7 Important Signs The Universe Wants You To Move

You may have read and watched a lot of content about what signs the universe may present to you but are you aware of the signs specifically when the universe wants you to move or take action towards something specifically?

And do you find it difficult to know what direction to head towards because of fear-based thinking? This post will go through 7 signs the universe wants you to move to help you make the right decision even when you’re full of fear.

  1. You have an unexplainable sense of knowing aka intuition
  2. You have reoccurring seemingly unrelated events that point towards something
  3. Unexpected doors open easily for you
  4. You receive signs within Dreams
  5. Your past experiences and developed skills point in a certain direction
  6. You have a burning desire to move
  7. Distractions become less pleasurable
7 signs the universe wants you to move

Sign 1: You have an unexplainable sense of knowing aka intuition

Intuition is a feeling of unexplainable knowing without a clear logical explanation as to why the feeling has occurred.

Meaning no conscious reasoning has occurred to create the feeling of knowing. Many believe intuition is purely a mental process as understood by modern-day science.

I come from the view that it also comes from something beyond ourselves, a greater intelligence.
It is important to distinguish the feeling from other feelings including emotions that may feel similar.

Often felt in the gut but it can be felt in multiple locations, it's more important to be able to distinguish the feeling of intuition from ordinary mental processes rather than figuring out its location in your body.

If you have an unexplainable sense/feeling of knowing that you should move in a certain direction or that you’re avoiding taking certain action that you know you should.

There’s a good chance you’re being guided to move in that direction.

And at the same time…

This guidance can come from the signs, synchronicities, and nudges of the universe’s Divine assisting Spirit Guides…
Where you can learn more how to answer their calling and receive their messages on a daily basis here.

Sign 2: You have reoccurring seemingly unrelated events that point towards something

Synchronicity is a concept first introduced by Carl Jung stating they are meaningful coincidences with no causal relationship.

Meaning they are two random events that have no direct influence on one another but are meaningfully related.

You think about opening a clothing store but put it off due to a fear of failure and being unsure of where to even start.
Then within a short period, a friend randomly gives you a book on how to run your own business, and then later that day you bump into a clothes store owner.

Who is in the process of selling their store at a very reasonable price due moving which presents what you need almost out of no where.

What are synchronicities?
Synchronicities following from the above definition and example are basically two events that on the surface have no relation but impact you in a way that is related.

Which can even be someone mentioning to visit a specific location to then shortly after see a random TV show come on with the name of that same location.

Be cautious of making any rash decisions based on a few synchronicities because the reason for synchronicities are usually to tell you to pay attention or get your awareness to focus on something.

Rather than telling you to specifically do something.

Sign 3: Unexpected doors open easily for you

If you find whenever you move towards something such as a career path, starting your own business, a sport, artistic talent, etc.

That barriers and obstacles just seem to disappear and opportunities are presented to you.

That makes pursuing whatever it is much easier to the point you think maybe you were/are extremely lucky.

Especially if you also feel intuition (read sign 1) then chances are this is related to either your life’s purpose or at least what you should currently be moving towards.

This might sound similar to sign 2 with synchronicities but this sign is when opportunities are presented to you clearly, especially if they are consistently related to one area of your life.

Sign 4: You receive signs within Dreams

Most people tend to think and focus on receiving signs from the universe externally such as from the above signs through opportunities being presented, a series of synchronicities etc.

We are all connected unconsciously through the universal unconscious and this is one way in which the universe can communicate to us, which is through our unconscious minds in dreams.

The unconscious mind communicates in metaphors and symbols which can make it difficult for the conscious mind to understand.

When dreaming it is much easier for the unconscious mind to communicate with the conscious mind, making you consciously aware of something when in a dreaming state then it is when you’re awake.

One other thing to be aware of in your dreams, are signs from spirit guides, divine helpers or animal spirits. You may benefit from becoming aware of common signs that your spirit guides are trying to communicate.

They can communicate through physical ways, but a common one is in your dreams communicating through your unconscious. 

They deliver important messages that you should pay attention to.

If you are experiencing this, you can reveal their hidden meanings and messages right here.
But a good rule of thumb is to…

Keep a dream journal and look for any reoccurring patterns which initially might not make any logical sense.
You may discover something in your unconscious that the universe wants you to be aware of and move towards.

