn’t what the law of attraction is about, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I then came across teachings that aren’t as mainstream and started to understand why this was happening.

In this article I’m going to share some of these teachings I discovered with you, specifically those around money.

Are These Law of Attraction money Mistakes sabotaging your prosperity

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Have you ever felt an inner conflict of hearing that if you fight life and try to force what you want to come your way you’ll attract more challenges?

But from fear and stress because of financial difficulties, you can’t help but try to desperately find a new client, make a sale or to find some other means of getting a quick influx of cash.

You then finally manage to find enough to get by but keep repeating the same cycle then out of frustration try various meditations and other manifesting techniques.

You then become even more frustrated and try to suppress your feelings of scarcity and wonder should I take less action and just try to remain positive. And seeing financial situations get progressively even worse. 

Should I focus on being positive or taking action?

The above are challenges I used to experience feeling like I should take more action to improve my situation at the same time concerned if I’m doing it out of desperation Ill make situations worse.

Here in itself lays a common mistake when it comes to applying the law of attraction around money and that is to think we should focus on just being positive or taking action not realizing they both need to work in unison.

If you’re constantly taking actions you dislike purely for the money you’re not congruent in your actions which will cause your subconscious mind to not be fully aligned in what you’re doing.

At the same time just visualizing and hoping for money to miraculously come to you is like trying to lie to yourself when you know you’re the one telling the lie.

If you don’t follow your intuition you’re blocking potential paths for the universe to give you the money

It is our conscious logical analytical mind that believes everything is created by itself. This could also be described as the ego.

What I mean by ego is what is described in eastern philosophies and teachings as the “false self” The person that we think we are, not our true higher selves.

The ego through all of its fears and concerns and listening to constant demands from society doesn’t stop to quieten down so you can listen to your intuition to know what action that you should take.

Even if you had to temporarily do something that you disliked you would still have an inner sense of joy and certainty as you have a sense of knowing this is the right path to take.

By not following and trusting your intuition and taking the required action you’re blocking various paths in which money can be attracted to you.

How your ego will sabotage your own results

If you keep desiring or hoping for money you’re just pushing it further away as you’re sending out vibrations of lack and driving it more into your subconscious.

A desire in itself just creates an imbalance in the energy fields around you and as the universe strives to be in balance with creating circumstances to eliminate this imbalance.

This could be to bring you even more bills to stop you focusing on your burning desire for more money as you’ll just start to accept this is how things are.

Not realizing these circumstances have only been attracted because of the universe maintaining balance and it was subconscious beliefs you’re not aware of that created these imbalances.

If you want to read about how the ego will sabotage your law of attraction results in more detail I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

Why you need to stop focusing on the desiring for money and to follow your intuition

It is our ego that will make us keep chasing after more money through fear and scarcity, not realizing it’s trying to fight life.

Like a kitten when it sees itself in the mirror will either find it amusing or start to battle with its own reflection. This is how the ego reacts to the physical manifestations in its perceived reality.

If the constant chatter of the ego quietens and you follow your intuition you’ll find naturally, paths that bring new opportunities such as a new business or job.

That is much more to your liking even if logically it may not initially seem like the best idea which if pursued will not only lead you to becoming much happier overall.

But also creating a source of income that eliminates past financial difficulties.

Is attracting money different to attracting anything else

The fundamental principles to attracting money are the same as attracting anything else. The main reasons why there is so much difficulty for a lot of people around attracting money is due to subconscious beliefs as mentioned earlier.

Also desiring and craving money and not seeing being abundant as part of their normal day to day life creates an imbalance in energy fields around them and further strengthen their subconscious beliefs around scarcity.

Money like anything else is an energy which in its physical form represents a value that we have placed upon it.

Seeing money as something that needs to be attracted or thinking about attracting it rather than it being an ordinary part of your life is telling your subconscious that you don’t have it.

Why money doesn’t just come through means that make you happy

A big misconception in a lot of law of attraction teachings is that money will only come through being in a high vibration and by being happy with what you’re currently doing.

