How To Freely Meet Spirit Guides Even In Your Sleep

There are many ways of meeting your spirit guides in your sleep such as working different light frequencies, astral projection, lucid dreaming or by just simply asking your guides to visit you in your dreams.

But the methods I’m going to cover in this article are both easy and effective even for beginners.

Methods and tools for helping meet your spirit guide in your dreams

Here are some tools and areas of focus that will help you with any method for connecting with your spirit guides, especially within your dreams.

  1. If you’ve already met or had some form of interaction with your guides, leave items on a spiritual altar that represent the guide/s you want to connect with to deepen your connection. You can also add a note for your guides on your altar.

  2. Activating your energy center/third eye (very powerful).

  3. Using automatic writing and requesting your guides visit you in your sleep.

  4. Prayers and cleansing your space helps create the frequency in your environment that promotes connecting to the spiritual realms.

  5. Using a dream journal helps with dream recall and noticing the signs your guides are trying to communicate.

  6. Guided spirit guide meditations.

  7. Knowing and recognizing spirit guide dream meanings help to make dreams more lucid giving you more conscious control over your communication and knowing it’s your guide reaching out.

5 steps to meeting your spirit guides in a dream

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Step 1: Write a statement of intent

By writing a statement of intent you get clear on what you actually want help with.

This encourages your guides and subconscious mind to assist you and will influence your dreams making it easier to connect with your guides.

Bonus tip:
Write what you want in the positive rather than something you’re trying to avoid.

Instead of writing:

“I no longer want to feel fearful”

Write this instead:
“I want to feel courageous and at peace.”

After writing your statement of intent place it under the pillow/s you sleep on.

Step 2: Cleanse your space

Preparing and cleansing your space makes it easier to stay at a high vibration and connect with the spiritual realms.

A quick method to cleanse a room is to see and feel a large swirling vortex of energy on the ground.

See it absorbing any distorted ungrounded energies and feel how it grounds and cleanses the room that you are in.

Step 3: Ask for guidance

Just before going to sleep either in your mind or out loud ask your spirit guides for guidance by saying:

“I ask that the spirit guides who wish to help me reach my highest potential and who are best able to assist me with my intent, to help me throughout the day and inform me during the night and in my dreams.”

Your wording doesn’t have to be exactly the same, the important thing is that you make it clear what you want guidance for.

And that you ask for the guides who have your best interest at heart, If you feel like you’ve asked incorrectly, you can ask again until you feel happy with how you’ve made your request.

Step 4: Visualize your spirit guides visiting you in your dreams

When you’re in bed ready to fall asleep, visualize or at least focus on creating the sensation of what it will be like when your guides visit you in your dreams, like you’re experiencing it right now.

Such as seeing your guides around you or seeing them in a specific location.

Do this for a few moments without trying to force anything to happen and relax into the experience.

You might experience your guides by using this step before even falling to sleep.

Step 5: Keep a dream journal

This is a simple but overlooked step...

Dream journaling will help you to recall and notice the signs your guides are trying to show you in your dreams.

It’s also worth writing in your journal what you have requested your guides to assist you with, and what you had written for your statement of intent.

This is worth doing because there will be changes happening in your daily life that you might overlook or not notice if you haven’t kept a record of your interactions with your guides.

Advancing your interactions with your spirit guides

Now that you have a powerful 5 step process for connecting and speaking to your guides, if you want to take your interactions with your guides to the next level.

I recommend checking out this video on the top 5 signs your spirit guides are watching over you.

With love