Spirit Guide Prayers For Instant Assistance

Did you know whenever you need assistance or guidance in any situation or time…

A spirit guide prayer can connect you with the realms of spirit and to your guides instantly!

And depending upon the type of prayer you use can assist you with multiple areas.

In this article, I’m going to be sharing simple yet highly effective prayers for receiving divine guidance, help with manifestation, healing, love, protection, and much more…

So you can get more clarity, peace, and certainty to help you on your journey.

5 Simple steps For Preparing for a spirit guide prayer

Hands praying with golden sky with clouds above with text underneath saying Spirit Guide Prayers For Instant Assistance

Before using any of the spirit guide prayers use the following preparation steps to help you get the most out of them whilst keeping you safe:

  1. Use them at a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed.

  2. Get comfortable you can use these prayers sitting upright, spend a few moments to take some big deep breaths in, and exhale out through your mouth.

  3. Visualize a bright golden light coming down from the sky and entering into the crown of your head, flowing down and filling your entire body.

  4. Say out loud or within your mind: “I ask the divine, my highest self and guardian angel to guide and protect me and to repel negative entities whilst I connect with my guides... thank you and so it is and so it is done.”
  5. Get clear on what you want assistance with, writing it down can help, and then choose the right prayer for you.

1. Spirit guide prayer for a deeper connection

Use the following prayer to contact your spirit guides and to help deepen your connection for clearer communication and guidance.

“I ask my spirit guides that are easiest to connect with, that wish to serve my highest good, that can help energetically align with the spiritual realms to channel and connect with me now.

Please assist me with knowing how to communicate with you more clearly. Whilst keeping me safe, thank you for your guidance, and so it is and so it is done.”

2. Spirit guide prayers for guidance

Morning prayer

“I ask that my guides who can foresee my day, that wish to help me reach my highest potential and to get the most from this day.

To come in communicate and guide me towards taking the best paths for my wants, needs, and spiritual growth.

And so it is and so it is done.”

Night time prayer

Before using this prayer, think back throughout the day for what you are grateful for.

“I thank my guides, my higher self, my guardian, and all of the spiritual guides that have guided and protected me throughout the day.

I ask that you please continue to assist and guide me throughout the night, during my sleep, and into the next day so I wake up refreshed, alert, and divinely guided knowing where I should take my next steps...

And so it is and so it is done.”

Directing towards life purpose prayer

Before using this prayer I recommend getting a pen and paper or something to take notes with because answers may come to you immediately after, or even during the prayer.

“I ask that my divine support team, that are at the highest vibration, that wishes to serve and assist me with reaching my highest potential for myself and for the greater good.

Who are able to see me and my life's journey from a higher perspective, to come in and guide me in discovering my purpose, and to make it easy for me to understand, show me clear signs and guide me towards my purpose with divine grace.

And so it is and so it is done.”

3. Spirit guide prayers for energy cleansing

The following prayer can be used to assist with an energetic cleanse for yourself and the space you are in.

“I call upon my highest vibrational guides to come in and cleanse the space around me, to help me remove any energetic blockages within myself, and to fill this space with high vibrations.

Show me how to keep myself and this space at a high frequency and to send me divine guidance through the process.

And so it is and so it is done.”

After speaking this prayer out loud, picture a swirling vortex of energy in the center of the room that you are in, absorbing any negative low vibrations into it.

4. Spirit guide prayer for protection

Use this prayer to protect yourself from any form of spiritual attack including energy vampires and to keep your energy body protected when going into low vibed areas.

“I ask my protection guides to come into my space now and shield me from low vibrations, negative entities, energy vampires whilst keeping my body and spirit safe for what I may encounter.

And to reverse negative energy sent my way and to send it back transmuted as love to the sender.

And so it is and so it is done.”

5. Spirit guide prayer for Healing

Use this prayer to accelerate the healing of your energy body and to become aware of anything else you can do or change in the physical to further assist with your healing.

“Healing guides and beings of the light, I ask that only authentic divine beings that have the gift of healing to come into my space now.

Please guide and assist me in knowing how to energetically heal myself, make me aware through communication and signs to what else I can do to accelerate my healing.

I thank you for your gifts and assistance, and so it is and so it is done.”

6. Spirit guide prayer for family

With the following prayer get clear on who you want to send guidance to and use their name when instructed.

“To my guides who are best able to protect and assist me and my family, who serves divine will and what aligns with the greater good.

I ask that you guide and protect PERSONS NAME from harm, whilst helping them receive what they need to move in the right direction for their journey.

And so it is, and so it is done.”

7. Spirit guide prayer for Manifestation

The following prayer can be used for attracting abundance in general or for something specific you want to manifest.

Note: If you want to manifest love or some form of energetic healing or protection, I recommend using the appropriate prayer out of this list of prayers in this article.

“I ask my abundance guides that are closest to this physical domain, who can assist me with manifesting my desires.

To assist me with attracting abundance into my life, to show me signs of what I can do in the physical, and to guide me in attracting what is required for INSERT DESIRE.

And so it is, and so it is done”

8. Spirit guide prayer for Love

This prayer can help restore or bring even more love into your current relationship or to help manifest your ideal romantic partner.

“Dear spirit guides that are closest to my heart and what I love...

I ask that you please guide me in becoming the best version of myself for my ideal partner, show me how in an ideal way that is clear for me to understand.

I ask that you reveal to me the love and to experience the love that is already within me, so it radiates out like a magnet to attract my ideal romantic relationship.

And so it is, and so it is done”

9. Spirit guide prayer for cutting cords

Use this prayer to cut cords or any links you have to someone that isn’t serving you.

Start by picturing a cord linking you and the person you’re feeling a link to.

“I ask that my divine protection guides come to me this day.

That can come and cut the cords taking any remaining pain anyway.

To banish the thoughts, feelings, and links.

Making it clear that the cords that once had us linked.

Are now removed in the time of just a few winks.”

Now picture in your mind a golden beam of light, picture it in the shape of a sword if it helps cutting through the cord.

"I now thank you for cutting this cord and anything remaining links.

And so it is and so it is done.”

Recognizing your prayers have been answered

Sometimes your prayers will be answered and since you might not be aware of what to look out for, you might not realize your guides have reached out to assist you.

This is why I recommend becoming aware of the most common signs that your spirit guides are trying to communicate.

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With love