This may sound like a contradiction to my last point with following your intuition but following your intuition doesn’t mean being happy.

Rather that you’re trusting a greater intelligence and eventually it will lead you following a path that will lead you to your life purpose where you will experience true joy and fulfilment.

But during that process you may face a lot of difficult challenges that are essential for you to grow and develop into the person necessary.

And depending on your beliefs may actually be a major part of the reason why you’re here in the first place.

How to utilize both the metaphysical and the physical

Another often overlooked fundamental principle is not realizing the physical and metaphysical are two halves of the binary reality that we live in.

Physical action changes what we can attract into our reality as we’re in a different physical environment and by changing our subconscious beliefs and vibrations we’re changing what gets manifested into the physical.

Taking this concept further attracting money may not be just by attracting money itself but by attracting opportunities that allow you to create income streams in the physical.


You’re wanting to find a way of making enough money to pay your bills and leave a job that you hate.

And you attract and get a strong intuitive feeling to follow a course on online marketing that currently has a huge discount.

If you create more opportunities physically it will be easier to attract more opportunities metaphysically.

Neglecting the quality of your surroundings is neglecting what you will attract if you don’t become aware of these concepts

Our subconscious is constantly scanning and picking up everything that surrounds us even though we’re not consciously aware of it.

We also have an association linked in our nervous system to what things mean even if we’re not consciously aware of it.

By being surrounded in an environment that symbolically represents lack or poverty. Which the subconscious mind prefers and easily picks up on something that is symbolic.

Will tell the subconscious that you’re living in poverty and this is how life is and will begin to feel comfortable in this environment and anything that may represent wealth as a threat.


We’re taught by representations through various media such as TV that a filthy and cluttered home represents poverty and ill health.

By being in a filthy and cluttered home this is telling the subconscious this is how life is, and it will influence your behaviour and beliefs.

Simply cleaning your environment and creating a space that represents wealth will begin to attract more wealth.

Law of attraction money best practices and overcoming common mistakes

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Now that we’ve covered some common mistakes lets go over ways of improving the results we attract around money and some principles that will greatly enhance results.

Why focusing on spending rather than receiving will bring more

Quite often we’re taught to focus on attracting money, visualize it, taste and smell it. However money isn’t what we truly want deep down rather we want what we’ll use it for.

Our subconscious doesn’t understand facts and figures but it understands and communicates through emotion. By focusing on what you’ll spend it on you’ll be much more in alignment with having.

Rather than coming from a place of lack wanting more. Which to the subconscious the future never comes as there’s only the now.

You will also be much more aligned with what you’re actually wanting by focusing on the emotion of spending as the result may come through unexpected ways to the rational thinking mind aka the ego.


You’re wanting to a new car, you let go of having money for it and focus on the emotion and experience that you already have it.

You attract someone who has the exact car you’re wanting but who is willing to sell it for far less than its actual value.

For this particular example a few years ago I had a Tony Robbins coach who shared a story of this happening to him as I was first learning about the law of attraction.

When the money is less important than the pleasure of spending it, it will come easier

This isn’t to be confused with carelessly spending your money trying to convince yourself that you’ll attract more. Rather than by focusing on feeling and experiencing the emotions of what you’re wanting.

Following the previous example you will be living much more in alignment but at the same time you need to follow your intuition when opportunities present themselves.


Just sitting around expecting desired circumstances to be attracted can lead someone to overlooking and following their intuition when an opportunity arises that would give them the money required.

Or following the previous example meeting the individual that is selling the car that they want at a greatly reduced price.

How Accepting that it might not work will lead to it coming in larger amounts

Following what I mentioned earlier that the universe strives to be in balance, by accepting that the money you’re wanting may not come prevents you from creating energetic imbalances.

Which attracts far fewer obstacles and challenges which will lead you to attracting money much faster.

This isn’t to be confused with accepting current circumstances and not taking any action to improve them. Rather congruently being on and being able to accept that your efforts may fail anyway.

Which may sound “negative” but is actually coming from a place of trusting in a greater intelligence rather than the ego feeling the need to create its own reality.