Sign 5: Your past experiences and developed skills point in a certain direction

If you have developed skills for example in customer service or working with people due to only being offered jobs related to customer service, even though you have tried to pursue other career paths.

Whilst having an interest or increasing your knowledge in human behaviour and you’re presented with opportunities for becoming a coach.

These may have been events leading you towards pursuing a career path for helping people with one example being coaching.

This isn’t just for career paths but may also include personal hobbies, charitable work, and more.

If you can look back in hindsight and see how your past experiences have prepared you for a certain direction.

Whilst feeling intuitively this is the path you should pursue then it is highly likely the universe is guiding you in that direction.

Sign 6: You have a burning desire to move

As mentioned above most people tend to focus on signs from the universe externally but we are all connected including being connected to the universe.

If you feel a burning desire to move in a certain direction but have been avoiding it due to limiting beliefs or any other form of fear.

Then chances are you’re unaware or missing certain signs the universe is already presenting to you to move in a certain direction.

Your mind may be limiting you or preventing you from moving in the direction the universe is guiding you towards due to your associations.

If you want to know more about associations and how to change them watch:

Sign 7: Distractions become less pleasurable

Whenever we procrastinate or put something off that we know we should be doing, this is the mind's way of coping and dealing with pain it associates with that task.

If you find what you use for a distraction such as food, TV, social media etc becomes less pleasurable or suddenly much harder to indulge in.

This can be the universe making it harder for you to be distracted and to move away from where the universe is guiding you towards.

If you suddenly find a lot of your distractions are made harder or less pleasurable pay attention to what other signs you’re receiving and where the universe is guiding you towards.

How to know if the universe wants you to move or if its a warning sign from the universe

When looking for or interpreting signs its important to be aware that our minds search through and filters out information to reconfirm what we already believe to be true.

Basically meaning if you don’t believe something is possible for you and the universe is trying to present to you a sign for something that you truly want.

Your mind may filter it out of your conscious awareness, which causes many people to think that the universe has abandoned them or that they aren’t receiving signs.

The signs you’re receiving may also be a warning from the universe to slow down rather than to move towards something.

What if you don’t want to follow the signs you’re receiving

You might know on an intellectual level that you should move towards something or take certain action. But emotionally you don’t want to such as exercising more or eating healthier.

If you want to know more about your beliefs, how they can limit you from taking action and how to change them watch:

Affirmations are also a great way for changing your beliefs.

The importance of following signs from the universe

Many teachings around manifestation focus solely on what you should focus on, how you feel, your vibration etc.

But what they often don’t take into account is that we live in a physical universe that comes from a metaphysical universe that can also be described as spirit.

And if you are ignoring signs to move or take action in a certain area you might be sabotaging your manifestation attempts.

Certain manifestations require physical action such as becoming a doctor for example.

If you just meditate on a couch no matter how much you try and strong willed you are you won’t become a doctor without taking the necessary steps towards it.

Use these signs as guidelines to help you become consciously aware of signs you might already be receiving that you weren’t aware of.

I hope you have found this post useful let me know in the comments below what signs you’ve experienced personally or if you have any questions.

  • Chris Fowler says:

    Good Morning Adam,

    I hope you are well.
    I would be grateful if you could answer some questions for me.
    I have getting signs of the WW2 fighter aircraft the Supermarine Spitfire and don’t know why. I was born in Winchester the original capital city of England. Since 1978 i have been living in the North. However i would like to relocate back to Winchester asap. The Spitfire signs could be related to moving on, but i am not sure. The Spitfire started life in Eastleigh and Southampton in the South of England not far from Winchester. I don’t understand. Why bother to send me a sign? Wouldn’t it make more sense to send me something more useful? The money i need for example? One answer could be to let me know i haven’t been forgotten about.
    I am an empath. I can feel energy and pick up on just about anything including signs. Some of the signs i have been getting are easy to understand, but the Spitfire thing is a mystery to me.
    If i ignore the signs and meditate i get the feeling my time is near. I will be moving on whether i like it or not even though i don’t know how.
    Is it somehow possible to put a stop to all theses signs? At the end of the day they are telling me what already know. Also, i find it hard to believe what the signs are saying because of what i see happening in my life. The signs say one thing and my life is doing something else. I get Angel numbers too like there’s no tomorrow and again don’t understand why. No surprises here 1111 shows up big time!

