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Discover What Kind Of Spirit Guide Watches Over You

There are many different kinds of spiritual guides that watch over you, some of which have a variety of different names, however, for simplicity there are 9 main categories of spirit guides including:

  • Spirit guides
  • Ascended masters
  • Light beings
  • Animal spirit guides
  • Deceased loves ones
  • Nature spirits
  • Angels
  • Archangels
  • Guardian angel

The different types of spirit guides that assist and guide you

Spirit Guides

spirit guide

Spirit guides are spiritual beings that live in spiritual realms, that assist and guide you in a variety of different ways.

Unlike angels that have never had an earthbound experience, most spirit guides have at least one human incarnation.

And spirit guides will only directly assist you, if you ask them to.

There are also many different kinds of spirit guides that specialize in certain areas which are often based on their past lives such as:

Healer guides that were some form of Doctor, healer, or shaman.

Protector guides that focus on keeping you safe...

Teaching guides that help with spiritual growth and development, which includes ascended masters which are basically highly advanced teaching spirit guides...

A common sign a spirit guide is with you: unusual physical sensations such as a sudden increase or decrease in temperature, feeling your hair being brushed when no one or nothing is nearby.

Ascended masters

The ascended masters are advanced spiritual beings that were once human...

And through many reincarnations have learned the lessons required from this physical reality, to ascend beyond it...

Which unlike some other spiritual guides such as angels, know what it's like to be a human and all of the difficulties and struggles involved.

Including the experiences of joy, love, pain, and suffering we also face which often makes their advice more relatable...

There is a variety of ascended masters but here are a few examples:

  • Buddha
  • Mother Mary
  • St. Germaine

A common sign an ascended master is contacting you: Feeling strong bursts of intuitive knowing, a sense
of wisdom, and oneness with others.

Light Beings

Light beings are multi-dimensional beings made of pure energy that are usually in higher dimensions with a very high frequency...

They can channel divine wisdom and healing energies, which makes light beings great for accelerating spiritual development.

Light beings are here to help raise the vibration of the human collective and to help us understand love on a deeper level.

A common sign a light being is contacting you: Feeling love, high energy, and a being of warmth and light nearby.

Animal spirit guides

Animal spirit guides are often the most overlooked spirit guides...

Usually, because the human collective has lost the close connection it used to have with the earth and animals...

Animal guides can teach you wisdom, how to handle and adapt to challenging times, how to remember the simple joys in life whilst avoiding taking life too seriously...

Your animal guides may come to you in your normal day-to-day experience but can also appear and show you things symbolically within dreams.

A common sign that an animal spirit guide is with you: Feeling a strong connection with an animal even if you’ve never seen it before, intuitively knowing it contains answers or something that you need.

Deceased loved ones

Some of our deceased loved ones and family members will become spirit guides, helping assist you with specific lessons that you need to learn and experience.

Quite often people will experience their parents or grandparents assisting them in some way.

Ancestors are very similar to this category, with the main difference being that they are family members that go back for many generations...

And are family members you will have never met in your current physical lifetime.

A common sign that a deceased loved one is with you: Feelings of familiarity, similar to how you felt when they were in your presence in the physical.

Nature spirits

4 glasses containing the 4 elements

Nature spirits also known as elementals, consisting of earth, fire, water, and air...

Are in the etheric realm and are very close to and assist nature...

They are the guides you are most likely to first encounter because of how closely linked they are to this physical realm.

Unlike other spirit guides who are actively here to assist you, nature spirits will usually only help you, if you assist nature and request their assistance.

A common sign that nature spirits are helping you: Feeling protected and grounded with nature.


angel facing away with wings spread

Angels are divine helpers assigned by God that help you have helped you since your birth and will continue to help until the end of your current life...

They have never experienced a physical incarnation as a human and can be harder to relate with compared to spirit guides...

Angels are always assisting you to some degree even if you aren’t aware of it, and unlike spirit guides, you don’t need to ask them for assistance...

However, you can ask angels for help with specific tasks but usually, they don’t offer direct advice like spirit guides do.

A common sign that angels are assisting you: Feeling protected and guided by unseen forces.


archangel with sword up and blue sky

Similar to the above description of angels, archangels are very powerful angelic leaders...

Archangels specialize in specific areas and can help in different ways, such as archangel Michael is great for spiritual protection and help you feel courageous.

A common sign that an archangel is assisting you: A very powerful sense of divine guidance, closer connection with God.

Guardian angel

guardian angel in heaven looking down

Your guardian angel is assigned and with you from your first breath, and will be with you at death.

Its main focus is assisting you, making guardian angels great for spiritual protection.

This also makes recognizing signs your guardian angel is contacting you very useful, you can call upon your guardian at any time and know your guardian loves you unconditionally.

A common that your guardian angel is with you: Feeling unconditionally loved and protected, even if no one else is with you.

Receive divine protection from your guides

Now that you’re more aware of the different types of spiritual guides that assist you. If weren’t already aware...

It’s important to know how to spiritually protect yourself to make sure you're being contacted by authentic spirit guides, and avoiding negative entities.

This is why I recommend learning how your spirit guides can assist you with psychic protection.

With Love