Why taking action physically opens up more opportunities metaphysically

As previously mentioned we live in both a physical and metaphysical reality. By only focusing on the metaphysical you’re not allowing for more opportunities to be available.

As we live in a physical universe with laws that must be adhered to. Our bodies are also directly linked to the subconscious and by taking physical action it is telling your subconscious this is the reality you’re intending.

You’re not sat hoping for something to be attracted rather you’re already moving in alignment with it like it is here now.

Does the thought of taking action bring feelings of discomfort and burden?

I have discussed taking action more than a lot of teachings on the law of attraction which if you’re like I used to be if you’re being honest deep down isn’t what you’re wanting to hear.

You may want to know ways of changing circumstances without taking any physical action or with bare minimum effort.

Now I’m not going to say what is possible purely through thought alone, what I do want to mention however is that if this is how you’re currently feeling.

You have likely allowed external circumstances and beliefs conditioned from society and those around you to drown out the inner voice of your intuition.

Because if you were following your intuition even when doing a task that you temporarily dislike it wouldn’t feel like such a heavy burden.

As you’d know you’re moving towards a reality that is congruently aligned with what you truly want. And have a sense of knowing that it’s what you should be doing.

Why you need to see finding your true purpose by following your intuition as your main goal

Without going too much into detail here as I want to keep this specific around attracting money. As mentioned earlier consistently focusing on attracting more money is coming from a place of lack.

By following and moving towards your true purpose, even it doesn’t lead to riches beyond your wildest dreams you’ll automatically attract circumstances were the money you desire will be yours.

As the money will be a following attribute to achieving the goal, not a temporary influx of cash that solves financial difficulties for only a short period of time.

Spend money to make money

Again with spending money I don’t mean carelessly wasting it I mean by investing it into assets that will bring you passive income.

Which I Will not be covering here as I want to focus more on the metaphysical side to attracting money. But spending money is also important as money is a physical representation of energy.

Holding onto it is creating an imbalance as it isn’t allowing the energy of money to flow freely and is also coming from a place of scarcity.

By contributing to charitable causes, making wise investments and also purchasing goods for your own pleasure.
You’re coming from a place of abundance and allowing the energy of money to flow more freely.

Why applying money manifestation techniques can help

Even though I caution in other articles about how applying a manifesting technique without understanding the principles behind what causes them to work runs the risk of making situations worse.

By applying a money manifestation technique correctly by physically receiving a result it helps convince the logical part of our mind to reduce its grip on how things should be.

And to bring more certainty that a higher intelligence is guiding us and can help us attract better circumstances.

If you want to try a manifestation technique specifically around money then I recommend reading Manifesting Money In 6 Steps That Actually Work.

If you want a tool to help clear subconscious blocks I recommend getting our FREE Subconscious unblocking MP3.


Law of attraction money mistakes

By making it this far I want to congratulate you as there is a lot of information and most people just talk about improving their life were as you’ve taken actual steps towards doing so.

The key points in this article are:

- See both focusing on being abundant and being at ease whilst taking action as essential parts to creating the reality you’re wanting.

We live in a binary reality with both a physical and metaphysical, follow your intuition to apply both.

- Your ego will sabotage results as it wants to think the ego itself creates its reality and doesn’t want to trust in a greater intelligence to attract better circumstances.

- The principles to attracting money are the same as anything else, start seeing being abundant and having money as part of your usual day to day routine rather than something that needs attracting.

- Money may come through means that don’t initially make you happy as there may be certain challenges or experiences you have to learn from.

Which will lead you to developing into the version of yourself ideal for your true life purpose.

- Focus on the emotion of spending money rather than receiving it.

- Taking action physically opens up more opportunities for money to be attracted from the metaphysical.

- Spend money wisely rather than holding onto it to allow the energy of money to keep flowing.

- Focus on finding your true purpose as this will lead you to a means where you’ll receive the money you’re wanting without needing to attract temporary influxes for the short term.

- Applying a money manifestation technique can help you believe in your ability to attract better circumstances.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.