    Thank you for your time.

    Take care and stay safe.


    • Adam Higson says:

      Hey Chris, thanks for your message and I will be glad to answer your questions the best that I can.
      Your questions are both good and very interesting…

      You mention “Wouldn’t it make more sense to send me something more useful? “

      What is in our best interest, especially when it comes to spiritual growth. Is very hard for our egoic minds to recognize, even when what we think appears logical…

      You might be receiving signs of spitfires as a warning or a green light, to lead you to something that will serve you more than just receiving money.

      You have also asked if its possible to stop of all of these signs because “At the end of the day they are telling me what already know. “

      What is it that you already know, and are you following these signs?

      I get the impression, although I could be wrong without asking for more clarity, that you’re afraid or don’t like what these signs are showing you.

      And the reason why you are still receiving them, is because the universe is trying to tell you something very important, and it won’t stop until you finally get the message, or act upon it.

      Are you sure your interpretation of these signs are correct on an intuitive level? If so what will it require for you to trust your intuition?

      The universe will only continue to knock louder, and louder if you ignore it.
      Try asking for a very specific sign to help bring reassurance to your logical mind, this is something I have often struggled with myself.

      I hope all of this helps, let me know if you have any questions
      Wishing you all the best and good luck

      • Chris Fowler says:

        Good morning Adam,

        Thank you for your message. I was happy to hear from you. It is good of you to give up your free time and show an interest in me.

        I could go on forever with questions on life, the universe and everything in it. The world we live in is strange to me. I really do not understand.

        You have a point about the spitfire. I hadn’t thought about it been a warning sign or a green light.

        I get the feeling i will be going back to the South of England, but not just yet. All in good time. Recently i was in a second hand bookshop and found a book on old aeroplanes. (I like bi-planes) I decided to buy the book and on my way to pay for the book i noticed a book on Southampton. I knew it was a sign and bought the book and tried to understand what it was saying to me. I new the book was for me. It had to be! What would a book on Southampton sitting on a shelf for all to see be doing in the North of England? The book is called Southampton old and new. Mostly photographs from 1900 to 1974. I use to live Andover in 1974 not far from Southampton. Have i to look at my past?

        In August earlier this year i took my girlfriend (Caroline) to Winchester for a break away. We were out one afternoon walking back up to the hotel and an old Hants and Dorset double decker bus in red and white went past us. Nobody on it except a driver. Again like the Southampton book, it was a sign! Suddenly and without warning, an old bus from the late 1960’s shows up.

        Do you know anything about apophenia? Apophenia is seeing patterns in unrelated events. I suffer with it big time! Apart from the signs i keep getting, i also get situations, events in my life happening three times and don’t know why.

        You write some good stuff and it makes sense. You know what you are talking about. You are right about me, i do crave clarity. I also need to understand.

        Thank you for your time.

        Take care and stay safe.


        • Adam Higson says:

          You’re very welcome Chris, I’m glad I can help.

          I had never heard of apophenia, I had just googled it. Even though I wasn’t aware of the word and it’s definition, I am very aware of the concept that people tend to see a connection between things that aren’t related.

          I notice this a lot in spiritual communities, especially when someone is desperate for a sign (I’m not saying you’re doing this).

          And I was actually going to say the issue with just looking for signs is that it can lead to apophenia, I now have a technical word to describe it thanks for that 🙂

          Symbolically especially within dreams, certain events have a specific meaning and with the correct information help to interpret what the unconscious mind is saying.

          What makes you say that you suffer from apophenia?

          But it can be quite complex, in my opinion for yourself, I would keep a diary of the synchronicities, and signs that you experience/receive.

          To help convince the rationale/logical mind and it will also help you see patterns. This will make it easier for you to make a decision.

          Rather than me saying this sign you’re experiencing means X, which it sounds like you might be asking so I can give you certainty for what decision you should make.

          Have you got any strong intuitive feelings about decisions to make? And if so why are you ignoring it?

          If you’re unsure what you’re experiencing is intuition this article may help:

          Also in terms of experiencing something 3 times, the number 3 is quite often associated with manifestation, if you keep a diary and see what you keep experiencing in 3s.

          It will help you identify what the signs are trying to tell you.

          I hope that helps

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