Easy Way To Raise Vibration When Releasing Low Vibrational Energy

Releasing low vibrational energy is an essential skill anyone can develop.

Which I highly recommend if you want to reach and maintain a high vibrational lifestyle.

For many years I used to get frustrated from trying different techniques to reach a high vibration only for them to work for a short duration.

This is why I have written this article to reveal one of the most common and overlooked reasons why people are unable to stay in high vibration...

And how you can raise your vibration With these simple yet powerful techniques when you release low vibrational energy.

Why it’s essential to release low vibration energy to reach a high vibration

If you try to raise your vibration without first releasing and cleansing trapped energy. It is like trying to put a cd, into a cd player that already has a disc inside of it.

Causing high vibrational energy to be blocked and unable to flow freely because of distorted energies getting in the way.

Which despite your best efforts can make raising your vibration very difficult or even stop you completely.

How do you get out of low vibrational energy

The fastest way to get out of a low vibration is to get into a state of either love or gratitude, as these are the two highest vibrating emotions.

But did you know there’s something you can do with love for the most powerful transformation ever!

This technique here teaches you exactly how to use love to transmute low into high vibration in an instant.

But with that said…

When you’re challenged with lower emotional vibrations with shame being the lowest, you can quickly make a frequency shift by doing this…

Place your hands on your heart.

Take a big deep breath in and focus on what you are grateful for or someone that you love.

If you struggle to feel a shift try asking yourself the following questions:

“Who do I love, or who loves me?”

“What is something I could feel grateful for, or what's something that I could appreciate more in my life?”

“When was a moment in my life that I felt deeply loved or loving?"

This will make it much easier for your subconscious mind to find emotional reasons to feel love and gratitude.

If these example questions don’t work for you, try asking yourself different questions or asking the same questions but in a different way.

5 ways to clear energy and quickly raise your vibration

Purple and pink background of vibrating energy with text above it saying Easy Way To Raise Vibration When Releasing Low Vibrational Energy

Here are 5 ways to clear energy to help raise your vibration, read till the end of the article as I will be sharing the most powerful way I know.

1. Remove low vibe items

Items that you sense have a bad vibe, such as a painting on the wall, a gift you’ve received from someone with bad intentions, a piece of clothing that has been in low vibed areas, or anything you sense feels off.

Removing these items straight away will help with cleansing your space to allow high vibrations to enter.

2. Forgiveness

One of the most destructive and common ways people hold onto low vibration energy is by holding onto grudges.

This isn’t to be confused with allowing someone harmful or toxic back into your life such as an abusive ex-partner.

It’s being able to see from a higher perspective that when people intentionally harm others, it’s because they are projecting outwards the pain they have internally.

Using a journal and writing down anyone you feel has wronged you and why they deserve forgiveness.

Will help you to release the stored negative energy you have towards them.

3. Energy reversals

Energy reversals are a very powerful yet underrated method for removing negative energy attachments...

Especially for people who are sending low vibrational energy your way.

By seeing in your spiritual vision or feeling your connection to someone intuitively.

Sense what energy they are sending your way and feel any negative energy being transmuted into love.

Then see their energy being reflected back to them and how they are now full of joy with what they want in life.

This will remove the negative energies they are sending to you and help raise the vibration of who was originally sending the low vibes.

You may even find they treat you better without knowing why because you have helped them on an energetic and spiritual level.

4. Smudging

Smudging is a highly effective way of energetically cleansing a space and inviting in positive energies.

This can also help to cleanse negative energies you might be storing yourself.

What's also exciting is that it can make the other methods and techniques within this article more effective by doing them in a high vibed location.

You can combine smudging with different incense and relaxing music which I find makes for a very pleasant occasion and atmosphere.

5. Meditation

The right type of meditations can be great for cleansing low vibrations and raising your energy.

The best kind for working with energy usually involves focusing your intention on working with your energy centers (chakras).

This sometimes is combined with the support of your spirit guides.

To help accelerate your spiritual gifts and to help you unlock your own potential.

Meditation is a great foundation for clearing your mind and reconnecting with your spirit, making it easier to develop any other spiritual practice.

How to cleanse and release low frequency energy

The following method will call upon the divine assistance of your spirit guides to help with calling upon golden light and pulling cosmic energy from the universe to remove blocked energy pathways.

It will also help to raise your vibration and help to raise to the higher realms of spirit.

Use the following steps at a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed.

Step 1: Tuning into your body

Take a few moments whilst seated or laid down to get comfortable.

Begin to take some deeper breaths and gently slow down your breathing.

Feel your body begin to become heavier as it relaxes and sinks into whatever you’re sitting or laying on.

Now scan down your body from the top of your head, going all the way down to your toes, and notice anywhere that energetically feels blocked or distorted.

Avoid trying to change anything just become aware of it.

This helps bring you into the present moment and begins the process of connecting to the spiritual realms and shifting trapped energy pathways.

Step 2: Calling upon your spirit guides

Now repeat the following out loud or within your mind, as you see and feel the words you're about to say going out to the ends of the universe.

“I call upon my highest frequency spirit guides for cleansing and healing, to help assist me with divine golden light, to remove any low vibrations, And to restore balance to my energy centers.”

This will call upon your spirit guides that are best suited for cleansing low vibe energy and to ask them to assist you with divine golden light.

Step 3: Cleansing with golden light

Now see and feel a golden orb in front of you that has been channeled from your spirit guides.

See this golden orb becoming smaller and smaller, as it enters into your heart center.

Now see and feel a golden light from your heart center moving down to the bottom of your spinal column, coming out from your pelvis and going deep into the ground.

See this light going into the earth for miles upon miles, connecting you to the grounding energies of mother Gaia.

Now place your attention back onto your heart center, as you see another golden light going up your spinal column and coming out from above your head.

See and feel as it continues to shoot up into the sky and out into the universe.

Now feel from the golden light connecting you to the cosmic divine energy of the universe, being pulled down into your heart center causing your whole body to tingle and vibrate.

And as it continues down to the bottom of your spinal column, allow any trapped and distorted energies to travel down the ray of light and deep into the earth.

Continue releasing low vibrational energy until you feel cleansed and uplifted.

Using this method will release any trapped low-frequency energy whilst raising your vibration and helping to activate your heart center.

Maintaining a high vibe lifestyle

Now that you have several methods for releasing low vibrational energy and for raising your vibration.

Know that you can come back and use these methods and techniques whenever you feel energetically blocked or need an energetic cleanse.

You may also benefit and get the most out of these methods by doing them whilst listening to a FREE 528hz emotional & physical healing codes meditation.

With love