7 Easy Empath Healing Techniques For Instant Energetic Shift

Being Empathic has comes with powerful healing energy but at the same time can also be a person’s worse nightmare.

From worrying about the smallest to the biggest things, and feeling sensitive to energies, to even getting very emotional and triggered by negative energies.

Because The reality is…

for those who do not understand what it’s like to be an Empath don’t realize how easily affected you can be.

This is why it’s essential for Empaths to use healing techniques to protect and shield so you can live your life without fear, without worry, and most importantly to shine the power that lays within you.

How can an empath block negative energy

As an empath not only is it important to heal trauma and stored negative energies, you also want to protect yourself from them.

Otherwise, you’re highly likely to reabsorb other people's traumas and negative energies.

This can be done through spiritual shielding and energy cleansing techniques, protective prayers, and calling upon spiritual guides for protection.

The first 3 empath healing techniques in this post can also be used to shield and block negative energy.

Technique #1: Set Clear Boundaries

As an empath, you’re able to absorb and send out energy more naturally than most people. Which is a blessing when it comes to using your gifts and healing others.

Unfortunately, it can also make you a target for energy vampires and lower-level entities that want to steal your energy.

It doesn’t require hostility to set boundaries, you can politely tell people what you will or won’t tolerate.

And making it clear that you won't allow people who cross these boundaries in your life.

Which gives people the choice of how they will treat you without having to get into an argument or being demanding.

Sometimes this isn’t always an option and knowing how to use psychic shield and set energetic boundaries will be useful.

Technique #2: Spending Time in Nature and grounding yourself

One of the fastest and most convenient ways to heal yourself as an empath is to take a walk in nature...

Feeling fresh air on your skin, experiencing the presence of the flowers and trees with your senses...

As you ground and reconnect with nature, you will start to take in the rejuvenating energies of Gaia.

Which will help release stagnant negative energies. Which can also help with shielding and grounding.

A useful habit as an empath is to set aside at least a small amount of time each week to spend time in nature.

Technique #3: Bathing in Salt

Salt is useful for both cleansing negative energies and repelling lower-level entities away.

Bathing in Epsom salt is a great opportunity to have some personal time, relax, and take care of yourself.

You can also use a small amount of sea salt mixed with soap, shampoo, etc in the shower for a similar spiritual cleansing effect.

Check with your healthcare provider if it is safe for you to wash with Epsom sea salt and in what quantities.

How do empaths release negative energy?

There are a variety of methods an empath can use for releasing negative energy. What they have in common is rather than focusing on how everyone else feels...

You turn inwards and become aware of your own needs and becoming aware of your self-worth.

The following techniques will help with both releasing negative energy and healing.

Technique #4: Knowing how to unlock divine love

Can you think back to when you experienced a moment when you felt so much love through the core of your being…

How did that make you feel? Did you feel warm? Did anything bother you?

At that moment, you were accessing something so powerful…

That can transform your physical and spiritual being, It’s the power of activating your heart center and filling your being with the frequency of love.

Love is the highest frequency there is...

A common mistake empaths make is to focus on how others are feeling and forgetting to turn inwards and reflect how they are themselves.

This causes them to put others first which is one of the main reasons why Empaths usually have low self-esteem.

Just like no one can be forced into loving someone. You can’t just love yourself at will.

This is the reason why it’s important to open your heart center...

Because when it's opened, love will flow through you naturally without having to try.

Technique #5: Restoring flow to your 7 chakras

If your chakras, that can be described as energetic centers, which are spinning around like wheels that form your energy body.

Become out of balance, this can make it very difficult to release negative energies and attachments to energy vampires.

One of the most powerful ways of healing is to use the healing powers of the heart center to restore balance and harmony to each chakra.

Making it easier to release negative energies and strengthening your natural energy and psychic shields.

Technique #6: Spiritually Cleansing Yourself and Your Space

You can repeatedly use techniques to heal yourself and to release negative energies.

However, if you haven’t spiritually cleansed your space you will still be exposing yourself to negative energies.
Which over time will drain you and add unnecessary stress.

Just like going to a dirty environment will attract germs and eventually lead to sickness. A low vibed environment attracts negative energies.

One very powerful to receive assistance with spiritual cleansing is by calling upon your spirit guides. Because they know exactly what you and your space needs.

Technique #7: Using guided meditations

Guided meditations are a great way of healing and releasing negative energy.

They are especially useful if you feel anxious or are struggling to concentrate...

Because you will be guided through the process which can also be used to help connect to the healing powers of spirit guides...

And best of all, they can be very powerful for both beginners to advanced, due to the instructions given rather than having to figure it all out yourself.

What to do next

If you haven’t already I highly recommend activating your heart center and trying each technique in this post because you will eventually find which works best for you.

Also, let me know in the comments below if there is anything, in particular, you want guidance for.

With love