How Does An Empath Protect Themselves From Negative Energy

Being an empath is a beautiful gift that allows you to feel energy on a deeper level than most people, and has many more wonderful benefits.

However, this also leaves many empaths vulnerable to negative energies, especially if they don’t know how to interact with these energies safely.

To protect yourself as an empath from negative energy it’s important to know what is distorting your energy and the right protection technique for your situation.

And perhaps best of all....

These 7 tools I’m going to share are the easiest and most powerful ways to help protect you from negative energies in the shortest time possible.

#1 Become aware of what’s distorting your energy

Becoming aware of what’s distorting your energy may sound like an obvious thing to do.

However, how frequently do we as empaths have our energy feel drained and unsure of what the cause is...

Taking a few moments to take a big deep breath in and coming back into the present moment and asking yourself and your spirit “what is causing my energy to feel distorted?”

Will help you identify what type of shielding technique is best for you and your situation.

Another method that will help you become aware of what’s distorting your energy is to...

#2 Keeping a journal

Keeping a journal is one of the simplest, cheapest yet most effective tools you can use to protect yourself from negative energy for several reasons.

First of all, it will help you to express yourself and your emotions helping you to release anything that you’re bottling up or feelings you might not be consciously aware of.

It‘s also very useful to journal what you’ve done and how you felt throughout the day.

You will likely find over time by looking back at your journey certain activities or people are draining your energy without you even realizing.

Journaling can also help you to become more consciously aware of what is uplifting your energy including what empath healing techniques are working for you.

#3 Set energetic boundaries

Empaths need to set boundaries especially since you will be very sensitive and empathic which will lead to some people wanting to take advantage.

However, it’s also important to set yourself energetic boundaries by protecting your energy body with psychic and energetic shielding techniques.

This will help you even when you’re in an unfortunate situation of being with an energy vampire or any other form of energy-draining person, location, or activity.

One of my favorite yet easiest methods for protecting my energy you can use...

Is to see an energetic rose between yourself and the person or object that is distorting your energy.

And only allowing their energy to reach the rose but not yourself, this will allow you to feel their vibe without it affecting your own.

#4 Limit your exposure to social media

Social media including Facebook and Twitter can be great tools for connecting and reconnecting with people you might not be able to otherwise.

There are many great things about social media, unfortunately there are also many harmful and destructive aspects of social media especially when it comes to your energy.

Social media platforms are designed to grab and keep your attention by using manipulative psychological techniques to keep you coming back to their platform.

Which can cause you to lose focus on what’s important to you including draining your energy in the process.

This is even worse when it comes to the dramas, political and religious debates all across these platforms spreading negativity that can also be detrimental to your energy.

You can unfollow, unfriend, and reduce what negative vibes come into your social media feeds but the most effective thing you can do is reduce your exposure to them.

#5 Spend more time in nature

Getting back into nature is nourishing for your mind and soul, the naturally high vibes will raise your vibration.

It will also help you to become more grounded and centered which will help you with making important decisions that might be blocking or distorting your energies.

You can also call upon the assistance of the nature spirits for assistance with both energy healing and protection.

Take even just a brief walk in nature and feel how much calmer and uplifted you feel.

#6 Take up a mindfulness practice

There are many different mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga but even washing your hands or going for a walk can be a mindfulness practice.

When you’re washing your hands or having a shower, see and feel negative energies being poured away from you whilst being present and feeling the water against your skin.

This will train your subconscious mind to cleanse negative energies whilst getting the benefits from being more mindful.

You can also combine being present in the moment with mindful walking in nature to get even more from those pleasant walks.

Being mindful overall has many benefits from decreasing stress, improving sleep and relaxation but it will also help you work with your energy making it easier to protect and cleanse negative energies.

#7 Calling upon your divine support team

You have a personal divine support team that wants to guide, assist and protect you.

These are your spirit guides that you can call upon at any time for assistance with both energy healing and protection.

There are many different ways of connecting with your spirit guides but you can simply connect with prayer by saying.

“I call upon the assistance of my spirit guides, who have my best and highest good in mind to assist and keep me protected now.”

Do this whilst feeling any negative energy around you dissolving and feeling a protective barrier all around you.

Taking your energy protection to the next level

Now you know 7 different ways you can protect yourself from negative energy you can continue on your divine journey and continue to grow as the beautiful divine being that you are.

If you feel you need to take your energy protection to the next level or you’re interested to learn more you might benefit from checking out how to use psychic protection with divine assistance.

With Love