How To Connect And Receive Guidance From Your Higher Self

Your higher self is the most loving divine essence of who you truly are.

Your higher self knows what you truly want, what will bring you the most joy and fulfilment, and what path will get you there.

However, although receiving guidance from your higher self can be like trying to move through a dark forest if you don’t know how to do it.

The beautiful thing is that your higher self is always listening.

That’s why I’m going to share through many years of trial and error some of the easiest ways I know, for you to shine your light and receive guidance from your higher self.

And if you read to the end I'll reveal a bonus method for connecting to your higher self instantly.

How do you connect with your higher power

There are multiple ways to connect and receive guidance from your higher self and your inner higher power, with some of the easiest and most powerful being:

  1. Creating a magical and blissful atmosphere.
  2. Divine dreaming.
  3. Assistance from your spirit guides.
  4. Spiritual affirmations.
  5. Raising your vibration.
  6. Higher Self Meditation.
  7. Automatic Writing.

Method #1 Creating a magical and blissful atmosphere

One of the easiest and most fun ways to start connecting with your inner higher power is by creating a magical and blissful atmosphere.

This will help to raise the surrounding vibration of where you’re connecting, making it easier to go into a blissful frame of mind for communicating with spirit.

You can do this by creating a spiritual altar where you can place items that have a deeper meaning to you and raise your vibe such as:

  • Spiritual statues and figures.
  • Scented candles and incense.
  • Crystals.
  • Items from nature that make you feel closer to Gaia such as flowers, feathers, and rocks.
  • Or any item that holds a spiritual significance to your such as a photo, ring etc

You can use this space a long side any spiritual practice to get even more from it.

Method #2 Divine Dreaming

One of the most powerful, clear, and life-changing ways to communicate with your divine self is through higher self dream messaging.

The reason why dreams can be so effective for receiving guidance from your higher self is because many aspects of your mind that will block out your intuition, and ability to connect with spirit are out of the way.

Your higher self also tends to communicate with images, symbols sounds and sensations which are easier to understand within dreams.

Just before you go to bed say use the following higher self prayer so you will receive guidance within your dreams.

“I ask that my innermost divine highest self, guides me in the dark of the night to shine my innermost light.

So I can walk with divine purpose living a life full of love and light.
And so it is, and so it is done.”

Method #3 Assistance from your spirit guides

One of the main goals of your spirit guides is to assist you with reconnecting to your higher self.

The lovely reason being Your higher self knows exactly what your need for both a beautiful life and spiritual growth.

If you ever feel unsure or are struggling to connect with your higher self, call out to your guides for guidance.

You don’t have to do some form of fancy ritual, you can just simply call out and ask like you would call a friend that's off in the distance for help.

Just make sure you’re congruent and know what you want your guides to assist you with and they will immediately begin to share their love and support.

“I ask that the guides helping me on my spiritual journey, to show me what I need to do next, to deepen my connection with my higher self.”

Method #4 Spiritual Affirmations

Another very simple yet powerful way to start receiving guidance from your higher self is with affirmations.

Try the following affirmations, ideally at a time and in a location where you can say them out loud.

However, they will still work if you repeat them within your mind:

“I am one with my higher self, and my higher self is one within me.”

“My higher self is guiding and is clear to me now.”

“I am on a divine journey, guided by my higher self.”

“I constantly receive infinite wisdom from my highest self.”

“I am aligned with the divine beauty and grace that is my higher self.”

Repeat these several times to deepen your connection, you can also use them before or after any of the other methods within this article.

Method #5 Raising your vibration

The easiest way to release low vibrational energy to raise your vibration is by getting into states of love or gratitude.

You can do this by writing down or simply thinking about a loving or beautiful experience you’ve recently had or that was in the distant past.

Thinking about someone or something you deeply care about, it could even be thanking your guides for all of the love and support they have given you.

As you live a high vibrational lifestyle, you will naturally draw in spiritual guidance, and it'll become easier to connect with the higher realms of spirit.

You can also call out to your guides for assistance if you ever feel stuck in a low vibration.

Method #6 Higher self meditation

The most powerful and easiest way to connect with your higher self is through meditation.

Even if you’re a beginner or someone spiritually advanced but for whatever reason feel blocked from your higher self.

You’ll find that higher self meditations will guide you through exactly what you need to effortlessly connect and receive divine assistance.

All you need to do is set aside some time, sit back relax and press play.

I usually recommend people try meditations that assist them with merging with their higher self.

This is the deepest form of connection for receiving the most profound guidance that I’m aware of which will allow you to constantly receive guidance from your higher self.

Method #7 Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is channeling spirit directly into writing.

It is powerful and the messages that can come through can be very exciting.

Even though there are many levels to mastering automatic writing.

It is very quick and easy to dive straight in and see results almost immediately.

How to do automatic writing:

First start off by setting a side some time for at least 15-30 minutes when you won’t be disturbed, get a piece of paper and something to write with.

Get into a comfortable position and then call upon your guides to assist and protect you throughout the session.

When you have asked for guidance, allow your hand to go loose whilst only holding onto your pen/pencil tight enough so it doesn’t fall out of your hand.

Allow your hand to write and draw whatever comes to you naturally.

It might not be clear what you have written or drawn means at first, but after asking for more clarity and contemplating on it, it will become much clearer.

This now leads to the bonus method which also can be used alongside automatic writing which is...

What Questions would you ask your higher self

Receiving guidance from your higher self doesn’t require that you ask a secret magical question.

You can simply ask just like you would ask a friend or professional advisor, what you’re seeking guidance for.

With that said if you’re unsure of what to ask or would like some ideas, here are questions you can ask your higher self for making the most out of your divine connection and communication.

“What can I do right now to help me on my spiritual journey?”

“How do I overcome the obstacles or blockages that are holding me back?”

“Is there anything you want me to become aware of?”

“How do I further raise my light body and vibration?”

“Is my current partner the right person for me?”

“Is the work that I’m doing serving my highest good?”

“How do I find love and acceptance for myself?”

“How can I help protect myself and my family?”

“What can I do to help the human collective?”

“What spiritual practice is best suited for me right now?”

Hopefully, these have given you some sparks of inspiration for what you can ask, you can ask any questions that you like.

The more congruent they are and that you aren’t asking them just to see if you’ll receive a response, the more powerful and insightful the answers and guidance will be.

Further Deepening your connection with your higher self

There are multiple ways to connect with your higher self, some you will find easier than others.

Experiment and find which method works best for you, when you start connecting it is useful to know common sights that your higher self is talking to you.

If you’d like to know even more about connecting then you might be interested in knowing how to connect with your higher self in 10 simple steps.

With Love